Walking Together (Part 7) – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Message illustrated: Please Watch the Witbank message. (John 8:12 NKJV),(John 8v 29-32 NKJV), (1 John 1: 5-7 NKJV).

Fellowship in the Light: (John1:7) Everything that Jesus has provided for me is in the Light, and we have fellowship with one another because He is in the Light. All of what God has for me, is not only available to me through a personal relationship, but also through a relationship with each other. God has provided me with wealth that I can only access if we have fellowship with one another in the Light.

Putting myself in agreement – government: I’m putting myself in agreement with God’s truth because at the very least, if I set myself in agreement with God about this nation, I can walk in the Light of revelation that He can show me about government and government practices, whereby He may lead me to become the solution, as a private contractor, that might bring me the wealth of the government, that helps change the problem – at the very least.

“Empty cupboards”: Like Pastor John I exercise my Faith right now because I’ve sowed my seed, God is answering my seed and He is bringing opportunities for me to ‘walk on the water’. I speak to “empty cupboards” again and tell them to be full.

This principle doesn’t change. It’s just the volume of money, the value of money that changes. 

Go back to basics: I must not think that I have outgrown the basics of Faith because my knowledge base and revelation has grown. I’ve got to go back to basics. I don’t agree with the facts. I agree with the truth. I don’t talk about my facts, I talk about the truth and if I walk in the Light, then my walking in the Light is what is going to actually help me not to allow myself to walk in darkness because it is where I practice what I do, it’s where I’m going to be living.

Impact of this revelation: The same revelation is going to come to me, it is going to have the same impact on me and change me as it did Pastor John.

Personal, private, powerful God: I allow God’s personal, private, power that is working in me become available to others. There is this part of fellowship in the Light, where the combination of the Light comes together, reveals more of Christ, it is like gold and it is like all of the wonders of God are revealed in the fullness of us. 

Prophecy: This Word is still real today. Once it gets spoken out by God into the earth, it doesn’t matter when it was done, it’s from the time spoken onwards that that Word becomes active. I activate that active Word for myself now. When God speaks it out through His messengers on the earth, it doesn’t stop working. I believe in his prophets and I will prosper.

Prophetic word to focus on:

1) 2013 Brother Jerry Savelle

2) 2014 Brother Jerry – will be known as the Year of the Greater

3) 2014 Brother Copeland – victory over death and manifested love

4) 2014, January, Pastor John – Identity change and fruitfulness

5) 2015 Brother Jerry – The year of Visitations, Manifestations and Demonstrations

6) 2016 Brother Jerry – The year of the Great Breaking Loose

7) 2017 Brother Jerry – The faithful shall flourish

8) 2018 Brother Jerry – Days of my glory, flourishing and abounding

9) 2018, Wednesday the 21st of July, Pastor John awoke triumphant.

Believer in the written and prophetic word: I’m a believer in the written and prophetic Word of God. The Written word of God is the foundation of my life and the prophetic Word of God is my real-time power life. I need both. The prophetic word is to get to the levels that God wants us as a community, it’s always about revelation. Like Paul I have to have a revelation of Light come to me about who Jesus is, to change the destiny of my future.

Faithful Flourish – Ps John: “The faithful shall flourish. Faithful ones who have given of your financial seed, who come Sunday after Sunday to church, flourish. I command flourishing to come to you and I command you to speak flourishing out in your life. If you are silent, then you will only have silence come back at you. If you will speak what God says then what you speak will come back at you. Silence is only putting you in agreement with facts. If you speak the truth then you are making a stand for what God wants. You cannot be silent because silence only puts you in the natural realm because silence means you are living in your head, you’re not living with Faith”. 

Strike the ground: Like Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, I strike and keep striking the ground. I’ve got to strike because victory is mine; if I don’t strike the ground now then I’m not going to have the victory. I’m getting more aggressive with my striking and with my Faith, I’m not taking my foot off the pedal.

Vibrating together: If Pastor John doesn’t reach out for what God wants for him in the ministry, then we cannot become what we need to be. And God needs us to become what we need to be so others can be drawn to the Light. If we start actually vibrating together in this Light, it’s going to become infectious, because I’m going to stop people from talking darkness around me and I’m going to become almost offensive to them. 

Finish with truth – in business: Like Pastor John, I talk facts in business but I finish with truth because my spirit hears the truth and the spirit realm that I’m talking to hears the truth. “I believe we are going to get the business. You need the facts – I’m going after the truth and what I believe is coming to me”. 

Instruction – don’t quit: This is the time for us to strike for our victory. These words are still active. If it hasn’t happened yet, I don’t quit, I don’t stop believing. It’s God speaking into us right now – the same message, year after year, keep stepping up with more power, with more glory for us. I do this. I live in and take the Word now. I take all the years out of it and say that it all belongs to me right now. I’m not settling for what’s in my logic, the natural, I’m not agreeing with all of the facts. I’m only going to speak the truth. I recognise the facts, but I speak the truth. I fellowship in the Light.