Walking Together (Part 13): Authority (Part 2) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

God’s intention, from the beginning of time, is for sons of God to walk and live in the fullness of His glory and His power.

Expecting marvels, wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of God is about every area of our lives – and a maximum harvest is in every area of your life.  

John 8:12 (NKJV). Walking in the Light of God’s Word brings the Light of Life. The Light of Life is in the Light of His Word (not philosophies of men, nor the power of man’s government).

People receive knowledge, revealed to them by God, that sets them free (1 John 1:1-7 NKJV). It’s not human knowledge that makes you free; it’s the truth that makes you free (John 8:31-32 NKJV).  You can be a Christian and reject knowledge, by saying, “I’ll only serve God on my terms.” Then destruction will come to you at some point, because you cannot beat the devil at his game. If you forget God, your next generation may be the ones that are actually destroyed for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6 AMPC). Our modern-day world is designed that we can live with distraction rather than in the knowledge of God. God’s intention is to fill the whole earth with Himself through you and me (Ephesians 1:22-23 AMPC & MSG).

Exousia means authority. Dunamis means dynamite/power. God has given you authority to use the power against demon forces (Luke 10:17-21 AMPC & MSG).  It pleased Him to show all of this authority to everyday people, everywhere (Ephesians 6:10 KJV).  

He gives you that authority. Your strength comes from Him (the strength and the authority is not in yourself). God has given us authority beyond our physical strength. We have much more authority in the spirit than we know of.  

Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world (John 16:33 & 1 John 4:4).

If you want to control your world, then you are in control.

God is not in control – you are!  How much of God’s life you want to have control your world is how much of God’s life will control your world.  

Ephesians 2:1-7 (AMPC)

Sin is a wicked, twisted way that is not in line with God’s Word. Sin is any way that you choose to live that is not in line with God’s way, then it’s twisted towards yourself, what you choose. If you want to follow the establishment norms of this world system, you’re not following God. Any imagination and any sensual stimulus, impulse that causes you to behave the way you choose to behave before taking it to God and saying, “What is Your will, God?” – is a dark imagination.

As born-again Christians, believers of the Most High God, we are jointly seated with Him at the right hand of God in Heavenly spheres. We occupy that same place of power, place of authority. 

Authority is in every sphere of life (finances, thought life, corporate world).

Ps John, “I am not yet walking in the fullness of my authority. I’m in the process of changing that right now. I’m stepping up to use more of it all the time every day”. 

God has done this so that we set a standard in our day for the ages to come. That there were a people that (in that time, in that space, in that moment) were prepared to live in the fullness of who Christ is in them.

John 17:14-18 (AMPC)

You’re going to have to choose whether you want everybody to like you, or whether you want to be powerful. Jesus, comes with light, life and love and immediately the standard of who He is confronts everybody about the way they are living (in a godless fashion just doing whatever they want to do).  If you are choosing any other kind of life, I can tell you now you are settling for an inferior life. You can have a much better life than the one you’ve got, because Jesus is the source of life. You want a really great life? Follow Jesus, not money.

We’re supposed to take this life with us wherever we go. Being nice is not where your authority begins and ends. Your authority begins and ends in Christ, not in being nice.

John 16:7-15 (NLT & MSG)

Jesus is saying; “If I do go away, I will send the Holy Spirit to you.” That’s you and me, that’s the Church. When He comes to you, He will convict the world of its sin; He will convince the world of God’s righteousness; He will bring judgment (when He comes to you).

The word convict in the Greek is elegchō and it means to rebuke, to reprove, to convince or to tell a fault. 

The word righteousness in the Greek is dikaiosynē and it speaks of the condition acceptable to God; a state of Him Who is as He ought to be. 

The word, judgment, is:  a separating, a selection, a judgment, an opinion, a decision giving concerning anything.

He is going to bring conviction to the world of the way life ought to be, because they will see your life as life ought to be. Your life automatically becomes the judgment.  

Ps John, “My life is a valid, living testimony argument by the truth of His Word and by the example of my lifestyle of the way things ought to be. If you don’t choose it, my lifestyle becomes your judgment”. 

We as Christians are supposed to be the standard of life. We are supposed to walk in the Light. We are not supposed to walk in darkness (practice untruth or lies). We are supposed to allow the Word of God to fill us with completeness so that wherever we go, there is just the Light of God; the Life of God; the ways of God; the order of God; the Words of God; the Love of God; the greatness of God.  When we come into a place, everything just comes into perspective, because our life and our order and the ways of God have come into that place. 

The kind of authority God had in mind for us is to take charge wherever we go, to walk in fullness wherever we go, to reveal the life of Christ wherever we go.