Walking Together (Part 11) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

The Spirit of God that is in each one of us, cries out to the truth and cries out to the light of God, and receives everything, both privately, personally and powerfully, but also corporately, publicly, and purposefully. Thank You Lord that we will receive everything that You have for us.

From Kenneth Hagin’s book: How God Taught Me About Prosperity.

You can get willing in ten seconds, “If you be willing and obedient you will eat the good of the land.” 

Faith works identically in the financial realm as in any other realm.

Claim what you need  (Psalm 23 & Psalm 34)

The money you need is down here on the Earth, it’s not up there in Heaven.

Say, ‘Satan take your hands off my money. Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come.”

You can’t talk to God like this if you’re not a tither (and choosing to live in a space where you think you can provide for yourself).

Tithing is your covenant connector to God. Tithing is about a relationship of faith before God.  It’s a recognition of your covenant with God, that’s what Abraham established.

It is only because of one of two reasons you don’t tithe (it may be both):  

1)     You don’t have faith to tithe.

How do you get faith?  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

2)     You love money more than you love God.

If you don’t want to let money out of your hands then you might have money owning you, where you love it or you’re afraid to let it go because of scarcity.  

You are where you are because of Him.

Say, “Thank you Lord that I’ve got breath in my body, that I can think, that I can be creative, that I’ve got energy to live and that You have given me a body for assignment on this earth right now.  

I am living on this earth, I am a tither, I am a faith man, I walk by faith and sometimes what I see by my sight does not line up with my faith; then I do not speak out of what my sight tells me or what my emotions tell me, I speak what my faith tells me. I don’t change what I confess, because if I change my confession I stop my angels from doing what they are supposed to do. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And I will be eating the fruit of it, by that I will be satisfied.

I don’t get into agreement with what the world system is saying.

I am walking in victory. I am walking in authority. I am walking in the glory of God. I have sown my seed. I have made my declaration. I am striking the ground. I get up every morning and I just enforce my victory. Every day, until it comes. I have sown my seed. I believe in tithing. I am a covenant person. I walk by faith. I claim my stuff. I am not letting the devil steal it from me. I command my angels to go get it for me.

God is waiting for you to get a hold of this faith and this spirit of prosperity, this spirit of covenant sonship, to rise up inside of you and say, “I don’t have to hold onto my stuff, to keep my stuff, I have got to get rid of my stuff that’s in my hands, so that my hands can get bigger.”  It doesn’t take income to deliver you, it takes faith; the favour of God; calling in things that be not as though they are.

Pastor John shared testimonies of the Harley Davidson motorbike he received, property issues being resolved, broadcast camera solutions and television broadcasting.  

The encouragement for you should be if Pastor John is walking in it, then he is the forerunner of making sure that you can get to the same things, you can experience the same things.

Only the apostolic ministry can open certain realms of revelation for the church worldwide. Apostles are called by God to do that and then you can walk in that revelation, you can live in a personal, private, powerful place with God – so that we can all together attain to the standard of God. We are supposed to walk in the light, not walk in darkness.

We are called to walk in the Light of prosperity.

Under the instruction of the Holy Spirit, Pastor John laid hands on all for the Spirit of faith and the Spirit of joy to be transmitted, for the enlightenment of this revelation to bring live with  faith and not live in poverty. God multiplies the seed sown of the Word in your hearts, to have the faith to reach for the things that God wants. 

A Holy Ghost anointing was transferred for prosperity and increase and supernatural favour and all manner of goodness, financial abundance, financial flow, financial increase, blessing and prosperity, abundant harvest, abundant increase, abundance of finance.  

Don’t quit, never give up, keep speaking it. Let great faith rise in your heart. Declare that there are no more blockages and no more barriers to your prosperity and your wealth.

[Be encouraged to pray the Psalm for Prayer that was given to Pastor Sharon under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit – link].