Walking Together (Part 11) – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Kenneth Hagin. – out on his own: [Book – How God Taught Me about Prosperity] –

  1.   I make little adjustments down on the inside of me and I get willing in 10 seconds. I am willing and obedient and eat the good of the land. [Isaiah 1:19];
  2. 2.   I use my faith in every area of my life, I claim it and publicly announce it in faith. You are not withholding anything from me, You’ve given unto me good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over on the earth. [Luke 6:38]
  3.   I don’t pray about finances anymore. I claim whatever I need or want. I say, Satan take your hands off my money. I claim R……, I name what I want or need. You are my shepherd I shall not want. [Psalm 23:1]; [Psalm 34:10]
  4.   I say, Go ministering spirits and cause the money to come. [Hebrews 1:1]

Tithing: Tithing is in my heart to do because I realise that every victory currently happening to me is because You have that place in my life. I recognise You for who You are and I worship You with my tithe. You are interested in taking care of my personal needs for prosperity. You never intended for my body to be born on the earth and not take care of it. You are a good Father. Your order of tithing is first about honour. I honour you with my tithe. You intended me to live in tithing with Faith. I tithe in faith. Tithing is important because it shows I honour You more than myself. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for You. I honour You for my breath, my energy and that You decided that I am worthy of being on the earth at this time. You never wanted me to be subject to and give all my energy to earning a living. You always wanted me to live in Faith and when I tithe and I honour You with my substance, Your desire is to give me creativity and abundance as it gets released through my Faith in the basic of tithing and honouring You with my substance. Devil, take your hands off my stuff. Whatever I need and whatever I want, I command it to come into my hands now, in Jesus name. And I command the ministering spirits, angels, to go out and go and fetch my stuff, and bring it to me.

Hear the voice of God: If I don’t hear the voice of God for my life, then rebellion and disobedience gets into my heart. I stand for God and hear His voice daily.

High -five: All of my seed I’ve been sowing, my faithfulness for years, it’s coming my way. That’s why the Lord had Pastor John ‘high-five’ me because hand touches hand and the Hand of God is involved in this. I have the Faith that I need, my faith is stimulated and all of the harvest that I’ve sown – the Word of God, that my Faith goes to the next level. The financial seeds that I’ve sown, God brings harvest into my hands and unlocks all of that creativity, all of that genius, all of those contacts; all of those income starting. I walk into spaces that I should have been going in and occupying long time ago. And illegal occupants that have been occupying my space, they’re going to leave so that I can occupy what God has called me to occupy. This is transfer of the anointing as Pastor John laid his hand on me, Faith rises. I will see what I will see. Opportunities will come my way. Blessing is going to fall upon me. I keep my mouth straight. When my circumstances are showing me something different, I don’t talk what my circumstances say, I talk what the Word says. A harvest is coming my way, faith is overtaking me for great and glorious manifestations of harvest. The anointing of my giving, my confession and all of the blessing are coming my way. This is the contact point of my Faith that there is going to be a great harvest coming towards me and I watch out for it, I speak it, I talk to the angels of God and it’s coming my way. I don’t say “I can’t” or “I don’t”, I say: ”I’ve got this, it’s coming my way. I am tither – covenant connecter, Your blessing comes upon me, this is my harvest time for my life. This is the time of greatness, of increase, of blessing. Creative ideas, blessing in my life, no good thing will You withhold from me, I am willing, not just obedient but willing also, Father. And I thank you Lord that from this day onwards, this anointing is beginning to flow in my life, a whole new increase of anointing for finances, for harvest, for blessing in Jesus Name.

The prayer of salvation:  This is by Faith that people that are going to come, they’re going to pour into the ministry, that need to be saved, to rededicate their lives to Jesus.  “Jesus, I recognize I’m a sinner and I need a saviour and I thank You Jesus that You died for my sins. The Bible says that if I confess with my mouth and I believe with my heart, that You died for my sins, I will be saved. Therefore, I believe in my heart and I confess it with my mouth and I thank You that from this day onwards, I am a child of God. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Time now: Thank you Lord that this is the season, the time, the moment, I’m not going to be passive in my Faith, I’m going to be aggressive every day, I’m going to call in that harvest, I’m going to claim my seed, I’m going to claim my harvest, I’m going to claim my victories in Jesus Name.

Don’t let the devil lie to my mind: I don’t let the devil lie to my mind, if my mind comes to me to lie to me, I tell it to shut up. I can’t faith with my mind, I’ve got to faith with my spirit and it comes out of my mouth.