Walking Together (Part 10) – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

The reason I’m conditioning my body is because my body is the host of my spirit to carry out my assignment. I have learnt that the more energy I sow; the more energy I reap.

My spirit man is designed for assignment and not to do anything I choose.

When my soul and my body get into agreement –  I do what my soul, my persona, my preferences (naturally in my soul) wants to do or prefer – rather than my assignment which is what God called me to.

God puts the conscience in everybody to lead them to Him. People who don’t want to choose God, choose to respond to their conscience. The soul wants to rather live in conscience than obedience. Your conscience wants to live in agreement with your body. If you satisfy your conscience you can still do what you want to do/live what and how “I” want to live. Your spirit man wants to live in obedience to God.

You are not here to live the way your body wants you to live or the way your soul wants you to live.  You are here because God has an assignment for your spirit man that can be alive in your body. God didn’t call you for yourself, He called you for a greater purpose. It’s your reasonable worship to give your body to God (Romans 12:1), because your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, your body does not belong to you.  As part of the body of Christ on the earth, your spirit must tell your soul through your natural personality, “Obey God!” then your body becomes the vehicle that get the job done that Jesus wants you to get done.

Foundation scripture: John 8:31

As you walk as a disciple in the truth of God, the truth continues to make you free. 

If God is the author of parenting, then surely God’s house and God’s body must have the same boundaries and the same rules as a normal household.  If He sets boundaries in His Word, they are not there to limit us, they are there for us to be trained by them. When we get trained by them; we can reach maturity; when we reach maturity; we get to a point where we have much authority that is delegated to us.

Matthew 9:35-38 (AMPC)

There are many people on the earth with the assignment to touch other people and they are doing nothing about it. So pray to the Heavenly Father, that He would raise up people that would obey Him with assignment and fulfill it.

Matthew 10:1-15 (AMPC)

Jesus delegated authority to men (imperfect people) – that God would meet with His power. He did not give them free reign to do anything that they liked. He gave them a specific set of instructions. Part of that wonder, is not just healing the sick, raising the dead, curing the lepers and casting out demons. Part of that was also an authority, that if a town doesn’t receive you, dust your feet off from that and walk away and take your peace with you.  

They that have rejected the message of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, from that moment onwards, whatever is going to come into their lives, they have permitted it, through their choice.

God began to show Ps John that there will be a measure of Brother Jerry’s 2019 prophetic word, that we can experience personally, privately, but there is much more we can experience corporately. Brother Jerry has been saying that, this is the year of maximum harvest. Brother Copeland has prophesied that this will be the year of abundant harvest.  

If we want to see that we are going to have to know what to do.

1 Corinthians 11:23-31 (NKJV)

Communion is the process of covenant observation.

What am I remembering about His Covenant?

I remembering that He died, that He rose again, that I have the right when I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, I have the power to exercise my right in the Body of Christ on the earth, the same way Jesus would.

It is not an examination of how perfect or how sinful I am. Jesus has already judged my sin. I am supposed to examine myself as to how I deal with my body on the earth on my assignment (the body of the Lord Jesus to discern/to look like Jesus on the earth as a group of people together).

If I come and I do this and I don’t examine myself, I bring judgment to me.

I can reaffirm my assignment. It can be an affirmation of that I am continually examining and judging myself and placing myself in the Hands of God in the Body of Christ. This becomes a liberation (and celebration) because I am remembering all of the authority and the power that God has given to me on the earth.

I’m observing examining myself as to how well am I treating the Body.

If I don’t treat the Body well – then I’m actually treating myself badly, because I’m not obeying God by actually connecting to the Body.

We’re supposed to recognize our assignment to God everyday (to recognize who we are to Jesus and what we’re supposed to do with Jesus and what we’re supposed to do for Jesus in life and what we’re supposed to do with the rest of the Body on the earth).

The Lord placed it strongly on Ps John’s heart to lay hands on sick people.

There is no more powerful thing on the earth than if you are submitted to both God’s authority and the Word and you are submitted to God’s delegated authority.

James 5:13-16 (NKJV) – I am confessing my faults.

What faults?  That I’ve not necessarily always lived according to my assignment and an intelligent recognition of what I am in the Body of Christ.

Ps John, “I am believing that all manner of oppression and depression is going to leave you in Jesus’ name. I’m declaring and believing that the healing power of Jesus Christ is going to touch your body. Sickness is going to leave your body in the Name of Jesus.”