Walk In The Light – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Point 1 – Light comes from Jesus’s ministry gifts to men:  Some of this Light that I am to walk in is to come from Jesus’ 5-fold ministry gifts that He gave to men (Ephesians 4:10-12). I walk in the Light of the Word for myself when I search the Scriptures. I have a personal, private, powerful relationship with You, but it’s not Your pattern for me to receive all Light for myself, by myself. It’s Your pattern for that Light that I am to walk in to come from Your ministry gifts. (Acts 26:13- 18, Amp). I come to listen to the messages to be turning from darkness to Light. I’m created in Your likeness to have no darkness in me at all. That is the potential of my new creature because of the Holy Spirit resident in me, the power of the Word of God, the ascension gifts coming to me, the resurrected Christ who lives in me, limitless is my potential to be like my Father. I can walk as a new creature on this earth completely free from the power of Satan because I’ve turned from darkness to Light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that I may receive forgiveness and release from my sins as an inheritance among those who are consecrated and purified by faith in Jesus. (2 Corinthians 4:5-7, AMPC), There is a shining that God does in the heart of Pastor John and Pastor Sharon, that Light that comes to them, then comes to me so that I can walk in the Light. What Pastor John and Pastor Sharon preach is not of themselves so that the grandeur and the exceeding greatness of the power may be shown to be from God and not from themselves.

Not optional to walk in the Light: God says there will be a penalty for me if I sit here and say “I will not walk in the Light”. The penalty will show up in my life. My choice of not walking in the Light, that I receive, the penalty shows up in my life, it’s the wages of disobedience, hard-heartedness and not listening to the Truth and walking in it.

Doer of the Word: I give You my measure. I follow the pattern like Pastor Sharon, I go to Church on a Sunday, I take my notebook and write down the points and in the week I’m a doer of that Word, that’s how I walk in the Light. It is my practice.

Point 2 – Above all things…: (3 John 2). He said to Pastor Sharon to tell me this – I am Your beloved. And as Your beloved, You wish above all things, that I prosper and be in good health, even as my soul prospers. That soul part of me – my mind, my intellect and my emotions, that’s the part of me where the darkness must leave because my spirit is born again. I am spirit, soul and body. So for me to have a prosperous soul, I’ve got to put the Light in there. I’ve got to let my soul come into the Light. 

Prosperity confession: Luke 12:13-34 New Living Translation (see attached)

Blessed to be a blessing: I’m blessed to be a blessing. If I have enough for myself, then I stretch my faith, and I use my faith, and I do my sowing and reaping so that there can be a great breaking loose in my finances so that I can do more in the Kingdom of God so that I can help. I can be a blessing. Fulfil the full Abrahamic blessing. I shall be blessed and I shall be a blessing.

Point 3 – Prospering and NOT loving money: There is a wiser way to be prosperous and rich and not love money at all. (2 Corinthians 8:9, AMPC). Rich means – Having an abundant supply. Jesus made a way so that I can recognize that He became poor so I can become rich. When I recognise that then my trust is not in mammon, and I don’t love mammon. I recognise that this is something Jesus did for me. I walk in what Jesus did for me, and so even when riches increase, I don’t set my heart on it because I know how it came. It can come and go. My Heavenly Father doesn’t love it. He has streets of gold, gates of pearl, jewels. It’s just a thing of Who He is. Possessing wealth is one of the blessings of God.

Place trust in worlds system vs rich relationship with God:  (Mark 10:23-26, AMPC). I’m wealthy and possess much, I can enter into the Kingdom of God because I have a rich relationship with You. I choose, I have a rich relationship with You and not love it when I have much earthly things.

Word of the Lord – Make the switch: The Lord said to Pastor Sharon, she must tell His people, “Make the switch, please make the switch, please make the switch.” I make the switch from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light in my finances; in the way of doing my finances; conducting finances; of accumulating; of acquiring; of wealth and riches coming into my house. I make the switch from the kingdom of darkness which is the world system to the Kingdom of Light. I do my wealth God’s way. I can live in a bubble like in the land of Goshen (Exodus 9), I live in God’s protective bubble of His Word and His covenant and His promises – I live in a bubble. I do all of my financial affairs according to the ‘Kingdom of God ways’. I turn from darkness to Light, I make the switch, I live in a bubble of His love. 

How to make the switch: I make the switch in my heart. I build a highway in my heart with the Word of God and the covenant words of God concerning finances. I make the switch to not trust in and find my safety and security in the stuff that I have and that I can get. I make that choice. I MUST! I come out from Babylon (the world’s system), so that I may not share in her sins; neither participate in her plagues; because her crimes have come right up to heaven and You’re calling them up for settlement. (Revelations 18:1-5, AMPC). (Read the chapter in the Amplified Bible) Your love beckons to me. I come into the Light. I believe that I will have marvellous, powerful, glorious Light for everything. I believe, have faith, hold on, rely on the Light. I have faith that the Light will do in my life, what it did in Paul’s; it gets me right on track, gets all the darkness out of me. I become a son of Light and be filled with Light (John 12:36, AMPC). The entrance of Your Words brings Light. I put Light into my heart, I choose to come to the Light so that all the darkness can be exposed. (John 3:19), Your Word on any matter, in every area of my life, is Light. With my heart I believe unto righteousness; then with a mouth confession is made unto salvation (Romans 10:10, KJV). Mark 4: The sower sows the Word. Every time I sow the Word, I’m putting Light into my heart. Every time I speak Your Word, with my heart I believe what You say about my finances, It’s my choice to believe what God’s Word says about my finances, my money, my health, my spirit life with You and my relationships. Your Word is a Light unto my path and a lamp until my feet (Psalm 119:105).

A corporate example of how a people can go in and prosper together and not love money: (2 Chronicles 31).