Understanding Sound and Song – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Ps Sharon: The way Pastor John and I follow God, in ministry, is we listen to His voice and we let Him lead us. Pastor John and I are very focused and very aware that our obedience to God is for God so that God can have His way and His say in His time. We are not building a ministry for any other reason than to obey God and let God have His way. Pastor John and I live listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit that lives in you and lives in me. Wherever Jesus is building His church, there is victory.

We are all preparing our hearts with God, for God to be able to do everything He wants to do when Brother Jerry comes. God has promised, a supernatural increase of His glory and His presence with us. God’s desire, God’s passion of His heart, is to dwell with us and among us and in us.  He fills us with Himself, He lives inside of us by the person of the Holy Spirit. There’s nothing else that changes you like His presence. (2 Corinthians 6:16 AMPC).  

The Lord has never allowed us to do what other people are doing. We are listening to the voice of the Lord, we are not listening to the voice of others when it comes to building this church. Pastor John and I have learned to follow the plan of God for us all. We are not looking to build a church where multitudes of people are added in a random, haphazard, unstructured way. God is going to add to Heritage of Faith such as should be added to us. We don’t do things just because other churches do them. The Lord is leading Pastor John how things are going to be here – God is building here.  Pastor John and I endeavour with every fibre of our being, to listen to the Holy Spirit, how to build this church. The words we speak to you, are Spirit and Truth and come from God’s Word that is Truth.

In a 1987 visitation Jesus shared with Kenneth Hagin about God’s plans and God’s purposes – and we are to pursue that. We have been bringing God’s plans to you for many, many, years now. We’ve been on a journey together where God has taught us: to be planted; to be under authority so you can be in authority; how to put your foot in every message; how to feed in this house and not surf the web; to have honour and reverence for the prophecies and messages that God brings. God is wanting us now, to raise our level of honour and reverence for the sounds and the songs that He, by His desire and His design, brings to this church.

God uses sound for His agenda. Jesus said in Mark 4, “Be careful what you are listening to.” We’ve been on a journey from “The time of God” prophecy in 2010 (link). It’s unique to us. It’s God’s redemptive purpose for His Kingdom and His glory with these sons that He is wanting to do this with. Who else has our journey?  Who else did the Exodus with Moses, the Promised Land with Joshua, the battles with David, the 300 men with Gideon, Deborah and Barak? No other people did it again. 

We are journeying together with God into everything that He has for us. That gives who you are as a person purpose. You are called by Grace and blessed with purpose. 

If you are listening and looking what other people are doing, you will always wonder. To mind your own business is a very wonderful trait to have. 

Supernatural increase cannot come on nothing, it comes on something that’s already there. In music ministry, we journeyed together with the little that we had, we worked with what God gave, we fully used what we had and God increased and intensified it (Matthew 25:20&21 NKJV).  Do not despise the day of small beginnings. God gives us supernatural increase, now. 

Pastor Christi brought, by revelation from the Lord, the message: Put Your Foot in the Sound. Who does this? We do. There’s something about obeying God in childlike faith regardless of your reasoning (“How can this be?” “But there are so many other wonderful things that I can listen to”). God is requiring of us here, to have childlike obedience – He’s got a plan. You never discover the benefits of what God is really saying to you, until you’re on the other side of that obedience 

The Lord holds me (Pastor Sharon) responsible for the spirituality of the music, in this ministry. That we will sing what we would say – songs full of truth, life, light, victory, love – songs full of all that God is. God has brought us to a point where we have our own sound and our own songs and it’s filled with Him and it is for this house, for now. God spoke over Pastor Garth that by divine assign, He has put a sound in him, a sound that must resound in the hearts of everyone. The Lord spoke to Pastor Christi, “I want you to be more specific, more selective in your listening to sound and song, so that you can be more effective spiritually. I need the entry of this sound to come into you as a people so that you can be of one mind and one heart and one accord.”  

It is the sounds of the time of God in this house and for this house. Who does this?  We do. We will only discover what it is that God is going to do with it, if we as a people are obedient to these instructions. 

Resound means:  to be filled with sound, to be heard very loudly and clearly, to fill the air, repeated prolonged celebrated sound, to be mentioned much and loudly, to celebrate with the voice, the sound of instruments.

When you listen to these songs and you sing these songs, your faith can be involved. Something supernatural is happening to you when you listen to these songs. It’s God’s plan and it’s God’s purpose and it’s blessed. A word of caution that the Lord gave Pastor Sharon, “I will give you the best for music ministry, but as a congregation, you must pass the test, don’t be impressed, just be blessed”.   The world worships and idolizes people with talent, that God has given them, that should be bringing God the glory. That’s not to be found in our house. Do not let your heart be lifted up (as Lucifer), give God the glory. 

We’re going to cross the thresholds into this new door, worshipping and singing. It was song, that enabled the Israelites to face the unknown. When we sing together, we are the choir and we affirm for one another what is possible. We are braver because we have song. Let us honour our voices, let us celebrate the voices God has given us and let us sing together.  Singing is a practice of attuning to the supernatural, it is medicine, it is vibration, it is power to heal.  Singing is vulnerable and empowering all at once. Our voices in all their imperfect glory are what is needed, to speak truth, to power, to bring healing transformation and wholeness.

God is bringing us together in song so we can sound to God and celebrate our voices together.