Understanding Sound and Song Part 2 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

The Ministry of Music is a surge right now and the Lord wants me to release and speak words today for us to take with us as we cross the threshold going through this New Open Door. 

We are all about developing and maturing until we all attain oneness in the faith (in the comprehension of the full and accurate knowledge of the Son of God). You can not arrive at really mature manhood without apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors and evangelists, because Jesus gave these gifts to the body (Ephesians 4: 8-13 AMPC). The highest calling is a son of God. Jesus gave gifts to men to make sure that sons of God come to the fullness, to maturity. Romans 8 says that the whole of creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. As we receive the Word of God, it exercises its superhuman power in us, because we adhere to it, we trust it, we believe it and we receive it in the message through a messenger (1Thessalonians 2:13 AMPC). Because we understand God’s pattern,  we understand God’s ways in His church.  

Pastor John said that it is a very humbling thing to receive a word from God from a human messenger. Likewise, it’s a very humbling thing for a true messenger of God to also come to God’s people and say, “I have a Word from God for you”. But when you’re like a little child then you just flow with joy in these things. We are childlike in our acceptance of the ways of God, in our flowing, in our believing, in our receiving the patterns that we so evidently and obviously see in the Word of God. It’s a very humbling thing, that when the Lord gives Brother Jerry a Word in 2020, we as a congregation humble ourselves (Matthew 18:3 KJV).  

This Open Door is for every single one of you, because Jesus is opening a new door. You’ll not enter through the new door unless you become like a little child. God is saying, “I want to teach you some things in your life and you’ve got to stay like a little child – teachable, changeable, malleable”. This is the key. 

How do I become as a little child? Humble yourself, dramatically change your way of thinking, become teachable, learn about Heavens Kingdom realm with the wide-eyed wonder of a child (Matthew 18:3 PTP).  When we all humble, we’re all the greatest together.

Pastor John said we are going to cross a threshold. 

A threshold is: the starting point of a new experience; a point at which something happens. 

Pastor John also said that you will find yourself drawn, but if you allow yourself to be distracted by other things going on, you might just miss the new door. 

To draw means: to cause to turn towards; to engage; to cause you to follow; to come out for your benefit; to come close; to pull up; to attract.

God will supernaturally draw you, for you to know; to have the strength; to be able to see; and to be able to get up from your old self.  

Get up from your old self, Heritage of Faith. Believe that these words are working in you and say, “I’m getting up from my dead things. I’m crossing this threshold. I’m coming in, Lord”. 

This word can work its superhuman power in you and cause you to become. Things that have kept you captive are going to fall off you, just come loose. It might be that others will open that door for you (that others provide the energy to make it happen).  The Holy Spirit is going to send those that’s around you, and they’re just going to unwrap you. Go to those closest to you and say, “Where you see the grave clothes on me, please unwrap me. Just help me take them off. If I can’t see and you could see”.  Declare. “I’m walking, I’m getting up, I’m coming through this new door because Jesus opened it for me. Every message that comes is unwrapping grave clothes off me”.

Mark 5:1-3,5-6, 15, 18-20 (KJV)  

The word tomb is connected with remembrance of dead things; a monument set up.

It’s your memories you live in, you dwell among the tombs of remembering things, remembering failures. You’ve set up a monument in your mind to cause you to perpetual remembrance (constantly). In our souls are buried the memories of failure (and things that have died, things that went wrong). These are inroads that the enemy can walk on anytime he wants to, and he torments you day and night. God wants you to get up, He wants to remove every memory, every trace of it out of your soul. You got to get up, even with your grave clothes on and trust God that there are going to be those that are around you that are going to help you. 

This is why song is so powerful. It trims away the dead things.  The word song is a Hebrew word zamar which means a song accompanied by a musical instrument. It also means pruning, cutting off dead branches; removing unwanted parts; targeted removal. There’s selective, targeted removal God wants to do in your life (of structurally unsound, unwanted, diseased, damaged, and dead things in your life). 

Music Ministry Prophecy (link)

Song has got everything to do with it. God wants us to have a recognition of what He’s doing here with us in sound and song and music and music ministry. It has got a very specific purpose that God wants it to have, with a people. The sound and song and words have this power. The devil has occupied that space and God is now telling us to occupy! He is giving us words to break down strongholds. God wants these songs and sounds to permeate. It doesn’t matter how you feel. It’s what God says He’s going to do with these sounds and these songs. Every time we listen to these songs that are coming from this house, this is what we believe is happening; we’re receiving this like a little child. 

Say, “Lord, if this is what you’re saying about these songs, you have no argument from me”.

Pastor John declared that at this time, we will have church exactly as the Holy Spirit desires. He has first place – His message, His move, His music. We are to occupy the spiritual realm dimension of song and sound allotted to us. God is increasing us supernaturally and we can have things untapped and unoccupied. We’re tapping the fourth dimension and God promised that heaven will come and that music ministry legacy, from the time of David, will be transferred.

We have to understand what is in the heart and in the mind of God in music ministry (we’re not just coming here to sing a few nice songs to wait for the message to come). The recognition of the time that we are living in, is only spiritually discerned and it is for the presence of God. (Acts 15:14-18 KJV)

It’s not for us to be impressed, it’s for us to be blessed, we have to pass the test. With new instruction and new understanding we are going to sing; we’re going to cross our threshold; we’re going to leave the dead things behind. God has given us sound and song as a spiritual tool.