Totally Dedicated Disciples – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

We all have been on a journey to become the kind of people together, that God will be well pleased to come and manifest Himself (for the manifest corporate presence that will change us eternally). 

The Lord wants me to say to you this morning that: 

God still gives men and women prophecy (inspired utterances of the Holy Spirit) – today.

At Heritage of Faith, we don’t surf the web for prophecies. The internet is not our spiritual restaurant – we feed at home, we don’t go to every other church to feed.  The only prophecy we get is through Pastor John, God deems that to be more than enough.

Read these Scriptures, to confirm what God is wanting to say to you. 

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 (AMPC); 2 Peter 1:19-21 (AMPC, TPT);  2 Chronicles 20:20 (KJV); Isaiah 48:3&5-7 (AMPC)

Our part to do is to use our prophecies as weapons, as we wage spiritual warfare (1 Timothy 1:18-19 KJV). Satan will always try and impeach you, but you have 1 John 1:9, the Blood of Jesus. You can jump with your new creature awesomeness right into any obedience you choose.  You will never know what a command of God can do for you until you are obedient to it and you are on the other side of obedience.   

Obedience without argument: God needs people, that from the heart, have purposed to be totally dedicated. God is bringing us all this word today, because it is possible for all of us, and it is His desire for all of us to be high-level, totally dedicated disciples. For all of us to go through the New Open Door like this in 2020. It is available – and we all can be this.

Pastor John, “There are the people on the earth, that look like Jesus, that talk like Jesus, that are like Jesus, that can represent all of the people, that have Jesus inside of them, that have not paid the price, that these people have paid.”

Brother Jerry, “What price are you, Heritage of Faith, South Africa, prepared to pay for the glory, (God’s manifest presence and His manifest power and His manifest goodness)?”

Watchman Nee, “All of God’s people have a part in His eternal purpose, but not all will take up their rightful responsibility (as mature overcomers).  The sons of Levi were obedient to the Word of Moses and chose to serve God above all their human affection. What the children of Israel should have all offered unto God, the children of Levi now offered for them. The work is the overcomer’s, but the church receives the blessing of that work. The overcomer serves completely and obeys completely. The reason for the overcomers is not to receive glory or crowns for themselves, but simply to take the position which the whole church should take and to work with Christ in the church. God is calling for this maturity and for this disciple, to stand for the church at this end time.

God needs such a group of people (totally dedicated disciples, high-level disciples) paying the price – to attain His original goal.

Levels of obedience: There is a degree of obedience you can have in order to qualify at this time here at Heritage, to be a part of a people such as this.

No negotiations: You can’t negotiate trade-offs with God when it comes to what God needs in the earth for His kingdom purposes. You can’t marginalize with spiritual requirements of the Lord. When God is ready to do something on His timeline with His plan, it’s not for you to negotiate.

The cost of following Jesus: Immediately after Jesus spoke that parable, “I’m sorry I can’t come because ….” He turned to the crowds and said,  “When you follow Me as my disciple, you must put aside ….  Likewise, unless you surrender all to Me, giving up all you possess, you cannot be one of My disciples” (Luke 14:25-26&33 TPT, AMPC). 

Obedience is better than sacrifice: For many years many of God’s children will sacrifice something here, so they don’t have to do that there (and then they justify themselves). It’s exactly what Saul did (1 Samuel 15:10-23 MSG, 22&24 AMPC).   We find in ourselves to want to do this with God, “Please, compared to what I am doing, what is this?”

God is not negotiating with us at this time. He is looking for totally obedient, dedicated people, because we can be. God has given a new creature the capacity to hear and obey.

Because you have said no to/disobeyed God’s command, you will find yourself with no kingly rule (that your authority is not working, that you are powerless). Like that parable, “I care more about… I transgressed God’s word, because I feared. I feared other things … (people, my children, my spouse). Fear put you fairly and squarely in satan’s arena. That’s why Kenneth Copeland said, “You have to deal with fear like a rattlesnake”.

In these days you are going to need to be walking in your authority, more than ever before.

Are you one? Are you a totally dedicated disciple? Are you one that has given your full allegiance?

The Lord said, “This New Open Door is actually quite narrow. The narrow door leads to true spirit life. It’s going to bring supernatural increase spiritually, in every area of your life. So, approach the door with reference and caution, go over the threshold, having full cognisance and having you spiritual wits about you. You have to clear out the old, (to make room for the new, Leviticus 26) to move through, the New Door. 

There is much old baggage, old words, sayings, clichés, old ways of having conversations, old ways of treating, old ways of speaking – things that you bring with you that have lost their use. Let Me help you by My Holy Spirit.  Let Me make all things new. 

Come on, speak in your new tongues for your new doors. Drop all the old things, come to Me, so I can show you what they are. Let those old filters just be dematerialised in My presence as you come to Me. Just be with Me and I will show you how to let go of the old, to make room for the new. Don’t take the old through the New Door with you”.

This is the time of the Fire of God to come and make you a totally dedicated disciple.  If you want to be, you can be. His Fire and His Holy Spirit will help you. A baptism of light or fire, will cleanse and change a life, giving new power to live with God, live for God and deal with every issue that hinders love and passion from burning in your heart.  Have faith in His fire, the light and His Holy Spirit, to be able to take you completely. Just keep putting yourself in the place where you want to and He’ll take more of you and more of you, until He’s got all of you. 

Say, “I am reaching according to Philippians 3:12, but I need Your Holy Spirit and Your Holy purifying Fire to burn in me, uninterrupted and unlimited, Father. I’m relying on Your resurrection life force in me to transform me. I ask for the Fire from Your Word to do a wonderful, fresh new work in me of getting the old out. I ask for Your Holy Fire to bring about a Holy fear and a reverence, and a clarity of a bright light to me.  I pray that the purifying fire of God comes upon me, burns within me, purifying me from all idolatry (things that are more important to me that You). I welcome Your Fire in my life and in my heart. Let Your Fire kindle upon me, kindle within me, Lord. Purify me, Lord. I long for the baptism, I allow myself to come into the baptism of the Holy Spirit and into Your raging Fire. I pray that Your fire burn so beautifully in my home, in my conversations, in my thought life, in my heart, Father, until I am completely all Yours. Thank You for new conversations, new words, new things, Father in Jesus’ Name, amen.”