Totally Dedicated Disciples – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture References: 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 (AMPC); 2 Peter 1:19-21 (AMPC); 2 Peter 1:21 (TPT); 1 Timothy 1:18-19 (KJV); Revelations 2:26-27 (AMPC); Revelations 3:7, 12 (AMPC); Luke 14:25-27, 33 (TPT); Luke 14:26-27 (AMPC); 1 Samuel 15:10-24 (MSG)

Prophecy – inspired utterance: God still gives men prophecy today and He will until the end of it all. God leads me to different prophecies from years past because He doesn’t want it to die but stay alive and activate in me. Prophesy is an inspired utterance given to a man / woman by God. I can experience that in my own personal prayer time with God, a prophetic utterance that’s inspired. When that happens I’m encountering Him in that moment and my faith is activated at a higher level. It is a sure thing to hold onto.

How to quench the Holy Spirit & how to Pay attention: (1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 AMPC), (2 Peter 1:19 AMPC). I pay close attention until that prophecy from Jesus comes into the fullness of it’s being; rises and manifests in my life. It breaks through the gloom of my life, the world’s system, any gloom that wants to be around me. Jesus is the morning Star and He gives the prophecy to His church and it will rise in my heart and come into being. (2 Peter 1:20-21 AMPC).

Legacy transfer: These prophecies that has been coming to us through Kenneth Hagin and then through Brother Jerry is an inspired utterance from Jesus to us. And I would do well to pay close attention to it. Today, Prophecy comes by Brother Jerry and Pastor John being moved along and impelled by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:21 TPT).

What is my part when a prophecy comes?: (1 Timothy 1:18-19 KJV) Prophecies are as weapons as I wage spiritual warfare by faith. I use prophecy as a weapon with faith against the enemy who comes to my mind to tempt me. The enemy knows what a powerful speaking spirit I am, he comes against my will, my worship, to change my language, to get my words, for me not to speak the prophetic Word.

Lamp when I’m in a dark place: If I’m in a dark place, I pay close attention to the prophetic word because it’s a light that’s given to me. I let the light come out of my mouth and shine it all around. It is the power of God unto my salvation. That’s how I change my circumstances. Like Joshua, I don’t let this Word depart out of my mouth but I meditate on them day and night so that I can do according to all of it; so that I can make my own way prosperous and have good success. I make my own way prosperous when I deny the devil any opportunity to get me to speak the reality of my circumstances. It’s subject to change by the power of God’s Word. This is that which overcomes the world – even my faith, and faith comes by hearing.

No education needed to be a totally dedicated disciple: I don’t actually need to have any education to be a high level and a totally dedicated disciple. (The 12 disciples were ordinary fishermen but they were totally dedicated disciples who came into their mature manhood as they were with Jesus). I’m willing to pay the price (in Brother Jerry’s bag of seeds) for God’s manifest presence in my life, in our church, in our corporate meetings, in our prayer meetings, in my home and in my family.

Purpose – high level disciple: The reason God needs a totally dedicated and a high-level disciple is for the purpose of walking in the fullness of the authority that the Lord Jesus Christ walked in on earth. It is to be able to rule, reign in life as kings in my circumstances, personally and in the Church – the Ecclesia. It is to legislate with authority on behalf of the Father in the earth as it is in Heaven currently with what God is busy with right now – His plans on the earth.

Open door – narrow: Jesus has given this open door to us. He’s the only one who can open a door for His people in His Church. This is good news for me because I’m seeking to walk through the narrow door that leads to true life – the resurrection life of Christ.

Authority: I bring my case to God because He has given me authority on the earth, to intervene in the affairs of earth. God is wanting to raise us up to new levels of authority. We have begun to touch some of that authority under the mantle of the apostolic that is upon Pastor John. God is saying, “There’s new levels of authority” “when I become a totally dedicated and a totally high-level disciple. I’ll walk in higher levels of authority, both in my personal life and as a body together”. (Revelations 2: 26-27 AMPC). God gives authority and power to the Church on earth. He’s the one that can give that when we qualify.

Jesus open’s doors: (Revelation 3:7 AMPC). If Jesus opens a door for us no one can shut it but I can choose to not go through. I realise it’s Jesus that inspired this utterance for a new open door, through which supernatural increase is going to come, I reverence it more. I see that; He has the keys, He can open a door with the key. Jesus gives things to specific churches. (Revelation 3:12 AMPC). Jesus will make us, He will write on us as we overcome. (I can go read it for myself). There are things Jesus gives to a people in a designated church, who qualify to their levels of obedience. Jesus give us authority over nations such as He has over nations.

Responsibility to mature: We have a great responsibility to mature and become mature sons of God, to rule and reign with Him, to get stuff done in the earth, so He can get His stuff done in the Earth. God can’t do it without mature sons of God. He can’t do it with sloppy, low-level disciples. He loves them, but totally dedicated disciple have more authority and more influence.

What does a totally dedicated disciple look like? In the TPT – The Cost of Following Jesus, (Luke 14:25-27, TPT). I have to die the death that Jesus died, not physically on the cross, but in my heart and with my will, my wilfulness, my words and my worship. I have to win the war of worship, the war of wills and the war of words. Where Jesus’s words are so revealed to me personally, through the messages and through my own press of wanting to be like Jesus; that I cannot but speak what I see and what I hear.  (Luke 14:33 TPT).

True love: (Luke 14:25-26 AMPC) – My love walk is immaculate but it doesn’t look like the syrupy love that the world or other Christians talk about. It’s a love like Abigail in the bible and Polly Wigglesworth. I’m following Jesus first. It works both ways for men and woman. It looks like Jesus, like when Jesus said to Peter, that He loved, “Get behind me Satan. You’re minding the things of men and you’re a snare to Me, you’re a stumbling block here to Me, preventing Me from fulfilling My destiny, preventing Me from going to the cross.”

Can’t negotiate trade-offs with God: “When it comes to what God needs in the earth for His Kingdom purposes, you can’t marginalise with spiritual requirements that God has. When God is ready on His timeline with His plan, He doesn’t negotiate”. When there comes a strategic time of God to move, He doesn’t negotiate. I change now. I switch right now. God requires obedience of me. I’m going to be totally dedicated and totally obedient. (1 Samuel 15:10-12 MSG). God will give me a command (an invitation is a command). (1 Samuel 15:13-20 MSG) – I can’t marginalise like this anymore. I don’t do it. His eyes are upon me all the time. God wants me to qualify; He wants me to come into the maturity of sonship so that I can be with Him on the job to get the job done. (1 Samuel 15:20-21 MSG) – I don’t try and defend myself. Listening (obeying) is the thing God wants, that’s what makes me a dedicated disciple. (1 Samuel 15:22-23 MSG) – If I persist in disobedience my kingship (my ability to rule and reign over the enemy), is taken away because I have legally disqualified myself. Disobedience disqualifies. (1 Samuel 15:24 MSG).

God’s mercy: Like Pastor Sharon, I ask for Your mercy on me, that You will be merciful towards me. Lord, I am trusting that Your mercy, through the person of the Holy Spirit and Your fire will take all of me. I cannot and do not, rely on myself to give everything to You. I am relying on the power of Your mercy and loving kindness. Give me the more that I need to become that totally dedicated disciple. Give me the extra that You have.