The Work Of An Apostle – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

The Lord wants everyone in this local church to have a fuller, deeper recognition of how He is working with us so that we can make the progress that He knows we can make together. 

Great grace is upon Pastor John at this time. Heaven is fully backing him. All the people in this church, here where I’m building. Pastor John, and all with him, I AM leading him and guiding him, I AM with him. Prayer is to be made for him continually. I AM giving him territory; he is occupying with Me.

God is upgrading and updating, what was last year will not be this year. Going Big and going Bold Version 2 in 22.

We are Going Big in Prayer, we are Going Big in Sound and Song, we are Going Big in the Word and the Messages that God is giving us, and as we are going big, our faith is going to arise. We are Going Big and Bold Together!

We must be Bold in Defense, Bold in Offense; it’s time to attack. We must be Bold in new directions if you’re going to stay with God in His time, because every message has instruction, direction, and correction. 

Bold in our new directions, in our established faith, Bold in our sowing, Bold in receiving our great harvest, and Bold in sowing our God-given gifting, too, in the church, very important. We have to be bold to bring our God-given gifting to the church, into the church.

This is a time for us together, collective greatness. This is a time for us to begin to hold, join hands, to join and strengthen our combined resources, combine our faith, combine our prayers, get united in our prayers, begin to press in the spirit for the big things that God has got for us as we press, as we come together collectively, great together in our faith, great together in our agreement, great together in our prayer life, great together in Sound and song, and the way that we worship. 

We need to be in Oneness with God. If  you’re at oneness with God, you’re at oneness with His church. He’s not working in the world system; He’s only working in His Church. That’s the only thing that Jesus is presiding over. He’s the head of the Church. He’s not the head of the world system. He’s building here in this place, under the assignment and ministry and purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ, for Pastor John’s life. He wants a ruling, reigning, governing Church.

It was always God’s plan, from the beginning, for man to rule and reign, now the new creation; the new creature that gets born-again gets set into Jesus’ Ecclesia; church.

Everything in your life, your spiritual life and your go forward is directly connected to this work that God has called Pastor John to do. The work of an Apostle. The work of an apostle is the work of Jesus in His Church. Whatever we do with Pastor John, we are doing with Jesus. Jesus presides over what He is doing in His Church in the earth. God has a pattern, He had it written so that it could continue up to our day because we’re not living in the time of the Apostle Paul. We’re living in the time where there have been given gifts to men because Jesus came into the earth, as an apostle, as a prophet, as a shepherd, as an evangelist and as a teacher. Then, when He died and left, He gave those gifts to men, who He chose. An apostle, an apostolic anointing would literally take a church to new levels in its spiritual growth. He was authorized to speak on God’s behalf, with the backing of God’s Kingdom behind him. As the envoy for the Risen Christ, he had the anointing, the authority and the spiritual backing to get things accomplished. A New Testament apostle is given revelation of truth and deeply spiritual experiences filled with insight.

If you dismembered and you’re independent, and you’re out there on your own, you’re not backing anybody, you’re not giving God anything to back you with because it’s not according to His pattern. He does not back an independent, misaligned, a dismembered.

When you find yourself working with a pastor-teacher or apostle, a sent one to do exactly what God tells him to do, and you do your part, his rewards in heaven are not bigger than yours. If you do your part in it, our rewards are the same because you did your part. We do not have a share, and a part of the heavenly reward, apart from our part of what Pastor John’s part is. This is what it means to be a partaker of His calling. We are all called to be partakers of the heavenly calling that is on Pastor John.

According to Phillipians 1:1-8; 2:25-30 we have to have our apostle Ps. John in our hearts, we have to minister to his needs and labor with him. We’ve got to acknowledge and appreciate and respect him. He’s over us in the Lord. He will warn and kindly reprove and exhort you. You are to hold him in very high, most affectionate esteem. 

We work together, shoulder to shoulder, we all, real-time, real face to face, real shoulder to shoulder.

Whether we helped or opposed will be recorded because God knows our names. It is His pattern!

We have to know what’s available to us. We have to know what to expect this gift to do. A spiritual leader whose insights possessed supernatural knowledge and insight unavailable to the average man. God’s put that all in him so that whatever we need, we need for our development comes to us. We want all these things to function through Pastor John so that we can all come to maturity and all come into the fullness of our callings and everything because that’s where our eternal reward is.