Our prayers for the nation have been working. We are headed for a true democracy. Politicians and government leaders will now have to work together to find the best solution for the reason they have been elected; to serve the people.

I believe that God’s got good things for our country. I spoke about the fact that the world is going to be in crisis and chaos, but us as a people, that are going to stay in the Word, we’re going to stay in prayer that it will not touch us. I know that we’re in the middle of it and we’re not going to be surprised by it. God’s going to show us a way out every time.

It’s time for us to respond spiritually to things that God has called us to, and it’s going to require us to reach. It’s the power of the Word that gives us life. Everything must be measured by the Word, it’s the guiding force of our lives. The word is very personal and powerful and it’s close to us, every day. His grace is always there for us.

There is nothing in our lives that God’s Word cannot fix, that God’s Word cannot provide the foundation to get it done. The Word of God is the ultimate source of truth. And that truth received by you and me, is the truth with which He releases power to us to do that truth. And even sometimes when we don’t quite get there, His grace is still there, working for us because our hearts are towards obedience.

When you start a journey with God you don’t know what it’s going to look like. But you’ve got a Word to hang on to, and you’ve got a Word that can guide you, and you have the power to do that Word, and you’ve got grace when you can’t do it. It starts with obedience to that one word.


You can’t always ride on someone else’s faith. God requires every one of us to grow in faith and stand in His Word for ourselves. God wants us to grow up and not remain spiritual babies. We have to sync our will to God’s will if we want to walk in God’s plan for our lives. He will lead us step by step if we obey Him.

Time will come, when I will start walking around in the service, and I’m just going to walk as the Holy Spirit leads me. I’m just going to walk into the service, and I’m just going to be walking and doing this kind of preaching. And as I do this, the Holy Spirit showed me in a dream, I saw myself doing this in that dream. And as I do this, God showed me that the healing power of God is going to come on people in the service and the miracle power of God is going to start working in people, in your bodies, in your soul, in your places where you need healing. The healing power is going to be released into your lives, and God’s healing power is going to work. I’m expecting signs and wonders, healings, and miracles to happen. We have to be ready to reach by faith for this to happen.

It’s time for me and you, for us to respond to what God’s calling us to do. And the response that He’s requiring from us is to reach for the things that God is calling us to do. This is God’s will that whatever we do, we do it together.

There is a price to pay for doing the will of God and we have to evaluate the cost. Will you do this with me for the next generation? Because I’ll tell you, if we don’t fight and pay the price for things, then the next generation’s going to have to pay… to fight that fight. They will have other fights that they’ve got to fight because you can’t live life and not take on wars. We can’t shield our kids, spiritually or otherwise, from battles they’ve got to fight. That’s how you grow. Even if it’s the battle of your own mind, the battle of your own emotions, the battle of your circumstances. Either way, it’s time for us to go forward.


Lord, I receive Your Word to me. I will do everything to obey You. Where I need Your grace, I receive it. Where I need Your strength, I receive it. Thank you, Lord, for this moment that we can all be together in one accord, in assignment for You. Thank you for giving us purpose. Thank you for giving us Your life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.