The Power Of Resurrection Part 12 Relationships – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Luke 4:3-8 (NKJV)

Jesus experienced a personal (face-to-face) confrontation in the wilderness, where the devil came to Him with a direct temptation based on truth, coming after the very purpose He came for.

The devil will come after everything that God wants you to have in life. He is going to question it directly in your mind, in your soul, through people and circumstances. He has no creative ability other than to bring temptation and manipulation to you and try and deceive you into making a choice that is outside the will of God. 

Your life is not about bread – your life is about the Word of God. 

The devil is coming after your life personally. This is not a time to lie down and play dead. Neither is it a time to be separated from the very life connection that God has given you – the Ecclesia, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

John 14:6 (TPT)

Through union with the Father, one with the Holy Spirit, in relationship – there is nothing you can not ask.

Ephesians 4:17-18 (NKJV)

You should no longer walk as everyone else in the world walks (deceived by an unattainable vision of chasing after the kingdoms of this world and the glory that comes with achievement).

Energy is the most valuable human currency which can be used to serve self (self-oneness) or to worship God through the Ecclesia (in union/God-oneness). Currency can either be invested or spent. Pastor John used a visual illustration of energy spent in everyday going about life examples. You cannot get free (on your own) of this investment currency activity that happens on a regular (day-by-day) basis. 

John 15:1-2, 4-5, 7-8, 12 (TPT)

God wants you to yield a greater harvest of union with Him. Life union with Him, as an act of faith, is already improving your ability to bear fruit. If you have no union with God, you are powerless to change anything in yourself or around you.

You can ask God anything if you are in union with Him. If you are in union with Him, what He is comes through you spiritually (Spirit to spirit) and then what comes from your spirit to your soul is from your union with Him (not what you think you want). When you ask and speak what He wants you to, and He answers and gives it to you, the Father is glorified. 

John 15:12 (TPT)

If you love each other deeply, the love of God begins to flow from you to others. That deep love has the ability to reflect and release the power of resurrection, by revealing the glory of God and the fruit that you are bearing. 

What is it that you are investing your currency/energy? 

Is it in the world system? 

Is it God-centred and purpose-, assignment-, Ecclesia driven?

If you do not understand that God is the centre of your life and that God has an assignment for your life, and He has called you for a purpose and the way to accomplish it is through the church, the pattern that you live means that everyday your thinking, energy, life source, dreams, goals, and desires are managed for yourself. 

Everything about your life is going to come out of your heart. Whatever you let through your soul is going to be what drives your life. All day, every day, 90% of what people are doing all the time is investment into the natural world and into self (a pattern of a soul that is focussed on self-oneness).

For example, the tendency in the world is to want to please people to have a response back (the law of reciprocation) – mutually beneficial energy transactions in relationships. Chasing after relationships is all about self-oneness. If you make God the centre of your world, He will bring relationships into order in your life. Relationships that are out of order are always going to be self-centred. God centred relationships that are an assignment, or an Ecclesia are always productive and fruitful. If God cannot satisfy you inwardly, no person will.

What is God’s main desire for you to accomplish?

Jesus didn’t come to earth to fulfil his own dreams, goals, and desires. He came to fulfil the will of the Father. God do not birth you into the earth so that you can just go about pursuing anything you want for yourself. 

Where is your soul at? (for 3 John 1:2 to come to pass)

The prosperity of your soul is not how good you feel. The prosperity of the soul, and to be well, is to be connected in union with God. If you want to have life God’s way, you’ve got to have this union with Him, putting God at the centre of your world. 

We are all on assignment together. Let us use our energy currency so that we can exchange and trigger gifts, assignments, and wellbeing in each other. Operating with God and the Ecclesia and assignment is a lifelong journey. David put five stones in his pouch because he was being prophetic of the fivefold ministry. The stone you need at the time is the stone that God will use to destroy the giant in your life. Giants are falling in our life, don’t leave them lying, kill them once and for all. Cut it out of your life, once and for all, destroy it so that it can never get up again. The anointing that generals in faith used to kill giants are upon us. Therefore, we want to live in this legacy.

Matthew 6:31-32 (TPT) 

The world has a way to get freedom from financial insecurity, but God brings things to you in a way that only God can bring. Where is the heavyweight of your currency invested? Have you been giving all your currency to your self-oneness (your own dreams, goals, or desires)?  The only way you can be free to give tithes and offerings is when you have God the centre of your life and you understand that as you are part of the Ecclesia, God will use your money for His glory, and it will come back to you in abundance. 

Let your walk with God be real. Allow Him to be so real in your spirit until His presence in your heart is more real than anything else. Let your work be your worship. Give Him all of your currency (energy). Worship Him with whatever He tells you to do with your human energy. Make yourself available in the body of Christ so that your gifts can trigger others. Jesus came to die that we together will look like Him. Take this message and walk in a level of freedom with God that you didn’t even think was possible. In a life dedicated to His worship, He will do great and mighty wonderful things in and through you (in a church that is completely dedicated to His will and His ways). 

Say, I am a son of God. I receive His wellbeing. My soul prospers because I give it to Him. My energy currency will come back to me in great harvests and abundant fruit in Jesus’ name.