The Power Of Resurrection Part 10 Relationships – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: Colossians 3:1-4 (TPT), 1 Peter 3:18 (NKJV & TPT); John 14:10 (MSG & AMPC); John 14:23,27 (TPT); Ephesians 3:14-15 (NKJV); Ephesians 4:15-22 (NKJV)

God is the God of redeeming the time; to redeem your assignment and purpose for being on the earth.

The Resurrection Power of Christ inside of you, born-again Christian, is the power of God that changes everything.

You are now one with Him in His glory. Jesus died to bring you close to God. There’s no barrier between you and God. If you don’t have oneness with God, you have oneness with yourself. Your own self-oneness is always going to be the place where you fall short. Challenges in life is where you don’t have oneness with God but with yourself.

God wants you to be near to Him. You should have a singular focus to draw near to God. Oneness with God is when His desires become your desires. If you begin to live life so united with Him, then the Father who resides in you crafts each word into a divine act. Loving Jesus empowers you to obey His word. To love Jesus starts in your heart. Your connectedness between you and God is by the Holy Spirit who empowers you to connect and reach into the love of God in your spirit man to become an expression in your soul. The Father loves you deeply and will make you His dwelling place. We are named as children of the Most High God.  Let it become a revelation in your heart that You are a child of the Most High God. 

You are not here by mistake; God purposed your birth in the earth right now. He expects us to have faith that He has got a plan and purpose for us. He wants us to understand oneness of the body so that you, for this period of time, while you are alive, can represent the power of Christ in the body of Christ.

God is multi-dimensional and is completely outside the form of time. There is no beginning and ending in God. Everything that ever was and ever will be is all in Him. He is always ever-present in every place forever. He is living in real-time, all-time with Himself with you. He can redeem time for you.

God sets you in a Church to be joined there for a reason – to stay healthy and alive. We are all connected: Your life helps me live my life and my life helps you live yours. You cannot grow up into all things unless you are part of the whole body that’s knit together. You cannot actually develop yourself anywhere, any place, unless it’s through the Church. 

The church is a body that God has put together – the Ecclesia – His government on the earth. It is His desire and purpose that together we govern the things that touch our world together. We all of your things inside each other to complete us and help us grow. We need each other to govern our environment and govern our future. 

To be disjointed (even dismembered) from the church is to follow your own purpose for your own self and to be doing whatever you choose to do. You can be part of a congregation but be in oneness with self and not worry about others. You then only take responsibility for self and what you must do. God never called you to be responsible only for you. God called you to be responsible for everybody.

To live disconnected from church is to live a corrupted, decayed position of living in the world. Dislocation is painful and it’s out of joint. Ask someone to help you be located instead of dislocated. It is not a good sign if you’ve become comfortable with dislocation.

Stick to your conviction and not your convenience. If you choose your life because of convenience, rather than conviction, then anything will stop you from coming to where God needs you to be. Let your conviction be the thing that drives your life. Is there anything more important than this Ecclesia moment, this connectedness?

When God is working in your life, He’s always working through the Church. As you become more aware of your responsibility to other people, God will make you more aware of His responsibility that He has towards you.

Your wholeness, your fullness, the strength of your life all comes out of your walk with God and your connectedness. Together we have a lot of stuff to do. Be careful that you don’t mix your assignments or mix up the time of things.

God is doing something powerful in this Ecclesia to govern and to show all of the beings in the universe that this Ecclesia knows who they are in Christ Jesus, and they know who they are together in Christ.

We should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk. They make decisions for themselves, by themselves, with themselves that’s most convenient for them. They have no conviction about how they live their lives. Their only conviction is the oneness with themselves and not connectedness with the church and what they’re supposed to be in God. What your heart chooses your mind justifies. It is a heat choice. I want what God wants for my life or I don’t. It is a conviction of your life whether you live connected to the church or not.

If you are going to become disconnected from the church, you should go to the members of the church, and they should witness with the fact that God is releasing you into a different body. This is not something that should happen very easily – it should be a life decision.

The only thing God’s got to do with you is all the choices you make with Him in your heart for the Ecclesia, for His purposes, or His plans, or His assignment. When you come to Him and say, “I’m Yours and You are mine” He starts to create your future to be in line with His plans, He redeems the time for you, and He turns all things into your certain good.

You are now responsible to hear this message and live this message and do this message.