John 17:24 AMPC We are gifts from the Father to Jesus. Do you think a gift can do whatever they want to do in life? No. The gift is at the call of the Creator, the Designer. We want God’s desire and His design for our lives.

John 17:23 AMPC The law of recognition: Jesus wants us to know what God the Father has given to us. The Lord shared through Pastor John: I will take the children. And when He started taking the children, He also started to take families; He started to take this church, this Heritage of Faith Ecclesia, as He’s always been planning for us to become. That’s why the Lord is pleased with us.

Now, remember what Pastor John shared with us: Every time when I stand here, as a messenger of God and I teach, you will be challenged to say like the Matthew 13 people – the messenger is flawed, therefore the message is flawed. So, then you come to evaluate how much of the message you want to hear because you’ve chosen to consider the messenger flawed. I want to point out to you the fact that God was not flawed. The devil does not need to show a flaw to challenge the message. The devil just uses the flaws in men to undermine the message.

The Holy Spirit shared with us through Pastor John: This is no time for us to think we can’t engage in the spirit of abortion because if the devil has his way, he will have you abort the plan of God for your life. That is what his plan is. If we’re going to go to the highest levels attainable and if we are going for maximum we have to understand that the Lord had me minister for weeks and weeks about tearing down idols, burning altars in your life.

What are altars? Where you take your stuff, your money, your energy. Where you go, what you give your attention to is an altar. Pastor John is pleading with us that we will not let the spirit of abortion steal what God has for us. No. We are going to give birth.  Pastor John says, please let’s go full term with God. We are going to give birth to the wonders and the plans that God has pre-planned for us, predestined for us, preordained for us to walk in. We will not abort the plan that God has for our lives.

God designed us for Him to be in us. We are designed by The Creator to fill us. When He fills us, we become the container for His purpose.

All sin is a violation of design and purpose. Sin keeps you from fulfilling your purpose and design. If you do not want to follow God’s plan for your life, then you make a choice to get rid of the Designer. You cut Him out of your life and you abort the His plan for you.

2 Timothy 1:9 NKJV God attached grace to your purpose. Purpose is what’s written in God’s book about you. Grace is the empowerment to fulfill it. Our purpose is what the Designer established before time began. So, destiny is not what you create. It’s what you discover because it’s written.

In 2016 Pastor John said, you cannot obtain something if you have not the law of recognition at work. It means to understand something clearly and distinctly. It means you acknowledge something, you accept it, you know it, and you admit it. That’s where we start. We put our foot in the message, because we do not have different words to say. We receive the message coming from the messenger.

Hosea 4:6 AMPC The Lord showed me, My people perish because of a lack of knowledge, not because of a demon. We overcome the attacks of the evil one. But My people don’t want to know My way. So, this is not us, Lord. Look at Proverbs 1:7 in the message. 7 Start with God – the first step in learning is bowing down to God; that is us coming like little children, humbling ourselves before the Lord, our hearts.

The Lord said to me, You have to recognise that you don’t recognise; what you don’t want to recognise.

Our journey to new discoveries will never end. It’s step by step and now we know this, God said, You can have maximum levels, there’s levels. But some people abort straight away. They don’t want to hear. They’re going to do their own thing.

Pastor John said, God’s Law of Recognition must always be at work in my life and your life, but you must be willing to accept what’s being revealed. When you recognise something, you must flow and act on what you recognise. If you cannot recognise it, then you cannot receive it.

The Law of Recognition must then be the first thing. If you do not recognise what God is calling you to and who that person and people are, then it’s just another event. But if you recognise what God is calling you to, and your spiritual father and your family, then you will recognise the moment. Then you can recognise a season, then you can recognise a people and then you can recognise the person, your spiritual father. So then change can come so that you can become.

Pastor John is a spiritual father, that is the voice of God wants us to listen to.

God calls men to people and people to men. It’s always a divine calling and it should always be a
divine assignment. The place where God is planting you will be the place of your spiritual father. It is your wealthy and laughing place and your place to prosper. But sons – it will be the place where you will be trained and it will also be the place where you are confronted because sons with a spiritual father must grow to know.

Many believers, their growth has been stunted because they don’t have a spiritual father. I don’t know how you can call yourself a son and if you have no father, how can you have an inheritance?

There’s a difference between a true son and a parasite. People who just want things for themselves, not wanting to be part of anything. A parasite wants you to sponsor them and pay their bills. A true son wants you to teach, direct, and train you. A parasite wants what’s in your hand. A true son wants what’s in your heart. True sons know that the life of a father and son are knitted together in the service of our Lord Jesus. Their purpose and calling are connected. They stay in service of the Lord so that the will of God can flow from generation to generation.

No spiritual father, no inheritance. Pastor Sharon said, We must pray because everyone must see, we must recognise, and get a revelation of God’s order of how ministry in the ecclesia works.  And we say, Yes, Lord.

God’s plans are generational. That’s why God is taking the children in this ecclesia. There is always a handing off of plans and purposes from one generation to another. That is what we call legacy transfer.

The law of recognition will immediately begin to unlock other avenues. What does that mean? How can things be unlocked for you and me?

This is the work of an apostle, is to receive from the Lord something to deliver – I Corinthians 15:3, NKJV. The apostolic anointing literally takes a church, an ecclesia, therefore you and me, to new levels of spiritual growth that you cannot reach apart from the apostle’s anointing. An apostle is a spiritual passport that gives believers the right of passage into the highest levels attainable, because of deep spiritual truths.  

Pastor John is doing this with his crew right now, subduing kingdoms. God is reinventing with this church with Pastor John. Pastor John is sent to bring the culture of the New Testament church here for our Lord. God does not play games putting a crew around Pastor John. If Pastor John is specially selected, specially commissioned, and specially sent, that means you and me are specially selected, specially commissioned, and specially sent to do your part. That’s the design of the Designer. Your part must be there around this apostle to colonize, to subdue kingdoms.

If you are one of those who will have the guts this morning to recognise that you did not want to recognise, our repentance goes on before the Lord. And we have the Word of God that He is just and faithful to forgive us and to just go on with the Lord.

We say, Yes, Lord. We are so pleased. We are with You, Lord. We are walking according to Your ways. We love Your ways. We want to know everything about Your ways and about Your order. Amen.