The Kingdom At Hand Part 2 – Br Bill Horn (WTB)

Scripture reference:  Matthew 10:7-8 (TPT);  Luke 9:2,8 (TPT); Luke 10:9 (TPT); Matthew 4:23 (TPT); Matthew 6:9-12 (TPT); Isaiah 55:11; John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10; Acts 2:21; John 5:24; Luke 10:27.

95% of Christians have never shared the Gospel. I believe revival, on the inside of us, is for the church to take to the lost.  God is pouring out of His hand in these days a double portion, the double anointing. It’s for you, the body of Christ so that we can go reach everybody for Him.  The anointing is the presence of God in your life, on your life, all the time for everything. The Hand of God is the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the earth. His hand is upon us for one reason: the harvest of people for the Kingdom.

The church that doesn’t seek the lost has lost its purpose. We are the church, we are His people and we’re going after the lost at any cost, every day.   The number one opportunity He gave us as His followers, was to tell people that the Kingdom has arrived.

Matthew 10:7-8 (TPT); Luke 9:2;8-9 (TPT); Matthew 4:23 (TPT); Matthew 6:9-12 (TPT).  

The Kingdom is the message.  We are not to do it your way, but to do it God’s way; trusting Him. The more we trust Him, the more He will entrust us with His Word, His power, His goodness, His mercy, His grace. He depends on us to take this Message to a hurt and lost world. The fullness of being baptised with the Holy Spirit isn’t a one-time thing – it is an everyday thing and came on us for one purpose – to go into the world and reach the lost, to get people saved, to get people healed.

How would you explain the kingdom of heaven? God’s kingdom will last forever. In God’s kingdom, His will is done. The heaven’s realm is released on the earth. It’s salvation, it’s for everyone. It is everything we need or want – it is wholeness, soundness, and deliverance.  

Doing the will of God is where we get our nourishment. The drive-through mentality is, that one person that you meet for only a moment and you may never see them again. A five-course meal is the people that you may see every day of your life. Your purpose is to go there to get something to eat, even if you get a little snack.  

I am going to talk about simple things that cause us to be a witness in everyday life; natural things. If you’ll just start these practical things will become supernatural things. We’re not soul winners, we’re spirit winners.

  • The Hand of God  when you stretch forth your hand, and they give you their hand, God puts His Hand upon them.
  • Be friendly – smile, be happy; that’s the key always. The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Let your smile be your initial conversation with someone.
  • Portray Him – everything you do is a witness for Him. People need to see Jesus in you. It’s not just what you say, it is what you portray. Make sure you take care of personal hygiene; look good, and smell good.
  • The Word of God –Christianity is the great confession” – the Word of God has to be spoken to come to pass (Isaiah 55:11). Give words of life to people; God’s Word and good words.
  • The  Love of God – is the water of the Word. Share the Love of God with the Word of God; that’s the power source. The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, there’s no room for anything else. There’s no condemnation in us and so we shouldn’t give condemnation to others. Be loving all the way, and never degrade.
  • Make eye contact – You don’t want to really bow your head and close your eyes when praying for someone in the world to look him in the eye; you can observe a lot.
  • Locate people  – start with a contact point (greeting, what they’re wearing, how they’re acting). There are many gods in the world, locate where they are. When somebody says they believe in God, then you want to make sure that it’s Jesus that they know.
  • Be sensitive – if somebody’s really in a big hurry walking by, don’t force yourself. It’s not such a performance thing where you have to do this, you just get to do it by the power of Him on the inside of you.
  • Pray always – pray in the Holy Spirit, and build yourself up in your most holy faith. Prepare yourself, be prayed up, and be ready.  
  • It’s about a relationship – religion is from man, and relationship is from God. “If we can measure your relationship with Him, say on a scale from one to five, as five is high, one is low, and three is in the middle of the road, where would you be today?” No matter what it is, you can always have more.  Keywords: more and increase. Rededicate is not a word that you would use in the world, rather speak relationship.
  • PPD: plan, purpose and destiny – is the first level of prophecy.  Speak that and ask the Holy Spirit to give you more for them.
  • Be manifest minded – study, covet, speak and desire the power gifts in 1 Corinthians. Give Him glory for everything that He does.
  • Did you feel it? – the Greater One that is in you will come into them and touch them; He will. Ask them if they felt that? Explain to them that it is the Holy Spirit touching their spirit. Tell them to remember the day as a mark on their lives; and to always rejoice and thank God.
  • Always look for an opportunity to pray for people – don’t take anything for granted, anywhere, anytime, from anybody. Say, “I want to pray for you today”. If you give them a choice, then they can say no. Psalms 91 is a great blessing to pray for someone.
  • Get people to say the name of Jesus – the key is to get them to call on the name of the Lord. Jesus is the seed of life working in their hearts. If they’re reluctant to just say, “Would you do me a favor? Would you take this? And would you read this to yourself later when you’re by yourself?”
  • Literature – 5% of people get saved by a piece of literature or a tract. You can use it from your smartphone or the card; both work because it is the Word of God. Give people a Bible from your smartphone, through the Bible App.
  • Cross – hand it out for them to remember that He died on a cross, and now He lives for us.
  • Hot points  respect , honour and love people. Always be excited about sharing the Word of God and the Love of God with them. If you give them directions and tell them how to get there, you’ve been 100% successful in sharing the Gospel.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit – there is a lot of other ways just doing what the Holy Spirit says do. Ask the Holy Spirit “What do You want to do here?” If you’re not hearing anything, then just do what the Word says do.
  • Write it down – especially during a team/corporate effort (Salvation, rededication, prayer etc).
  • Contact information – especially if you have an encounter with someone get their information, and then give them information about this church. 

Just start!

  • The most important – is to share Jesus with them and tell them how to get there.
  • Confrontation – never argue, never get in a debate, don’t enter, or engage in confrontation. Don’t let it bother you, don’t be discouraged. Keep going, keep moving in, don’t stop pressing in for the one that will, and pray for the ones that don’t.  Don’t let it stop you. The Word of God never, never fails. Speak life in their spirit.
  • Spiritual realm – you can recognise spiritual activity when there is no peace on you. Use your authority and speak to that spirit that’s come, be in an attitude of prayer, be ready to speak to the spiritual realm.  Break spirits off (anti-Christ/religious spirits), because the spirits are subject to you. 
  • Speaking to a group – always try to go to the leader first. Focus on each one; some will pay attention; some will walk away. Zero in on the ones that stay, and just keep ministering.  
  • Take an interest – in people, they pretty much will open up.

Discipleship tract

Discipleship is relationship. It is getting relationship into people. If possible, read the scriptures together. Whatever amount of time you have, get them to see in a way they haven’t seen before.

As a new Christian we encourage you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ:

Love God, others, and yourself (Luke 10:27); Serve others like Christ; Own a Bible; Find and then regularly worship God in a local, Bible-believing church; Ask the Holy Spirit to fill, baptize, empower, teach and guide you (John 14-16; Acts 1-2; 1 Corinthians 12-14); Give offerings; Share with others your faith in Jesus; Pray.

Pastor John

Freely you have received, so now it’s up to us to freely give. The Good News inside of us is changing us. God has to break a mindset in us that actually we are the Light and we have got to let it freely shine out of us. You got to keep giving, because if you stop giving, then the receiving part of what you’ve got, begins to dry up. There’s got to be a constant flow. If you’re lacking in the source component of it, you’ll find that it’s difficult to be in the giving component of it.

We’re the presenter, God’s the performer. 

The devil, separated from God, could no longer perform anything. The only way that he could get any performance was to get mankind to perform to his words, by giving up their will. That’s why everything in the world is about performance. The minute you are freed from that you can let God do the performing. We are just the presenters of our gift.

The MiXchangers are saying, “We will stop performing to the way the world says we must perform. And we are going to just present ourselves to God and let Him change us so that we can do what God says we should do.” Then everything becomes about His plan, His purpose, and His destiny for their lives, which is why they came.

As a ministry, as a people, we are beginning to understand that performance actually is not from heaven. God says, “I send My Word to do the perform, not you.” That takes all the pressure off. God’s Word does all the performing, we’re just the presenters of the Word that does the performing. You are presenting the Word of God; the Good News. Whatever other’s got to say, whatever they do, you’re just presenting it. You don’t have to get them saved, that’s the job of the Word and the job of the Holy Spirit. You lead them to salvation, but it’s Jesus Who does the saving.