The Invitation – Ps John Bendixen

The time of God has come and a space is created for Pastor John & Sharon and for
Heritage of Faith. Now they have been seen and their voices will be heard in the spirit
The invitation is open to all to come.
God has had Ps John spiritually make a declaration to invite into the spirit realm and
release the people of Heritage of Faith in the natural realm to make invitations to people
to come to God, to come to church, to come to life.
Absolute clarion call into the Spirit:
People of Heritage of Faith, honoured guests, you are invited to come to a banquet that
God has prepared for us. You are invited to be part of everything that God is doing in this
ministry between now and when Brother Jerry comes in February 2018.
Luke 14:15-27 (NLT)
Those with excuses will not eat at the banquet.
1) I have bought a field and must inspect it. (Future)
I can’t make it to this invitation, I’m too busy doing things that relate to investing in
my future.
2) I just bought five pair of oxen and I want to try them out. (Productivity)
This relates to productivity, business life, function of living and actually the act of
living. When your living life becomes more important than the invitation of God
will not taste of his banquet.
3) I just got married so I can’t come. (Relationships)
When any relationship become more important to what God has called you to do.
Ps John, “I want you to hear it from me upfront, you are excused. But don’t come and
say I want to eat from the banquet of the Spirit Life of this church when you have been
excusing yourself”.
To you who tasted of The Banquet, and have chosen to be part of this, God is also
making this announcement:
Go into the highways and the bi ways, go into the streets and the alleys of the town and
invite the poor, the cripple, the blind and the lame. Go and call the people and go tell
the people that there is a move of the Spirit of God that is happening in the partnership
with Jerry Savelle and Heritage of Faith. Those people that will not make excuses, go and
find them and invite them as my honoured guests. You may go and invite anybody that
you like to come to these meetings. Tell them there is a place for you to come, come to
The Banquet of God’s house where you can feed and drink in the Spirit. Come!
Anybody that wants to come and be part of the move of God and the Spirit of God – it is
open doors. There are no offenses; there are no judgements; there are no issues. There is
Th e Invitation

nothing on The Table that is standing between the people that are in the highways and
the bi-ways from coming into the Banquet feast.
I’m asking you to go out and go get those people. The instruction of God is, bring
them, urge anyone you find to come, so the house will be full.
You are released, you have become anointed to become the mouthpiece. You become
the voice of God wherever you go. Words that you may have spoken before that may
have made no effect, they will be powerful now. They will move on people’s hearts; they
will touch people’s minds; they will touch people’s ears that have not been able to hear
before. Now they will be able to hear.