The Church And Chaos Part 4 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Our warfare is not against flesh and blood. Our warfare is against principalities and powers and is mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds. Because those forces  

come, and they work on your mind; they try to tell you how to work in your life.

That’s why we are new creatures. We are not just new creatures for the sake of calling ourselves Christians. We are new creatures because we are the only people who can become spiritual as new creatures.

You can be a new creature and remain carnal, and all your thinking can be about yourself, or you can become spiritually-minded. Spiritually minded persons understand how God flows, and begin to recognise things in the spirit realm. You get the will of God, what’s in heaven, and you bring it to earth. There’s no government or human being or business, there’s nobody with enough money that can stop you from operating in the will of God when you know who God is in your life, and who you are in Christ.

Egypt represents the world system and the world’s way of doing things. If we think that Egypt has the answers for us, God has already told the church it’s forbidden to think like that. Your future is not in what they say your future is. Your future is in what God says your future is. He will feed you spiritual food and spiritual drink every day. He will put a cloud above your head when the heat gets strong, and He will put a fire in your life when the things get cold, and there will be nothing that you will ever need in your life if you just put the Covenant God, Jesus Christ at the centre of your life.

The greatest salvation is from hell, but when you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour of your life, you’re saved from yourself. Because for the first time, you have power to overcome yourself. There are many born-again Christians who are going to heaven, but they are still powerless to overcome themselves because they choose not to.

The Bible says 9 We should not tempt the Lord [try His patience, become a trial to Him, critically appraise Him, and exploit His goodness] as some of them did—and were killed by poisonous serpents (1 Corinthians 10:9 AMPC).  I’m exposing how the enemy works in our intellect and in our emotions and if we try God and exploit His goodness, but still just live the way we want to live, the serpent is going to come and squeeze the life out of you.

In particular, there is a serpent that is at work in the world today, called python. That serpent spirit is squeezing the financial lifeblood out of people. It is at work in the earth. It’s entire design, that spiritual force is to squeeze like a python snake does, slowly constricts and pushes the muscles and begins to squeeze until it crushes you and until you can’t get away from it.

Don’t be mistaken; there is an enemy of God that’s out there, and he wants to send missiles your way to take out your financial infrastructure; health infrastructure; communications infrastructure; divine connections infrastructure; government infrastructure, which is your government of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent into your life to help you to govern your life. But you say, “No thank You, Lord, I govern it myself.”

You eat from the Bread of Life, which is the Word, which is Jesus Christ, and how is Jesus Christ represented on the earth? Through the church. So, if the enemy is separating you from the church, he is separating you from your spiritual food. If you get your food from Christian TV, he’s just separated you from the church, because the message and the church are two completely different things. You cannot receive the anointing of the message without belonging to the church.

I asked the Lord, I said, “Lord, I really wanted to understand why Brother Jerry was so insistent that I come back, and I go back to America?” I’m going to go and ride a motorbike with Brother Jerry. You might think he’s imposing his agenda on my life; and the answer is, he is, but do you know how I feel about it? “Thank God, I have somebody that loves me that much; that is my spiritual leader, that is desiring for me to come and be with him on a significant thing that he’s wanted to do for 30 years, and he’s calling me to come and ride with him.” But still, it’s just a ride, and then the Lord dropped honour seed into my heart and as I released it to you. 

The Lord said to me, “John, you don’t know it, but I was working on Brother Jerry to invite you to come because I need you all to sow an honour seed because I’m ready to unlock stuff in your lives. I’m ready to bring about changes. I’m ready to take you guys to the next level, and there are some people who don’t know about honour, who don’t know about respect. They don’t know how to treat spiritual leaders. They don’t know how to treat each other in marriage. They don’t know about the honour of relationships, and if they will sow an honour seed, I will unlock that spirit of honour, and it will bring wealth and it will bring strength.”

Father, I have spoken, and I know that part of what You’ve done is You’ve caused me to raise the watchfulness and the alertness of the people of God in this assembly. You have also put it in my heart to encourage and exhort Your people to live spiritually on spiritual water and spiritual food and for them to understand and recognise that the covering that You provide and that absolute pillar of strength in dark hours that You can be and are for everybody.

Truly, we are born again children of God, set apart by Him to live a different kind of way than everybody else in the world. We live for Him and with Him and in His plan and purpose. So, I ask You, Father, to reveal that mighty power in the inner man, by Your Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

I thank You, Lord, that Your healing power is busy at work in every single body.  Every person’s mind, every person’s body, every person’s neuro system, every person’s bone structure, all of the things that we have prayed for in the name of Jesus, that healing power is still flowing. The things that came upon you are going to leave you. And I thank You, Father, that You are doing a supernatural healing, restoring power in the hearts and the lives and the bodies of Your people.

Father, I pray that in my obedience in going back with Brother Jerry, taking an honour seed, that Your blessing and Your life force will flood our people and everything in their lives and the floods will just flow of good things, all the good things that You have provided for us.

I’ve asked You that all of the young people in this ministry and all of the young people that come in contact with this ministry, that You are busy saving their lives and that You’re giving us as a ministry, the execution details of, the understanding, the way that we need to go about it, so that each person individually is touched, uniquely and individually by You, for the restoration of their soul and their life. All of the young people that are hopeless and are lost and are dying out there in ways that they don’t even know they’re dying, Father, I’m asking You, and I’m saying, as I have, that You call them, You bring them to a place of hope, You bring to a place of strength, You bring them to a place where God can answer them.