The Church And Chaos Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

If you think that God doesn’t know what you’re thinking and doesn’t know what your heart looks like, and doesn’t know what’s going on in your life, He knows everything. We may think, because other people can’t see what’s going on inside of us, God can’t. He does. Everything.

Every word that you speak, whether you speak it in the privacy of your home, whether you speak it on a private telephone call, whether you think that no one else will hear what you’re saying, God hears it. And if He chooses to expose it, it will get exposed. Everything. There is nothing about you that is a surprise to Him. If you have any doubts about who you are, you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. He didn’t fearfully and wonderfully make you so that you could just choose your own plan for life. He’s made you fearfully and wonderfully so that you could fulfill His call for your life. (Ps 139)

Say: Thank You Lord, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I know who I am, and I choose to fulfill Your call for my life.

The enemy puts thoughts and ideas into a person’s, a leader’s mind, and then they follow up with what he puts into their minds. They become tools in the hands of the enemy.

If you don’t think the devil is that sneaky, and that everything that’s happening in your world is just about your thoughts and your desires and your basic instincts, if you think that actually, the devil has got nothing to do with it, if you’re not putting God into every conversation, every thought pattern, every emotional thing, then you’re getting deceived already. The enemy of God is working in nations, and he’s working in governments. If you’re out of the will of God in America or any other place that you chose over the will of God, you’re in more danger than you are in the will of God, living wherever God wants you to be. Because if you’re out of the will of God, the protection is not there. The only will in the universe that matters and that counts, is the will of God. Yes, He gave you a will but He gave you a will for you to actually choose Him, not to choose darkness. He chose you to be, before you were even substance He knew your ways and planned your ways.

You don’t have to be looking around every bush for a devil or demon, but what you gotta do is you have to put the Word of God as your first priority, because then you don’t have to look for the devils. God will show you where the devils are. He will show you the thought patterns of the enemy that come to you. 

Remember, the devil is a thief. He’s come to steal, to kill and to destroy. It’s his nature. He doesn’t know how else to do things. If you think that the devil is not coming after your finances, if you think the devil is not coming after your educated mindset, and wanting to influence your worldview, then you are already deceived. Because you give no credit to the devil that anything you are thinking and anything that you are behaving with and any way that you’re going about your life has got anything to do with the devil. It’s all about you.

If you think that the enemy of God is just going to leave you alone because you’re saved, he’s not, he’s ready to steal, kill and destroy every human being on the planet. He doesn’t want any one of them to stay alive. He’s not picking out Christians or non Christians. It is his nature to go after all humans.

We’ve got to be awake. We cannot be asleep. This is a critical time of our existence! We have powerful weapons!

  • The breastplate of righteousness
  • The belt of truth
  • The shoes of peace 
  • The shield of faith
  • The sword of the Word of God

My breastplate of righteousness says that even though the enemy wants to accuse me of my behavior, I stand with this breastplate on, that says I am righteous before God. I gird my loins with truth. I don’t allow other people to tell me how I should live my life. I live my life by the truth of God’s word. Everywhere I go I have shoes on. And my shoes are peace. I preach the Gospel of peace. I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I clasp firmly my shield of faith. Every fiery dart that the enemy sends my way; anxiety, any kind of financial issues, any kind of relational issues, anything, I just put up that shield of faith and say, “My God’s got all the truth and all the answers and I stand behind the shield of faith. And I wage warfare with the sword of the Spirit that’s in my hand!

Say: Today I worship You, Lord, I honour You, I will give You first place in my life. I say no to Satan who is trying to bring me down and trying to dash my future and take my hope away from me. I say no to that. Hallelujah.

If you’ve already made a lifestyle choice, and you’re already in a pattern and a habit, you don’t want to talk about this stuff. Because then you’ve got to admit that you’ve been doing things wrong till now. I’ve got to face myself that I’m wrong about it. But that’s the most powerful place to be. Because the minute you can face yourself and say, “I’ve been wrong about it,” you can repent before God and you can let Him show you what to do next. If you don’t hear what I’m saying today, and you’re not prepared to go and talk about it, and actually go to the Word about it, and actually seek God’s face about it, then you can’t get the truth. Then you will continually be deceived and lied to. And at some point in time, what will happen is that either God is going to be forced to allow you to be judged by your actions because He loves you that much, that He wants to get you back. So, you will be judged, or the enemy of God is going to take you out.

We have a living God that we can go to. We have a living Holy Spirit that lives within us, we have Jesus Christ as our Saviour. We can go to Him and we can trust Him, and we can depend on Him, we can rely on Him. Our salvation is that we give God praise, that we give Him honour with our finances, we give Him honour with the fruit of our lips, and the thanksgiving of our heart every day. Our trust is not in any system. Our trust is in Jesus, our trust is in the Word of God and He is always the same – yesterday, today and forever. He is forever the same.

Don’t let the devil lie to you and say to you, you can’t trust God anymore.

What’s in your heart? Your heart is going to be filled with light, or dark. Fill it with the Word of God. Fill it with praise. Fill it with His words. Fill it with His life. Be filled with all the things of God. Fill yourself with praise. Fill yourself with thanksgiving and watch how God begins to order things for your life.

Say: Thank You Lord that I have a choice. I choose to fill my heart with Light. I fill it with praise and with Your Words! Full of thanksgiving! Thank You, that You are setting things in order in my life!