Song and Sound Instruction Part 1 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

I say: Thank You, Father, that You flood the eyes of my heart with light that I may receive light and walk in Your light. The entrance of Your words brings light. I love the light, I believe the light, I come into the light. I am a son of light.

Pastor John said, things are changing in the Spirit. It’s a God ordained timetable. He has an agenda to accomplish in His eternal divine order. God has spoken seven precious messages through Pastor John about Blow your Mind.

I say: I take the messages to heart, I put it in my heart and in my mouth. My eyes and my heart are fixed on these messages. My faith comes from these messages because it’s what the Spirit of God is saying. My reality is changing through the revelation light.

Great change is coming. It’s happening in our hearts, not on the outside. We are changing through the messages God is bringing us. The Holy Spirit writes to our church at this time and He has things to say to us, 7He who is able to hear, let him listen to and give heed to what the Spirit says to the assemblies (Revelation 2:7 AMPC).

Jesus is speaking. He endeavors to write His words on our hearts. He has given me the tongue of a ready writer. I must write His words on the tablets of my own heart with my own tongue. He’s not doing it if you’re not doing it. This is God’s way for us all to move with Him at this time. Every message has direction, instruction, correction, and revelation.

Pastor John said, I want to beg you for His sake, to lay hold of the divine favor now offered to you (2 Corinthians 5:20 AMPC). There are ways that we have lived that are not God’s ways. And I beg you that this new thing that God is doing, this new thing that God is doing in our younger generation – there is a grace that is now upon us. There is a flow, there is a grace, there is an inheritance and a promise of the Holy Spirit for us. It’s time for us to change. How do I change – I change with every message that comes from God.

The Lord said to Pastor Sharon, Prepare My people for the reception of these songs, these sounds before it is released. Prepare them through instruction. He has me share some of my personal journey of song and sound, to activate the law of recognition in you to bring instruction and understanding so that you can prepare yourselves to receive the new songs and the new sounds in your spirits.

God said, It’s the song of the Spirit that I receive. It’s the song of the Spirit that I hear, regardless of what ability a person has. It’s the song from the Spirit, it’s a song from a heart devoted to Me that I hear, that pleases Me and that I receive.

From that time on my own singing in the morning, in my private room with the Lord began. Just singing to the Lord, singing in my understanding, and singing in the Spirit, just me and God. He spoke to me again and said, Many people with vocal talent want to sing in the church to be seen and to be heard. They never sing to Me in the privacy of their home, but they want to sing in the church.

I started to receive teachings from Kenneth E. Hagin; 19Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, and singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord (Ephesians 5:19 NKJV). I was flowing with that in my own personal time with God. Every day I would open the Psalms and speak and sing them to the Lord.

God said to Pastor Sharon in 2017, I’m holding you responsible for the spirituality of My music ministry. Pastor John announced that Pastor Sharon is operating as chief psalmist of this ministry. There isn’t a lot of instruction in the New Testament about the music ministry of Jesus because Paul was following the pattern of the tabernacle of David from the Old Testament. In Acts 15, God says, I will establish the Tabernacle of David in my church. And part of that is the order of God in music ministry

Pastor John said of Pastor Sharon, a psalmist operates by looking for a sound. They flow in a prophetic sense, they sing in their worship. They often sing out the ways and the will of God. So why is this so important? This is a part of our preparation for where God wants our whole church to go. When our gift functions where it should, it impacts everybody. There is an accuracy of the flow of the Holy Spirit that Pastor Sharon brings in worship that comes from her own intimacy of her own time with God, and it is much more valuable than anything else that anyone else can bring. She brings that into the whole worship team.

Pastor John is not the same person – he is undergoing dramatic change by the Holy Ghost in his innermost man. It is spiritually discerned. 9What eye has not seen and ear has not heard and has not entered into the heart of man, [all that] God has prepared (made and keeps ready) for those who love Him, 10Yet to us God has unveiled and revealed them by … His Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:9-10 AMPC). If you are going to remain natural and not be spiritual and not hunger and be moved and be strong and be served with these messages, then there will be no change in you. We can only change by the Words of God.

The word from a psalmist to Pastor Sharon: You bring a weightiness and a dimension of the Spirit that I have never ever felt. You sing, you don’t take away, you interpret the mood of the Spirit so accurately. You’re not afraid to be free. Many have not cultivated the Word and their prayer life at all, and they have a pretty little voice, but it doesn’t carry God at all. Because you have paid the price and put the Word and prayer first place, you will be able to interpret, and bring from heaven to the people the sound of heaven. You sing from your spirit, and it is a different sound. You have an excellent ear. There is a boost and an anointing that you contribute.

Then the Lord said to Pastor Sharon, this music ministry that He has delegated spiritual leadership to me, is a military division in His army. My call is to mobilise the army of God. He has called me like Deborah with Pastor John because it is part of obtaining the victories that we are going to get now ( Judges 5:1-31). Wake up, wake up, Deborah! Wake up, wake up, sing a song! (Judges 5:12 MSG)

Our spiritual mandate is to be spiritual, not to be a natural, non-spiritual one that cannot accept it into his heart. You can’t give mental assent to this. It’s got to be something in your heart that when you hear me speak, you engage fully with the Holy Spirit in your heart, saying, “Holy Spirit, what are You saying here? I want to get this. Thank You, Holy Spirit.” That’s how you have to listen.

Pastor John said in 2015: With many of the songs in the church today, you have an interactive soul experience – I feel good, my mind and my emotions feel good. He wants them to pierce and penetrate your heart to change you. He wants them to impact you so that you become a mighty warrior with Jesus in His time, because it’s the church at war. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers and rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places. And this is one of our mighty weapons. The weapon of high praise, sound, song. We win victories and we win battles with sounds from heaven.

Recently God said something fresh and new, Now when you engage with those people, don’t soul them. How do you ‘soul’ people? When you’re emotional and you say what you want to say and you are having all of these kind of conversations in your home. God reminds me every now and again of Brother Jerry’s prophecy, This is your year to be totally free. Now you stop souling them, you’ll be free. I will bring my spirit life to them because I’m going to help them when they soul me.

He began to take ownership of His music ministry in a way that surprised me – and show me how He wanted it to be. Prophecy began to come to me, By divine assign I put a sound in this one by My design. No explanation you need, only My Spirit you heed.

Then a Holy Spirit inspired declaration came through Pastor John, The penetrating piercing power, in my new era of song and sound, songs and sounds of heaven. I command the music and the songs and the sounds that are coming out of this church to go, to go, to go. It will draw people to Jesus that have not yet met Jesus. They will draw, they will come to the sound that they will hear in the atmosphere. It will be a sound they will hear in their hearts, a sound they will hear in their ears. A response to this music that will cause them to fall down and repent and to give their lives to Jesus. That’s born again ones and unsaved ones. They will turn from their old ways and come into the new ways of Jesus. This music and the sound and the songs of this music will begin to permeate people of Heritage of Faith. Changes will happen, people will give up their old ways and come into the new. Depression will leave, oppression will leave. I declare that songs of light will go and penetrate the darkness of the human mind. The darkness of the soul turned against God. The darkness of depression and oppression, the darkness of all manner of sickness and disease of poverty, religious spirits, it will go forth.

Prepare your heart to receive the songs and the sounds by saying to the Lord, Thank You, Lord, these sounds are coming now. I want them to pierce and penetrate me. That’s for me. I believe what Pastor John decreed. Change me and bring me to Jesus in a way I’ve never been brought to Him before. The Lord said to me, Bring instruction to them to prepare them to receive in their spirit the release of the new songs and sounds. So they can impact and influence and imprint us all together.

These songs of Psalms come now because the Lord spoke and gave instruction to Pastor Sharon. These songs of Psalms come simply out of obedience to Him,

God said, The sound of Babylon, the songs and the music of Babylon has fallen. You’ll hear them still play, you’ll hear them still make their way, but God has found Ecclesia that will bring sounds from heaven and He will occupy the spirit realm dimensions with His sound. No longer will Babylon imprint and impact because God is finding an obedience where He can bring His sound and His songs into the very atmosphere. He is occupying now.

A word from the Lord, Sing the Psalms, Sharon, and heaven will come. Legacy will be transferred. This legacy transfer is eternal and from heaven and of heaven. Because an obedience was given by a particular Ecclesia to bring His sounds into the spiritual atmosphere. You will hear… this is what God is doing here now in Heritage of Faith ministry. (Pastor) John’s obedience to me has opened up the spirit realm for this. Past, present, and future merge now, at this time in us. Time as we know it stands still now, for us. God has given us this time, this specific time, to obey Him in, just like He did with Joshua. It says, 13And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed … 14And there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened unto the voice of a man (Joshua 10:13,14 KJV). This is the time of the restoration of all things, the very reason Heaven is retaining Jesus. This is the time of God when God is consummating all things in heaven and on earth, in Jesus Christ. I will transfer music ministry legacy to you as far back as David, if you want it. I said in Acts 15:14 to 18, that I’m restoring the Tabernacle of David at this time.