Search and Switch to Who We Are – Ps Garth Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:21-31 (AMPC); Genesis 2:7 (AMPC); Genesis 3:16-19 (AMPC); Genesis 3:17-19 (TLB); Proverbs 15:10 (AMPC); Matthew 6:33 (AMPC)

Time to take my eyes off natural thing: It’s time for me to take my eyes off natural things – what things look like, what I look like and have my eyes on Jesus, have my eyes on the message, have my eyes on the Word. 

Scripture notes: (Genesis 1:21-25 AMPC) – God saw good. (Genesis 1:26 AMPC) – complete, (Genesis 1:27-28 AMPC) – using its wealth, in the service of God and man. (Genesis 1:29-30 AMPC) – God gave every creature the breath of life. (Genesis 1:31 AMPC). 

Breath vs Spirit: (Genesis 2:7 AMPC). Animals have the breath of life but mankind has been given the spirit of life. Within me is God’s Spirit and I’m a living being.

Be fruitful, multiply, fill, subdue: (Genesis 1:28 AMPC), That’s the first thing that God said to Adam. Immediately Adam had purpose, desire, power and the means to get everything done. Subdue: overcome, to bring under control by the exertion of one’s will; to bring under cultivation using all its resources in the service of God and man. Adam didn’t need to search further, he found his life Source, his purpose and all the resources to fulfil his purpose.

My want is my worship:  What I want is what I worship.

Adam and Eve’s disobedience: The war of two wills entered into mankind – A part of me wants to serve God using the vast resources, and the wealth for God and for man, another part of me wants to use the vast resources of the earth in service of self because now I need to provide for myself.

War – blame: War in its very nature is an absence of peace and so then fear, anxiety and blame reign there. The conflict of war is about who’s right and who’s wrong. Whose territory is this? Whose body does this belong to? Whose property is this? Does this belong to me or does this belong to God? Where is my place? Where is your place? This is not your place. This is my place. I should be better than this. I should be first. You are not better than me. This was the war that entered into mankind. 

Competition and comparison: It had not existed in mankind before this point. It had existed in Lucifer where he compared himself to the glory of God which cost him dearly. Life in God had never been about who was better than who. It was all about working together towards a common purpose and helping each other to be fruitful. Competition does not exist in God or in the life that we now have in Christ. We are all magnificent and wonderfully made.

War of words: Adam and Eve’s words were affected by evil. Everything in my life is a war of words. And the enemy is after my words, because words are my worship. So what I say is what I worship.

Adam and Eve began asking questions they were never meant to ask: They were always driven by one purpose and that was to be obedient to God. So they began asking questions like this, and we can all identify ourselves in this. “What do I do now? What do I do with my time? What do I do with my life? What do I want?”

God recalibrates man’s purpose: The consequences were severe. (Genesis 3:16-19 AMPC, TLB). Severe discipline is in the heart of God, (Proverbs 15:10 AMPC).

Worshippers of provision: “People have become worshippers of provision and not the Provider. The systems of the world are built upon the worship of provision. But I have always blessed those who worship Me first. I have always provided exceeding wealth to those who worship and fear Me first. I Am and will always be in this likeness. Separate yourself to Me, My people. Fear and worship Me and I will cause you to be fruitful and produce far beyond what your worship of provision could ever produce. As you worship and fear Me I will cause the fear of God to come upon man, and they will run to bring you their wealth and their business.”

Education and provision: My identity is not in education or in provision. We all know it. “So, I’m not saying that education is evil; I’m saying that if the purpose of education is for the pursuit of provision, then it is”.

Worship and fear God first: I worship and fear God in my home first. If I do this, my children will worship God within the systems of this world, and they will use their education and their skills to create wealth in the service of God and man. If they watch me going about worshipping provision, they will do what I do and will not have peace. The war will continue to rage inside them when they are young people, young adults, and ultimately into the rest of their lives. Our lives are not our own.

Worship: “If we will worship God as a family, as families in our home, God will multiply our provision and He will help us with our children. Hallelujah. If we will worship God as a family, He will multiply our business and multiply our productivity”.

Teenagers are not fighting God but they’re fighting the system: “Teenagers are not fighting God, they are fighting the system because they know their identity is not in the system”. “And they know that their identity is not in education, or competing, seeing how I compete or compare against others. So we were not designed to compete or to compare”.

Finding God: When I come to God, when I come to find Him, then in my finding Him, I find all my answers. Whether I’m a child, teenager, young adult, adult or an older person; all of my searching is found in Him. (Matthew 6:33 AMPC).

Pastor John and Pastor Sharon’s mandate: To prepare for God a people perfectly prepared in spirit, in heart. That is what all of the messages are doing; like Pastor Garth all of the light that I see is because of the light that is in these messages. It is so easy for me. I print the message, go through it, highlight the things that the Holy Spirit quickens to me and go through it as a family. Just depending on the ages of my children, would depend on how much you talk about it and to what level you talk about it. The Lord is after our hearts and these messages that Pastor John and Pastor Sharon are bringing us, they’re simple, they’re powerful, but they’re extraordinary and they’re designed to change my heart. I determine today that I will put my foot in the message. I will live among the seed. I will bury myself within the message. 

Quickest way to change my heart condition: The easiest and quickest way to change my heart condition is by praising and worshipping Him. God is after my praise, my worship, and my thanksgiving. The Scale of prayer and praise – The Lord said to Brother Hagin when the praise matches the prayer, we will see divine manifestations, and the manifestations of everything that we are praying for. It is time for my praise and my thanksgiving and my worship to match the prayer.

Guilty of worshipping provision: “And I want to encourage you as Mom’s and Dad’s that if you are guilty of worshipping provision and not the Provider, take it before your family and say, “I’m sorry. We have been doing this and from this day we turn around and we worship God. We worship the Provider and not the provision”.