Put Your Foot in the Sound, the Song and the Praise – Ps Christi Grobler (WTB)

Pastor John has shared in the past, “Get ready to change. We are all individually and corporately in a process that must progress, that must move forward.”

Heritage of Faith is a church where we choose to fear God first. When we hear the uncompromised Word of God, we choose to obey, and we choose to change (you can say we are a strict church). The average Christian does not think they must actually do anything with what they hear. The Bible says, “Be a doer of the word”. Be honest first. Do you want to hear the Word of God to obey it? Do you want to hear from the Lord to change? Do you want to walk by faith? 

In Luke 14:25-27, 29, 33 (NKJV) Jesus defines discipleship: bear your cross … and come.  If anyone comes to Jesus, they must leave all other attachments and commitments. To be taught by Jesus and to learn from Jesus you must make Him the most important Person in your life (you cannot have any emotional attachments to someone or something greater than your devotion to our Lord Jesus). A disciple is one who is teachable; willing to be trained in the Word of God and willing to be changed by the Word of God.

We are a House of Faith, a House of Prayer and a House of Praise.

If you know in your heart that you must still grow in these areas, then you must make a decision to come: come to learn, come to prayer connect, come to Bible School.

Not one of us has arrived, we are all lifelong learners.  

Things are waiting for you in this New Door that God has for you. Jesus is calling you. If you are not going to make this decision to come, nothing is going to change. When you refuse knowledge and revelation, you refuse to grow and to mature. God’s process that He has for you will not move forward if you reject knowledge.  

When we become unteachable, we are ignorant about the will of God in many areas of your lives.

Hosea 4:6 (AMPC)

  • Ignorance is equivalent to being naive and very foolish and will result in areas in your life starting to perish and being destroyed.
  • Ignorance is linked to disobedience, “If you are perishing because of a lack of knowledge, it is because you rejected knowledge”.  
  • Ignorance is no excuse and usually a result of a hard heart (because of an unwillingness to change).
  • Ignorance is easy to identify: you are dull, lazy, full of presumption, opinionated, procrastinating (putting things off and delaying doing things), you know it all, you are prideful, you are passive, you think you don’t have to change.

God is busy saving us. The Good News, the Gospel, is the power of God unto salvation. 

We will absolutely change and take what God has for us to go through this New Door. We put our foot in the message, because that is how God is leading us, step-by-step into the promised land. 

God is saying, “Now, as you put your foot in the message, I want you to put your foot in the song”.

God’s order: 

– God added music ministry to Pastor Sharon’s portfolio (holding her responsible for the spirituality of the music in this ministry – for the songs, the sounds, and the words).

–  God spoke a word over Pastor Garth. “By divine assign, I put a sound in this one. No explanation you need, only My Spirit, you heed. This sound must resound in the hearts of everyone”.

–  God gave us Isaiah 60. God is saying, “The time has come that I can give you a gift, the gold”. A person planted and being lawful has a different sound to another musician (who is out of order, not planted, not lawful).

–   God gave a word through Pastor John over the music ministry (link). 

We’re going to have victories now because we have the gold. God is giving us messages and the sounds to move us into the next thing He has for us. God wants, the message and the sounds that He is giving us, in our hearts and for it to come out of our mouths. “These throne-room-sounds will lead you from one point to the next, right through the New Door”.

It took the Israelites forty years moving into the promised land because a wrong sound was in them. If and how we release the sound that God is giving us now, will determine how quickly we will go from one point to the next. God is aligning us to win victories now. If you obey and you change, you will go quickly (from point to point, through the New Door, into the things of God). If you allow other sounds, there will be a delay and you will wonder between things because you don’t have what God is currently giving you.  

When it comes to songs, it is God’s will for it to be in the hearts of everyone. As we put our foot in the message, we now choose not to listen to other sounds, but to put our foot in this sound and to listen to the songs (that God has divinely put into Pastor Garth) and to praise God this way. We change to fit the legacy – it is an ongoing choice. The victories that God has for us now, will come from what we put in our spirit and what comes out of our mouths. If we put in a different sound or we continue to other sounds, a different sound will come out of our mouths.

The Bible has a lot to say about sound: 

2 Samuel 2:24 (NKJV); Jeremiah 51:16 (AMPC); 1 Samuel 4:6 (NKJV); 1 Kings 1:40 (NKJV).

God is always leading us forth with sound. When we pray in tongues, there is a sound laying tracks. When we hear the voice of God in the messengers, there is a sound-producing faith.  

What must split in our personal lives, in the nation, in our city, because of the right sound?

For the victory in 2 Chronicles 20:1-2,20-22 (NKJV) the people went out with Tehillah praises and God sent ambushes against their enemies.  

For God to be able to send ambushes, we have to begin to sing, this sound has to come out of us. Don’t stay ignorant, come to Prayer Connect, be obedient to Jesus, bring your supply of the Spirit. We must rule and reign, as the Ecclesia, with the messages, with the sounds, songs and praise coming from this pulpit. We are going to take it personally and corporately and we are going to split and open and destroy what the enemy wanted to do against this nation. We celebrate what God has already done, but now God is going to do the greater because He is giving us the gold. We are taking the land, victories like never before – with the messages, the sounds, song and praise coming in us and coming out of our mouths. If we are willing to change (according to the Word God is bringing us), God has everything for us.