Put Your Foot in the Message: Put Your Foot in the Sound, the Song & the Praise – Ps Christi Grobler (JHB)

Scripture references: Jude 1:20 (AMPC); Isaiah 55:11; Isaiah 60:17 (NKJV); John 14:30 (NKJV); 2 Samuel 5:24 (NKJV); 2 Chronicles 20:20-22 (NLT);

Everything we need is in the message: God is leading, teaching, training and mentoring us with every message. You will find every answer, every explanation, every example, any and everything that you need right now for your life, for your process to progress in the message. Now God said to me, “Christi, put your foot in the sound.”  After my conversation with Pastor John, “put your foot in the sound of music, praise and song”.

God is leading us: This is not a new kind of a doctrine. When God leads us a people, and we become closer to our Lord Jesus, our relationship with Him becomes more strategic. We need to be ready to change, individually and corporately. This is part of that change. In September 2019, Pastor Sharon received a Word from the Lord for Pastor Garth and the Lord said, “I want you to make it public”. God added chief psalmist to Pastor Sharon’s portfolio of new things in the ministry and He said;” I am holding you as the chief psalmist responsible for the spirituality of the music ministry, not the technicality of it.

Many did not hear: “The Lord showed me that many people in our congregation, that means Jo’burg and Witbank, that many did not hear what He had to say what is happening in the music ministry”.

Be blessed, not impressed: Pastor John has been believing for a long time that God would send skillful people to be part of our music ministry. But God gave this warning for all of us in Heritage of Faith;”It is easy for Me – God – to give you My best, but you as the congregation must pass the test and not be impressed, only be blessed”.  It’s our faith that reaches into the unseen realm to receive every good thing that God has for us.

A sound: The Lord added to Pastor Sharon’s portfolio: “I hold you personally responsible for the songs, the sounds and the words and now you must work very closely with Pastor Garth on new songs, sounds and words. It is your spiritual responsibility. The reason this is happening is I want these new sounds to come out now.” The Lord said to Pastor Garth; “By divine assign, I put a sound in this one, at this time. No explanation you need, only My Spirit you heed. This sound must resound in the hearts of everyone”. Thus says the Lord today.

This sound must resound: It’s time to occupy the land flowing with milk and honey. Now God says, “I’m redeeming everything, in all areas of your life.” He is redeeming our lives. Secondly, as Pastor Sharon ministered from Revelations, “Behold, I make all things new”. God is taking off our grave clothes, just like Lazarus. A gift in music is going to help us with that. If we’re going to enter and be in the presence of the Lord with the message, the sound, the words, and the songs. This is very strategic. God knows how to do it, so He give us the message and brings the sounds that must resound in our hearts.

Prophetic word: This word came from the Lord; “Pastor Garth, from your mother’s womb I have called you with the sound that will now come forth, and from this sound that will resound will come My new sound that I have placed in you from your mother’s womb with all other sound resound, (listen to this), for this legacy transfer and in this ancestry, this line divine says the Lord. Amen. This is very, very important for us to receive everything in our legacy transfer and very important to listen to these sounds and songs that are coming from Pastor Garth.

Putting it into context: It started first of all with Pastor John appointing Pastor Sharon as chief psalmist. After God did that, God instructed Pastor Sharon, to work with Pastor Garth. Because these sounds that God is giving Pastor Garth is God’s will that will be in our hearts now, every day. Very important for all of us.

Instruction from the Lord: God is teaching us like never before, how to take us right through the New Door. I understand today, everything that comes through Pastor John, by God’s leading, is for my life. The Lord said; “You do not make a move if Pastor John did not say it.” So I wait for Pastor John to minister, then I wait for Pastor Sharon to say concerning those things, fully knowing that these things are needed in my world and in my process to progress and it’s the same in yours. Hear God’s heart today, the closer you are in fellowship with the Lord, the more strategic the Lord will become and we have ears to hear.

All sounds enter: Isaiah 55 verse 11 says, “so will My word that goes out of My mouth, it will not return empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it”. He said to me, “From now on, Christi, I only want you to listen to this album – Walk In the Light.” “I don’t want you to listen to any other gospel music and I don’t want you to listen to any other secular music.” All sounds enter you, that is what sound does. So I immediately knew that God was giving me revelation.

Decide to give the Lord your obedience: So, people, this is not a doctrine this afternoon. We are in a place where God wants to take us somewhere and we must decide to give the Lord our obedience with a clean slate, full of His sounds, in the message and in song so that He can restore, redeem and take grave clothes off of us. I’m just going to give God the full opportunity to work in me, that’s all. I’m not saying you’re never going to listen to any other music again but we need to be sensitive to the words in songs. (E.g. Driving with someone in the car, I’m not going to switch their music off). Where I have a choice, I choose.

 Gold for bronze: God is leading us as a people into the promised land; every obedience we are giving God, we are growing. God is showing us much more. 17Instead of bronze I will bring gold, Instead of iron I will bring silver, Instead of wood, bronze, And instead of stones, iron (Isaiah 60:17 NKJV). All in for God: If we are planted, lawful and all in for God, putting our foot in the message and are fully submitted to God and our spiritual leaders; what do you think God can produce and bring forth through such a people? Gold, gold. Why do you think that God is after spiritual leaders like Pastor John and Sharon who will completely sell out to God? He does this so he can bring back gold into the church. So I fully understood why God is giving me this instruction not to listen to any other music because of what God wants to have in us. God will let you soar high above the world system. It’s not business as usual for us, it’s not music, as usual, it’s not life as normal. Everything is in this place where He has you.” When you have the mandate through God’s Word, Heaven is backing you.

Change: Yes, we’re going to see great change in this year, and get used to it. Get used to it and actually I want to say to all of you today, develop a stomach for change.

Story: Story of the woman that went to Jesus to get deliverance for her daughter. “Well, the dogs can eat the crumbs.” Have faith; when you’re in faith, you can pull miracles that only belong in the next dispensation; you can pull them right into your world here, where you are.

Change to fit legacy: Your gifting, your supply of the spirit around this assignment is so vitally important. I’m going to change to fit the legacy. And who does this? We do. I’m giving God my all. I want the grave clothes off. God has promised me like He promised you, He is redeeming everything in my life; I’m going for full restoration. I’m just believing God. And you know it’s happening while we worship, while we praise God and while you’re worshipping and praising Him in your car. It is happening when you give yourself, when you put your foot in the message, and you put your foot in the sound of music; song & praise.

Being planted: How we release and if we will release the sound that God is giving us now will determine how quickly we will go from one point to the next. If we align quickly and put our foot in the message and put our foot in this sound that is coming through Pastor Garth now, God will be able to move us from point to point through the New Door and into the things of God. If we allow other sounds, it will cause a delay and you will wander from one thing to the next. God does not want to withhold anything from us and everything is in this place where He has planted us.”

See Music prophesy 16  Dec 2018, Pastor John: (attached / website: Why must it (this prophesy) go to the city, and to the nations, if it’s not coming into your own heart?” But first of all, God has it – for it to go into your heart, for you to respond and to have this. This is a word I’m taking for myself; it’s a word actually that I’m praying. I’m not reading it and just glancing at it now and then. This word is shaping my life very, very profoundly. God always leads His armies forth, His people forth with sounds. Prophecies, the written word is all words; it’s sound. Melodies, chords, notes are very important to our Lord. The sound and the song of this music permeates (penetrates and sinks) in our own hearts first. So do you understand when you worship God with these songs and these words, He is going to take things and show you things about yourself and then you will not allow that old thing to go through the new door. When we sing it, when you are truly joyful, when you praise the Lord, Satan cannot keep your stuff. Really, some people, their praises are weak, really. If we find ourselves giving ourselves like this to God, I want to tell you, it’s going to change your finances, it’s going to change your soul and your emotion. God’s got it for us.

Time to occupy: So, I just want you to understand that this is for you personally. This is not just nice because you will sing a song and you will learn how to praise God. As much as my faith is working, as much as I’m hearing God in every message, and I go through those messages with a fine-tooth comb, just like Pastor Sharon says. If I miss anything there, I’m going to miss it. I needed to walk my process out. I need to hear the word of God, to proclaim it, to declare it in victory, to believe for things, to speak it into my environment. Pastor John has said that it’s time to occupy. When I choose to put that CD on and worship God, I’m occupying spaces and places. 2 Samuel 5:24, 24And it shall be, when you hear the sound, listen, a sound is important. When you hear the sound of the marching in the tops of the mulberry trees, the angels were ready to move, then you will advance quickly. For then the Lord will go out before you to strike the camp of the Philistines (2 Samuel 5:24 NKJV).  They waited 29 years for this particular victory. Many of us are waiting for very specific victories. It’s all in the message, and God is adding songs and praise. God is just simply giving us the gold.