Put Your Foot In The Message – Ps Christi Grobler (WTB)

Pastor John talked to us about abiding in Jesus. 

The Lord arrested me and showed me that many Heritage of Faith people are all over the place in their coming to the Lord and their abiding in the Lord (and are actually wandering away).

The Lord says, “I’ve sent you a messenger with a message: put your foot (one after the other) right there in that message that I am bringing you.”  

Many people are not experiencing what they are supposed to experience in their lives (breakthroughs, prosperity, harvests), because they do not pay attention to the function of God’s pattern. People planted must be in the message, but many are drifting, flowing from one Scripture and/or book to another, that they take for themselves (spiritually latching onto other things and not being in the messages).

We are all lifelong learners. We need to understand and must know where Bible School, other books and other Scriptures fit in (and it must come into the right order of your life). It is not where you put your foot with God (where He is leading you to what He has called you to) – it is part of your training for spiritual faith muscle building (2 Timothy 2:15 NKJV). Time spent learning and studying the Word of God should not replace your first time with the Lord, where He is leading you right now. You cannot confuse the two. When you are in the flow of the Holy Spirit, that He is giving Pastor John, you will grow. If you flow in your own spiritual surge, you will not grow.

This is a time to stabilise (and not to drift). God wants to bring you back to true north.

The pattern for New Testament believers is clear.  We are not to say, “We are in the Word” but rather, “I receive the message from the messenger. I’m in the messages of Pastor John, the messages that God is giving me”. 

 1 Thessalonians 1:6;  2 Timothy 4:15; James 1:22;  Thessalonians 2:13 (AMPC).

 Jesus said in Matthew 10:40, “I’m sending you My representatives if you receive them you receive Me. If you follow Me, you must follow and listen and imitate My representative that I’m sending to you, because it is My Word.” 

God has representatives right through the Bible (Moses, the Apostle Paul, all the Apostles). In Revelation God sends specific messengers to specific churches. We have a specific messenger to this church, God’s representative (in our day) – God’s gift to lead this church. As Moses was a representative speaking for God (Numbers 16:28 AMPC) so Pastor John is speaking today. Moses had the anointing to lead the people out of bondage into the Promised Land, Pastor John has the anointing (you do not have the anointing to lead yourself).  Pastor John is a vessel/instrument in God’s hand, anointed and called to lead, direct and bring all the detail to us (according to Ephesians 1:18) that we may come to know and see exactly what God is calling us to do.  

We welcome the messages that Ps John (as a representative of Jesus) brings to us as the Word of God (Acts 11:14 AMPC). All the detail for our lives (things that must be happening); all the answers are step-by-step in the message.

You are where your words are.

The spies that came back with a bad report, did not receive the message, they looked at the wrong places and said wrong things (Numbers 13:1-2 NKJV).

If you are not in the message: you will look at and see other things; you will speak other things; you will come back with a wrong report and it will not be in accordance with the message.

If you are in the message: you look at the message, you will see what the Lord sees and what He is showing you in the message and you will say what the message says.

The way we as a people must live with Pastor John is to say, like Caleb, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it” (Numbers 13:30 NKJV) –take it by faith, at once.

When you put your foot in the message – you are being shepherded by the message.

The only question is: Where will your intellect and your reason come against the message?

God says, “I’m giving you the land” – I’m healing your emotions, I’m healing all past failures.

Are you going to come back like Caleb to say, “At once, Lord”?

Or are you going to come back like the ten to say, “Lord, no”?

Jesus is here (because His representative is here).  

All 10 lepers received their healing, but one turned around and came back to Jesus to say, “Thank You” and was made whole (not only healed of the future effects but also healed of the past effects). Because we looked at the wrong places, God is now making us whole – removing filters, imprints and impressions. It is time to purge ourselves and to say, “Thank You, Jesus.”

Like Zacchaeus, you can make right where you’ve drifted and purge yourself (even if you have to pay four times). You can rectify where you have drifted and come back and put your foot in the message (Message Highlights are available on the website). 

It is the hour to advance: there are things right now that must happen in your life, in your business, in your children’s lives, in all areas of your life. Do not be all over the place with your abiding trying to find the answers. God spoke to his representative Pastor John. God already gave you the Word (through Pastor John – in his rank and with the anointing on him). Receive the message that Pastor John is bringing, obey the message, apply the message. 


I receive His light and darkness leaves my life. Filters will dissipate in my life and God is reconstructing my life – old things are dematerialising.  

I now understand that I live in the function of Your pattern.: to know that You gave gifts, this magnificent Apostle, who will not take for himself, Lord. I come today and I turn around immediately to say, “Thank You, Father”. I’m putting my foot in the message and now I hear what You are saying to me. My past failures and past problems do not matter, You are making me whole.