Progression For Cooperation Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

There are signs of things that are coming to a close, more than anything we have observed before. We are hurtling toward a confrontation or a conflict between light and dark, good and evil, God/not God. Climate, money, power, and sexual perverseness are all gods, religions and idol worship. The human experience is becoming more isolated and degraded.  What is to be done? The church must show what it is and needs to stand up and reveal itself as the body that has the answer. We have to be willing to go there.

What does it mean for us to go to The Maximum? The measure and measurement. 

You’ve got to get through the uncomfortable zone to get to the highest level attainable, so you can go to the Maximum.  We all must make a choice to go to the Maximum and choose the responsibility of what it takes to get there. We must really get hold of our mindset of value-based thinking (calculating cost and value) preventing thinking Maximum. If you allow circumstances or other people’s opinions to dictate your Maximum you will never go past it. You cannot allow that to determine whether you press for it or not.

Pastor John shared that the maximum, highest level attainable for his commercial airline travels would be to fly first class.  This should open conversations about what you should press for, sow into, and exercise your faith for. If you don’t reach for the Maximum, you won’t ever get there. 

Romans 12:3 (NKJV)

God has given all of us the same measure of faith. The same faith used to get born again can be used to stretch for more things. What will we do with the measure of faith God gave us?

Hebrews 11:8-9 (NKJV)

As a ministry, we are busy creating a whole new foreign country that we are occupying, doing all manner of things in ways we have never done before. We don’t exactly know where we are going, but we must obey to go there, by faith and in faith. We will press in, press up and go higher to the maximum together.

Romans 4:14-25 (NKJV; MSG);

God must call somebody. Why not us? If there is a people willing to obey and give themselves fully to God, isn’t it us? We are candidates for God to show new things, and new spaces, requiring us to leave old ways and go into a new way, even if we don’t know where we are going yet. This is contrary to our logic; therefore, it is by faith. Our biggest challenge is unbelief. God is waiting for us to obey.

If we are not showing the young generation how to build relationships, live in faith and pursue assignments for their lives, they will be lost to social media and being controlled by all things digital. We stand right now required by God to go into a new land to show the way, otherwise younger generation people are not going to make it. This is our turn, together, to be a father (a source) of faith, of relationship, and showing the future.  Young people, if you look at older people and say they’ve got to live like saints to follow them, you are going to miss the boat, because none of us are perfect. Older people got to let the young people put their hands on their eyes so that they can see.

Speak the maximum. If we don’t speak it, it will never come. That is how faith works, you first name what you are going for then it becomes what you say it is going to be. How do you make something out of nothing? Speak to your job, income, opportunities, relationships, and business. In different areas, speak to it, command it to be. The harvest is there for you to get it. Speak it into being.

When God says, “go”, just like Abraham you must leave your comfort zone, leave everybody behind, all your business networks, and people who sustained you, and go to a place where you don’t know where you’re going. You’ve got to have the boldness, the courage, the obedience.

Say, I’m burning my bridges; I am going there. The way to get where God has for me is to leave where I have been behind me. I do not focus on my inability. I focus on God’s ability. I do not ask cautiously skeptical questions about its value. I trust God and He will make me right. He will keep us heading in the promised land direction. He will do it. I am not limiting God. God is capable of addressing all areas of my life at once. He is not a sequential God. He is a parallel God. Parallel Maximum – I’m going for the highest level attainable. God is going to make it all happen all at once.

Mark 4:13-33 (NKJV; MSG; TPT)

You must hear with your spirit man and spiritual ears. Let the  Word of the Lord coming to us this year challenge you where you are at. Evaluate whether you are comfortable with your faith. If you don’t think Maximum, you are not going to go Maximum. If you succumb to skeptical questioning, you will never exercise your faith to get to that next level and you will get stuck in your comfort zone. Give yourself to what you are hearing, because the more you give it, the more is going to be given to you. Be ready for what God has next.

Faith is like a mustard seed: there is a greater harvest if you will be patient and let something grow and grow into a self-perpetuating productivity value in your life.

Faith is like a rocket: you burn an immense amount of energy taking off, but when you move into the space realm of God, very little energy and fuel are needed to keep orbiting. 

We are going to burn a little fuel going to the maximum, but it is worth it.

Mark 4:13-17, 20 MSG, TPT

The Word of God is greater than your dreams.  The power of the Word is the seed in your heart, but it is your heart speaking it or preventing it. We’ve got to keep the soil of our hearts clean and keep on saying what God says. We have to assign priority to the Word and God’s will, rather than what the distraction of this world is bringing to us.

God has got a whole new everything for us; the Maximum; the highest level attainable.

We’ve got to go there personally and corporately. With the measure that we hear is what we will be measured back to. We’ve got to be progressing in our cooperation with God. This is not a static relationship of faith. It is a progression. It is a moving dynamic living relationship of faith that we must keep working with. There is never any comfort in faith. The comfort is in the Word; that the Word works.