Preparation for 2020 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Pastor Sharon:

I would like to say thank you to all who were praying for us. We were spiritually very aware that we were being carried on the wings of prayer. 

Philippians 1:19 (AMPC) are Pastor John and I’s words to you today.

These churches in this hour that are teaching and training their people to pray. Those are the churches where the explosion and the Shekinah Glory of God will be manifest first. (Prophecy by Kenneth Copeland in 2009). 

It is of such significance that Pastor John and I’s first international mission’s trip (to minister internationally together) was to establish Corporate Prayer. The Lord said to me, “Because you have come and your church has sent you and sowed this seed of Corporate Prayer, in obedience to My Spirit, you can expect a harvest of increase and intensified prayer in your own churches”. You will find that even your personal prayer time is going to take on new dimensions, because of your willingness to be part of Corporate Prayer and to be praying for us. 

God says, “Thank you” and Pastor John and I say, “Thank you.”

God is giving us more and more revelation of the spiritual qualities that will qualify us for the manifest presence of God when we assemble together. It’s got everything to do with who we are. We will become what we reverence. God is waiting for us. We are going to become more, as we go through the New Open Door in 2020. The primary supernatural increase through the New Open Door, that I desire – is an increase of His manifest presence when we assemble together.

Pastor John:

Because you prayed for us and you sent us, we all share in the glory of what God is doing.

God does not need everybody in the church, to be high-level disciples. If there are some people, that will be dedicated disciples, then they can represent all of what Jesus intended for all of the church on the earth. Our calling and what God has assigned us to do is about how much power is released in the church for you to change. The essence of the calling is for us to bring Jesus, that is so real to us, to you. To live a life in Christ Jesus, that is so real, that no one could ever lie to you, that it’s not real because He has proved Himself real.  If you experience Jesus, then He’s not a thought pattern, a philosophy, an ideology or something you occasionally do; He is a relationship that you live with daily, not because you have to, but because He is so real that you want to. There is no one else in the universe that is more interested in having the most real, most powerful, most authentic relationship with you, than Jesus. 

There is a war being waged, every second of every human existence, the war of:  wills, words and worship. God wants you to will to do His will. The essence of choice is to not resist, but to allow to be impacted by Jesus and for you to decide for yourself. Others may impact and create filters in you to look at Jesus the way that they have experienced Jesus, but none of those things represent Jesus, it’s not who Jesus is.  You’ve got to be willing and want to have Him as part of who you are, then you will encounter who He really is – the most trustworthy Being in the universe. The whole war is to get your will, to listen to the enemy’s will and not to God’s will. This war is most often demonstrated in the war of words. Words count. Words and what you speak are a reflection of your heart  and what you really believe. Your words reflect your worship.

Romans 8:14-17, 22 (NKJV); Romans 8:5-21, 26-28 (MSG)

We identify that we are the ones that sent Jesus to die and now we identify with Him glorified to sit at the Father’s right hand too. 

You should wake up every day and you should say, “I am a son of God.” Say that many times every day to remind your own spirit that what is happening in the world around you, is not who you are. Jesus is your Champion, it doesn’t matter what you feel like, what is happening to you, around you, you are still a Christ champion.  This Christian walk that we live, is the most real thing that you can ever do.  By declaring “I am a child of God” you are not ignoring God, you are giving yourself an ability, the option of living a spacious free life. Your will is always in a struggle between your limitation and a limitless life of God. We are all in this struggle together.

Ephesians 6:10-13 (NKJV)

An impeachment process is a process of legal intent. The devil will always try and use a legal issue against you. Jesus came and paid every legal price there was to pay, so you can have a relationship based on His legal status. There is never a contest, your legal status is: I am a son of God. He who controls the language controls the culture. The enemy wants you to change your language. He can’t impeach you on anything, but he’s going to try and get words to come out of your mouth that will undermine your credentials. If you speak words that gives him right, then he can use that against you (in you).  It’s your next words that you choose that rules you. 

Son of a billionaire driving a BMW/Bentley example: What a son of God can do, is very different to what a Christian (who doesn’t know that he is a son of God) can do. Fatherhood always comes with making sure that the son knows how to behave as a son. A son can make a pull on his inheritance. A son can make a demand on the Father, show responsibility to the Father and qualify for more. If you choose to live by your past, and not by what your Father says, you’re going to only have what you think about Him, whereas you can have what He says.

Having done all, to stand. How do we stand? (1 Timothy 1:18-19 NKJV, MSG, NLT, TPT)

You make shipwreck of your faith and your conscience when you are given the Word of God, you are given prophecies and you reject it as not being Words from God, and you don’t speak those words, you speak words that you want to speak (to say, I hear what God says but I refuse to accept it and I want to live for myself anyway). This battle we are fighting is not a battle against sin, sickness, poverty, or against anything Jesus has already fought and won. The war we fight is the fight of faith; the war of our words (that reflect our worship).  

Our life is not about what church looks like, our life is about who we are with Jesus.  I am a fairly mature spirit being, but as good as I am, I will let you down, because I am still human. You can’t judge my Jesus by my actions. My actions do not give you an excuse to walk away from your walk with Jesus (Who is true, faithful and perfect – the best God in the universe).  

We know how to get ourselves ready and how to prepare and now it is time to pick up our training.  When we want to extract the best out of a spiritual gift like Brother Jerry, then we got to be ready for him. You’ve got to come more often between now and when Brother Jerry comes. We’re going to increase our capacity together. 

There are some very exciting things coming our way next year. Increase your faith in the 2019 and 2020 prophetic words. Use it as a weapon in your faith.  We serve an awesome God. If we keep our words, that show that we worship Him, then we win the war every time. Take care of all impeachment proceedings against you as a believer, right now and say, Jesus forgive me for any emotions, any lifestyle patterns, any words that might make me feel that I am not a child of God. Forgive me, Jesus. Right now, I declare that I am a son of God, I am a joint heir with Jesus, so bring all my good stuff, in Jesus name. I have an expectation of marvels and wonders and new doors, in Jesus Name, Amen.