Preparation for 2020 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Revelation 8:3-5, 8 (AMPC); Romans 8:14-17 (NKJV); Romans 8:5-19 (MSG); Ephesians 6:10-13 (NKJV) 

Powerful prayers: Our prayers are so powerful because of our faith in our prayers. If there is no believing then there’ll be no answer or receiving. Without faith in answered prayer, it is impossible to please God. We have faith by believing what God’s Word says about prayer that we have the petition that we have asked of Him. God hears and answers prayer. Faith comes to our hearts by hearing what the Word says about prayer. 

Pastor Sharon: Expectations in prayer: I’m one of those who prayed in faith for Pastor John and Pastor Sharon while they were in America, and my expectancy is high. Like Pastor Sharon said, I expect a harvest of prayer that will increase and intensify at Prayer Connect groups and in my very personal prayer time with God. I expect an increase and an intensifying in my prayer life, a wonder and a glory because of the seed sown in obedience to God. 

This is who we are: We are house of prayer, a household of faith, a house of praise and we are a spiritual house in Jesus Name. We are getting more radical and more spiritual. Our spirituality is intensifying because we’ve sown seed and God is multiplying things for us.

Prophesies – instructions: “We do not surf the web for prophecies. We take the prophecies from the people that we’re divinely connected to, that’s God’s divine order, that’s how God keeps things simple for us so that we’re not on information, Google, Facebook overload. We eat at our house.” I eat in my own house. Proverbs says, “it’s a loose woman whose feet cannot stay in her own house.” I am not loose; my feet stay in my house where I am planted, that’s where I eat.

Prophecy by Kenneth Copeland: “The prayer, the prayer, the prayer. The prayer that has gone forth, the prayer that is going forth that’s where the power release is, that’s where the trigger is. You release them in your church and thus says the Lord your God; In this hour these churches that are teaching and training people to pray, those are the churches where the explosion and the Shekinah Glory of God will be manifest first.” “Praying churches will walk in it first and they’ll say, “my, my, revival broke out over there”. No, answered prayer broke out over there. And people will come into that atmosphere and they will come into houses of worship where the glory of God is residing.” People will run in where the glory of God is residing and hanging heavy and they’ll say, “Clean, clean, clean. Oh, to be clean. Oh, to be clean.” (The manifest presence of God can do things that nothing else can). “And they’ll say, to be clean, to be clean. And My Blood will cleanse them from the top of their heads to the souls of their feet and My Word will take root on the inside of them”. And this church I declare is headed up for a Holy Ghost move.

My press: Like Pastor Sharon, my top priority, primary thirst, quest and hunger in my personal life and corporate life is the increase of the manifest presence of God and for that I will let Him work in me. God doesn’t have to have everybody, just a critical mass, enough of us that are totally sold out to Him to manifest Himself.

House is for the Lord: This is what Pastor John and Pastor Sharon are about – to have God’s glory. They are just like David, to say, “The house is for the Lord and not for man.” When the house is for the Lord then the Lord is for man. 

Pastor John: Brother Jerry – February 2020: “Brother Jerry is going to be here early February. It doesn’t give us much time. There is a possibility that he may come back a second time next year and in different circumstances and there’s a possibility that many other things might happen.” 

Demand on all of Brother Jerry’s gifts and callings: Most of you are aware that we have placed a demand when Brother Jerry has come here. We didn’t just want to have a demand on his teaching gift; we wanted to place a demand on all of what gifts and callings God has placed in him.

Preparation before Brother Jerry comes: “We’ve got some work to do to prepare ourselves before he comes in a very short space of time. Right? And there’s Christmas holidays in between. So Christmas holidays are going to look different this year; instead of eating yourself stukkend, you’re going to get on the treadmill, spiritually speaking. It won’t be bad for you to do that physically either but you know, what harm could it do you to skip a Christmas without eating? Could it do you any harm? Could it do you any good? How awesome would it be to get through Christmas and New Year and not put on even one hundred grams of weight? It could be quite awesome hey?” “We will be letting you know of some prayer meetings, some special services that we are going to call between now and holiday time and we are going to call early in the new year because we’ve got to be ready and prepared for the visit of our spiritual leader and our father in the faith, so we can get the maximum benefit of it.” 

Moral of the Champions story: We are the champions. Twenty-five people played the game but yet we all feel like champions. That’s what happened with Jesus.

Jesus my Champion: Jesus became my champion. I didn’t even have to play the game or do what he did, He won all the victories for me and all I’ve got to do is say, “He’s the champion, therefore I’m a champion.” I don’t have to fight the fight that He fought. I don’t have to have the battles that He battled. He took it all on Himself and He became my champion. I just bask in the glory of my Champion, Jesus.

Not all went with to America – “Not all of you were able to go with us to America, but what God has done for us and with us and through us in America, we were the players on the field but you are a nation of champions because you sent us.” “Here’s the good news, the good news is that when we went, we represented you”.

Making God Famous: “The fact that we have built a house of prayer here is making God famous through you in the world. And so I say thank you, thank you for sending us, thank you for giving us the honour of playing on the team. Hallelujah. Because when we were playing you were there shouting for us, you were praying for us. And we could not have done it without of ya’ll. Hallelujah.” 

War of Wills: (Romans 8:14-17 NKJV), Everything that I am on the earth is because there is a war of wills and my will is demonstrated through my words and my words reflect my worship.

This passage is about our lives: (Romans 8:5 MSG), Christ lives in me, I’m a born-again Christ oriented person. I actually have to exercise my will, as a choice, to go against what God’s calling and pulling me to do in my spirit. As a born-again Christian, the Christ instinct, the divine nature of Christ is in me, and it instinctively wants to reach out to become like Christ. Instinctively everything inside of me is calling to be and do what Jesus wants me to do. In myself I have become like Christ. (Romans 8:6-8 MSG), God can never be pleased at being ignored. (Romans 8:9 MSG) The world doesn’t understand when I talk about my life that I’m totally committed to things of God. They can’t even begin to comprehend or understand me because they don’t have that nature in them. (It’s like a buck trying to identify with a leopard).

Limitless life: (Romans 8:10 MSG), My body wants to limit my life, to its nature, but I don’t have to limit my whole life to what my body dictates I can do. My whole life should be dictated to the Christ that is in me, which has a limitless life. If I think I’m living in the freedom of my choice, I’m not; I’m living in the freedom of my limitations. 

Delivered from dead life: (Romans 8:11-12 MSG). What dead life? My body telling me, “Do whatever you want, whatever pleases you, whatever makes you feel pleasurable to you…” This body will lead me to death. (Example – alcohol, nicotine / sugar addiction). I do not have to be confined to the limitations of this dead body. My spirit man where Jesus Christ lives, the power of God is working in me to deliver my whole life, free from what this body tells me to do. I tell my body to shut up and quit running my life. I get on with living this free, beautiful, amazing life that God has got for me.

I’ve got an assignment: Like Pastor John, It doesn’t matter what my circumstances may seem like, there is no way that I’m significant in anything that I am doing in what I plan for myself. God has an assignment for me. I am not born on this earth to do what I want to do. I’m born into this earth because God has got an assignment for me. No matter how hopeless, stupid or ridiculous it may seem. I do not have an assignment for myself, just doing what I plan and think is best for me. I need to find out from God, what His assignment is because when His assignment comes to pass through me, all of what He is, is available to me. There is no resource that He can withhold and will withhold if that comes to pass. (Romans 8:15-18 MSG). 

I must stand: (Ephesian 6:10-13 NKJV). I must stand. It means I take my will and I say, “I submit my will and the words that come out of my mouth, to be His words for my life, and then my words will reflect my worship”.

Prophetic Word 2020: Brother Jerry said, “2019 is a year of marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God such that has never been seen before in the earth.” “I heard the Holy Spirit say about 2020. “Don’t stop believing this just because 2019 comes to an end. The Lord impressed upon me to tell the people, add ‘and beyond’ 2019. “Marvels are things that cause one to be amazed or filled with overwhelming surprise. Wonders are unusual and often even strange things that arrest the attention through their grandeur and magnificence. Extraordinary manifestations are rare, uncommon things beyond the common order or method.” “In 2020 I will open a new door and I will cause my faithful ones to experience supernatural increase like never before. Experiencing super natural increase is like this; it’s God, it’s beyond anything I can think of; it’s beyond anything I can do; it’s not like anything I have ever experienced before”.

New door: “A new door means you got to cross a threshold. Right?” “So you don’t have a door for no reason that you can walk around the door on either side” “I mean the reason there’s a door is so that you’ve got to cross the threshold into something new. So there’s a barrier and there’s a door but the door gets you through the barrier”. “So there’s a new door that God’s opening for us in 2020. And we are going to experience supernatural increase that is beyond anything we can think of. But it’s for the faithful ones.” 

Declaration – Child of God / Son of God: I’m a child of God, I’m a son of God, Jesus is living inside of me, I have the inheritance of everything that God has given me in the universe. My assignment is to behave, speak, use words, be in meetings and do things that Father God wants me to do and represent Him. I’m going to do what Father God wants. That means I carry the inheritance of eternity with me. I’m taking care of business and impeachment proceedings against me right now. I say, “I am a son of God and I declare right now, in the name of Jesus, that all my past, my words, my habits, my behaviours, everything that I have done that is against the will of the Father, I confess it to You now, Lord. I ask You to forgive me for it and I repent from it. And from this day, I’m going to walk as a son, in Jesus Name”. I am a true son of God. When the devil comes to me, I just say, “I took care of that accusation, that legal case you’ve got against me, I took care of that yesterday.” I wake up in the morning every day and say many times a day that, “I’m a son of God.” When I say I’m a son of God, I’m making a declaration that my day is about God and not about me. I have an inheritance. Eventually God is going to use those words and He’s going to get that spirit of Christ in me to burst out of my dead nature that is holding me down and burst me into my assignment and into my future.