Preparation, Celebration, Separation For Integration – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

How much does God have to show/prove Himself, in your human natural world, that He is real, and that He is God, for you to believe that He is God? 

People oftentimes want a Thomas experience with God. The same Thomas that spent three and a half years with Jesus said, “I won’t believe it, till I can touch Him”. Thomas’ faith was only there when he could touch Jesus. When Jesus’ presence was gone, Thomas’ natural mind kicked in. We have this on-going thing in our lives, where we subconsciously want God to prove Himself to us constantly before we believe Him. Where is that line, for you? It is not something that you conquer once and for all. You can prepare yourself for it with an expectation of your heart (a heart that is always looking for the God result, rather than the human result). 

Ultimately what you’re going to be accountable for in your eternal life, is how you chose to release your energy. Timetables and circumstances become opportunities to release energy that can become valuable. 2020 is an opportunity to release energy into things that God has spoken and you can release energy into our togetherness, that can make God great. 

If you believe that God is real you have to believe that there is a bad (Ephesians 6:10-13 NKJV).

Our fight is not with natural people, our fight is against all of the forces that are causing us as humans to respond in a way that want to make us fight with each other. You cannot afford to see your fight with people(your spouse), you have got to see your fight with a spiritual force that’s trying to destabilize you. You fighting (your partner) is all the system of the powers of darkness that have entered into your relationships through your emotions, desires and thinking without you even knowing it. The way that you keep a spiritual force out of your relationships is to do what God says (for instance – don’t allow strife in your marriage).  Use the armour of God to stand against these very tricky things that the devil brings into our lives.  If the enemy can get you to change what you are saying, to be in line with what you are thinking and feeling and believing, then those words become very powerful in the way they direct your future. 

When we go into 2020 don’t allow those old habits that have been hanging around you – don’t let them go with you, shake them off, leave them behind. 

You have got to start somewhere – you might as well start now.

18 I charge you according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you wage the good warfare, having faith and a good conscience (1 Timothy 1:18 NKJV). 

When you let yourself down, your conscience begins to tell you that you have to believe your history rather than the Word of God. When you believe in yourself more than the Word of God, you wreck your conscience, because you determine that your conscience is related to your everyday results. You make your faith a shipwreck, when you decide to walk away from God and the things of. You don’t have to live by performance, you have to live in the love of God. It’s a fight of faith; it is not a fight against doing right or wrong (1 Timothy 1:18-19 NKJV, NL, MSG). 

I use my son Brynn as the famous example because this is truly how faith works. He would light up a cigarette and say, “I’m free of this nicotine, in Jesus Name.” The fact is that he was still a smoker; the truth is that God set him free.  You have got to move from fact to truth – counting on the truth to change the facts. The Word of God is more powerful than your conscience, and even though you’re not free of something yet, you can still live in truth. You got to apply the truth to be free of certain facts. God is not asking you to live up to a standard, He says, “Let My power work in you”.   

What does the Lord say about 2020?    

It is the year of supernatural increase, because God is opening new doors. 

Supernatural increase is not just about money, it is about supernatural increase in every area of your life. God said it, this is the moment, now is the time, don’t wait – press for it now!   There’s special ability and power available to get this done in your life. The written word is how to live your life successfully (do what the Bible says). The spoken, interpreted will of God is when God comes with His prophetic words, for you to take the extra word and to do what it says, and you will see how powerful it is.

Isaiah 59:19 (NKJV) is the standard that God has brought in against the enemy. Money is coming back to this city and He is going to use the church to bring it back. You can believe that or you can allow yourself to live in this natural world like Thomas and say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Or you can say, “I’m an instrument of God to bring about the supernatural increase, so that this whole economy begins to thrive because I’m thriving in it. I don’t live my life by recessions or by economic booms, I live my life by the Word of God. I’m not going to let the forces of this world come and derail what God spoke to me. I have a Word from Him and I’m going to live by that Word. I’m going to stand by that Word. That Word is the thing that’s going to take my future.” 

This is your time to live by your faith. Isaac received a hundredfold return on the seed that he sowed in the time of drought. He wasn’t living by what his eyes could see, he was living by what God said to him. Every time you live by what God says to you, you’re the one who’s going to get wealthy, while the other people are going to get poorer.

Read Isaiah 58:13 (MSG) in the context of looking at Sabbath as every day. Wake up in the morning and don’t say what you feel, speak what His truth is. Then every day becomes a holy day for you and you’ll be free to enjoy God in everything that you do in your life.

Say, “Every day is my day in God – my holy day. Every day is my joy day, my glory day, my rejoicing day, my celebration day. This is my day and  I’m going to give my day to God. 

Lord, where is my new door today? Where’s my supernatural increase coming from? My eyes are wide open. It’s not business as usual. I receive ideas. I receive new revelations and concepts and all kinds of new things that are coming into my head that no one else can get, because I’m a new day, new door, celebration, joy person. I’m a son of God and because I’m a son of God, I don’t have to walk by facts, I walk by truth. The truth is: I am free! In Jesus’ name. The truth is: I can praise Him no matter what and I’m going to just praise Him”.

Keep saying it until you begin to believe it.  It’s time for you to get away from your lip and begin to praise Him. If you do that for 30 seconds every hour watch your life change.  

How real does God have to be to you for you to believe in this? Are you going to be a doubting Thomas that says, “I’ll believe it when I see it” or are you going to be someone that says, “I’ve seen Jesus and He’s alive in my world today!”