Preparation, Celebration, Separation For Integration Part 9 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

I’m going to get you up to date. I want you to know where we come from and who we are. 

This is the legacy that we come from.  We stand on the shoulders of giants: Smith Wigglesworth;  John G. Lake; Oral Roberts; Kenneth E. Hagin;  Kenneth Copeland;  Jerry Savelle; John Bendixen.

I have a pedigree. I have a family tree. If you don’t have one, come with me. 

Our journey

– 2010 The Time of God Prophecy; will always be a marker for our church. A shift happened. 

– 2011 Our Exodus has begun   

– 2012 More and more this new season will bring for the God of Glory doing a new thing.

– 2014, Pastor John went to Brother Jerry with representatives from this church. Things were said

      and things were done and things were sealed in the Spirit 

– 2015, Manifestations, Demonstrations, Visitations.  Identity Change with execution 4X4X40.

Pastor John separated himself and we began to pray earnestly for Brother Jerry.

– 2016,  we prepared for Brother Jerry to come.  He cancelled and we took the Irrational Honour

Seed to Brother Jerry. The enemy threatened to take his life at that time, but he could not.

– 2017, The Faithful will Flourish.  Brother Jerry came in March for three days, and the Lord told

  him to come back, the next year and stay till He tells him to go.  The Lord speaks clearly to us

  about Legacy Transfer after that.

– 2018, Holy Weave, Brother Jerry came in February and bought us – a Bag of Seeds; Glory Book.

– 2019 Show me Your Glory, Marvels and Wonders and Extraordinary Manifestations.

– 2020, and Beyond and a New Open Door and Supernatural Increase.

Your confidence before God: Hebrews 10:19-23 (TPT) is your confidence. You are His child because of the precious Blood; you can boldly come through the New Door into the supernatural increase.  This whole journey is very personal, but it is also very corporate.

God will show you personally, specified new things (Isaiah 48:6 AMPC).  He doesn’t want us all over the place (Proverbs 29:18 AMPC, TPT, MSG, NLT).   We have God’s redemptive vision, we don’t have to run wild.  We always know where we are going, because He is always showing. 

God is helping us in 2020 with Project Strike, Project Conditioning and Project Celebration.

Give your Point of Contact Seed and start to ask God about your Projects.

It is going to involve strike.  (2 Kings 13:14-19 AMPC)

We are going to take forcibly victories for ourselves; we are not a people who quit, we stand until we get the full victory. That’s who we are. Our mouth is our instrument (a  two-edged sword). 

It is declared, it is prayer and we are going to rejoice and celebrate.

Restoration. The Lord said, “It is all inclusive, it is for all that has ears to hear.  I will make all things new.  I hate robbery and wrong with violence.” (Isaiah 61:8 AMPC). God is a God of restoration and recompense. He is saying, “I want to restore it, if you’ll take Me at My Word. I will compensate your years, I will replace for you the years, I will make up for the losses, I will repay.  I will faithfully give you your  recompense”  (Joel 2:23-26 AMPC; Isaiah 42:22 AMPC).

Why us, why now? “I choose you now for this, all of you, you must believe and move confidently, personally and corporately. This takes great humility to believe, this is your little child response to Me”. This is not your intellect fighting God about this.

Pastor Sharon’s personal testimony: 2008 The Lord said to me, “Restoration. You are going to strike the ground for restoration and recompense. Loose Me, give Me an assignment. Don’t limit Me by not doing this. I will be your legal representative in this case, I will pass judgement and sentence, I will get damages and I will see to it that you get overflowing compensation. Satan is a thief, he has been led off too likely. According to scripture, make him pay back, seven times and he shall give all of the substance of his house”.

The Lord told me, “Write down everything that has been stolen from you”. I wrote down: everything spiritual,  everything mental,  relational,  emotional,  intellectual, financial,  physical, creative, productive, resourceful, entrepreneurial, maturity, productivity, our ministry, progress we were supposed to make, spiritual, growth we were supposed to experience, people he has stolen, things he has delayed, prayers that should have been prayed, presence that we should have enjoyed of God.

The Lord said, “You tell them, to say, Restore”.

Get the spirit of strike and strike with your faith, and strike with the Word of God. Keep at it until you get the complete victory. Don’t get weary in well doing.

Different categories of people.  Those of you who have recently joined us, in order to mature: be faithful, be planted, be teachable. We have the Discipleship Course then we have Bible School. Come to church, keep your foot in the messages, come to Corporate Prayer. This redemptive revelation is for you. You qualify if you are born again.

To those who have been with us since 2010, the Lord says, “Many of you have done so well, you have chosen well”. Some of you have not integrated into the ways of God here and you haven’t done much to develop spiritually, you haven’t done what even a newborn baby should do (1 Peter 2:2 AMPC; 1 Corinthians 3:2). Some were casual, you didn’t come.  You are not making real spiritual progress. A big question for you: When Brother Jerry comes now, why is this time going to be different for you? Some didn’t do 4X4X40, why will you now do this Project Strike, Conditioning and Celebration? Whatever your last reason or excuse or justification was to not do it, then will that not be the same reason why you will not do it this time?  That’s familiarity. Don’t be a fool. (Brynn shared his testimony).

If you are one of those and asking, What must I do? (Acts 2:37 TPT, WENT).

You can continue to harden your heart, justify all your choices to yourself, be prideful or think I’m not worthy. Or you can say, “Father, I acknowledge that I’m one of these familiar and casual about You in what You say. Lord, have mercy on me, forgive me. Holy Spirit, I let Your help work in my heart. You are my Helper. I turn around today, I change my inner man to do Your will right now.” (Luke 18:13 AMP). 

Final exhortation:  God will use this human vessel to touch your life, this time as you humble yourself as a little child. He longs to touch each and every one.  Please don’t let familiarity be found in your heart.   Say, “I’m cooperating with You Holy Spirit, I’m not sitting here with my intellect stonewalling, I want You to be able to do mighty works here”.

When the Holy Spirit moves to touch people with power, don’t make a soul pull for yourself. Just be like a little child and then every moment will be your moment and our moment together. Don’t miss your encounter with God right where you are. The Holy Spirit knows how to let power flow to everyone all the time as we touch the hem of His garment. After all He lives in each of us. Let us tap the flow of God together. Let’s flow in song and sound together. Let’s rejoice in the Spirit. Let’s worship in Spirit. Let’s flow in how the Lord directs, through Brother Jerry together. Let Him move us with every word in these hearts of ours. Enjoy God.