Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration Part 9 – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

When I sing from my heart to God, He just loves that. I let my spirit sing. It’s so precious, so personal, so intimate. I love You, Lord.

I tap that fourth-dimensional thing, He has given me my heavenly language – fourth dimensional. God is a fourth dimensional God, He is a Spirit and that’s why I can only contact Him, spiritually. I can’t contact Him with my intellect. I have to reach for Him with my spirit. When I speak the Word of God, that’s fourth dimensional – all of His Scriptures, all of His words are fourth dimensional.

Smith Wigglesworth, John G Lake, Oral Roberts, Kenneth E Hagin are my legacy. I have them. They are my spiritual fathers. They have gone to heaven. They are very much alive in heaven. They are very much a part of the great cloud of witnesses watching us as we run our spiritual race. 

The seed that Pastor John’s father, Reg Bendixen, gave half of his inheritance to Oral Roberts at a crusade; at a healing crusade and that seed still speaks today. It is why Bendixens are part of that legacy, is because he sowed a seed that still speaks today and I am here because that seed still speaks today.

Kenneth Copeland, Dr Jerry Savelle, Ps John are my spiritual fathers.

Pastor John is in the legacy, in the Heritage of Faith – and then me with Pastor John. I have a family, I have a pedigree, I have a family tree, if you don’t have one, come with me. I have it, I honour it. I have a deep reverence and an honour and a gratitude to God that I have this in my legacy.

God said in 2010 It’s a time of God church. It’s the time that He has orchestrated – for His power and His glory to come and to be seen upon the earth.

2011 – Our exodus has begun. We are leaving hostile circumstances and unfavourable conditions. We are going in together. We are more together now than we’ve ever been before.

2013 More and more this new season will bring for the God of Glory is doing a new thing.

2014 – Pastor John went to Brother Jerry with representatives. It was a personal meeting between Pastor John and Brother Jerry. Things were said, things were settled and things were sealed in the Spirit.

2015 – Manifestations, demonstrations and visitations. The Lord gives Pastor John a prophetic word about identity change and execution – 4x4x40.

2016 – Irrational honour. Dr Jerry’s words to Ps John: “Now when I come, you tell them. You tell them that the realm of the miraculous is opened unto them and they are like the Shunammite woman. And when I come there.”

2017 – The faithful will flourish and legacy transfer.

2018 February – Bag of seeds. “I trust You, Lord. I trust You that the power of what Brother Jerry spoke, that not one seed will fall to the ground without producing.”

2018 – Show me Your glory.

2019 – Marvels and wonders and extraordinary manifestations of the greatness of our God.

2020 – and beyond – Marvels and wonders beyond and a new open door and supernatural increase.

I qualify because of the blood of Jesus. I qualify to go through the open door. I am born again so I qualify because of the blood of Jesus. God is giving me specific requirements for me to experience it. He is giving me specific instructions so that I can be focused on it and I can experience it – Project Strike, Project Conditioning, Project Celebration. This is a very personal thing between me and Him. Personal with Him and Him with me.

How blessed am I to have clear prophetic vision. I am not familiar and say, just another word, no, it comes from Jesus through His vessel, through His messenger, to my heart.

God is helping me to not be all over the place. He is helping me with project strike so that I can keep focused this year to make the progress I am supposed to make.

I jump in boots and all with this project and it will work for me. Everything I need for project strike, project conditioning is in the messages.

I approach this with gratitude and reverence, because collective, collaborative, and individually, it’s very personal, but we’re all doing it together so it’s collaborative. I strike until I totally put him under my feet and get all of my supernatural increase that You promised me. This year I am going to strike – to hit with a missile, to take, to take forcibly, to cause to sound to notify by sound to occupy. To strike means to deliver a blow with an instrument. My mouth is my instrument, I release missiles from my mouth when I declare what the Word says about my strike, I declare it comes out my mouth and then its prayer for the evidence of it, it comes out of my mouth. Then it’s praise and rejoicing for it in faith, it comes out my mouth. 

Restoration, for Heritage of Faith people, this is what God said to Ps Sharon –  restoration, I am here now with this people, as they listen and obey and go with Me to restore all the years.

God wants me to say, “Restore me.” Restore, He wants it to come out of my mouth. Restore. Restore, Lord. Restore me, Lord. Restore.

God says, “I choose you now for this, you people. You must believe and move confidently, corporately, personally and it doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before, go now. And it doesn’t matter, what didn’t happen before, go now.” I have great humility to believe, this is my little child response to You. It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen before. I’m going now, I’m going now.

I strike the ground for restoration and recompense. “Now I declare this, ‘Declare, declare, declare this’ “Now God, stretch forth Your hand against him. I loose You, give You an assignment. I don’t limit You by not doing this. You’ll be my legal representative in this case. You’ll pass judgment. You’ll pass sentences, sentence, You’ll get damages, You’ll see to it that I get overflow, compensation and I add to y prayer, Now God, stretch forth Your hand against him. I appoint You to punish him and to penalize him for what he has put me through and You will force him to compensate me for the damage he has caused. Satan is a thief. He’s been let off too lightly. I make him pay”, I call out, I call in. I see my children free. I see everyone’s bond burst, I see every yoke broke, You have my faith, You have my praise, You have my prayer, You have my mind, my mouth on this matter. They owe their birth to you. They were born to me by Your will. You gave me Words to declare. I chose them to come, I will win with them. They will escape from all the hold of the enemy and the practices of their self-nature. As I keep striking the ground, He gives me Words. He gives me Words and I speak the Words and I don’t look at the circumstances and I don’t care but I speak the Words and I speak the Words and I strike the ground “It is not enough. It’s not enough. I’ve got still a lot. It is not enough. I’ve still got a lot of compensation coming to you. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” And to this day, I don’t stop and the restoration will be glorious. But I strike the ground and I have victory.

I am planted in the very fabric of my being, saturated with the ways of this house, with the ways of this house under authority to be in authority. I plant my foot in every message with seeds coming into your heart, because my speaking and growing, I’m growing and sowing and watering and waiting and weeding and then I’m harvesting.