Preparation, Celebration, Separation For Integration Part 9 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

I believe that we are creating a proper atmosphere and a proper platform for our spiritual leader to come and flow the way he needs to be able to flow.

I’m asking the same rhetorical question and making the same statement as yesterday.

Who is this God that demands or requires that we serve and worship Him? Who is this God that you serve that He gives you the right to say, “I can do anything I want to do and this God actually makes a demand on my time and my skill.”

Who is this God? I’ll tell you who this God is.

You wouldn’t be here if He didn’t permit you to be here, if He didn’t breathe life into you. You have got absolutely nothing on this earth if it is not for Him. Do you think you have the right to anything?

God actually wants you to be like Him and the only way He can know that you want to be like Him, is to give you a choice in life. God is saying, “I’m going to let you choose”. You get to choose what you want to use your brain, your skills and physical conditioning for. It’s only in your choosing that you become like God. Your very breath and intelligence is a gift from God. What you do with that gift now, gives God an insight as to what you are actually thinking about Him. (I will just give Him a little bit of my time, because that is all that He is worthy of). Men in the earth think they are so powerful through their intellect, but none of it will exist if God did not permit it.

It is time for us to recognize that actually we should be giving everything we have got to God. In real-time you think you got all the time in the world, but in eternity time, it’s actually nothing.  God is not measuring you by how much money you made, or how much success men said you had. He’s measuring you by why He breathed you into the earth. There’s no other measurement that matters. In God’s world, the reason you are here is because He wanted you here. If He wanted you here, there was a reason that you needed to fulfil things and accomplish things on the earth, while you are on the earth. He gave you gifts, He gave you callings, He gave you talents and He gave you an assignment. Those things are the things you will be measured by, not by what you think you should have done with your time.

It’s just the truth. I don’t back off the truth. I hate a religious spirit, that wants to cover up the reasons why we’re supposed to be on earth. 

Hebrews 12:18-25 (NLT)

This is the same holy, awesome, amazing God that we serve right now, and we think that we have the right to choose our path in life. He says, “You do, I give it to you, but one day you will stand and account for all of your choices that are not in service of Me.” If this confronts your very essence of your own self-will, to do what our own-self wants to do, then that’s the very part of you that needs confrontation.

We can come into the presence of God with boldness, because He no longer sees our corruption, He sees the Blood of Jesus. We can be joyful and we can praise Him. As born again believers we have the right to come into His presence. You then become aware that He is the Judge over all things. 25Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking. For if the people of Israel did not escape when they refused to listen to Moses, the earthly messenger, we will certainly not escape if we reject the One who speaks to us from heaven! (Hebrews 12:25 NLT)

If we fail to listen to the messenger of God and we fail to do what He’s asked us to do, then we are in a place where we can’t stand before God and say, “I demand that You bless me”.  Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking. God has said through his messenger Brother Jerry that we must bring a seed as a contact point for God to bless us supernaturally in 2020 and that we will have a New Door.

If you put yourself into a position and you go to places where God can meet with you, like this church, you can find yourself in any given day having an encounter with the living God, that is so real, that is so powerful, that is so awesome, that is so amazing.

Pastor John shared two personal experiences he had with God.  I wanted to serve Jesus, because when I was 7 years old I encountered God! In my twenties I got to learn that God is so real, that He is so awesome, that actually He breathed me into life. Everything that I have got to live my life, my energy, my intellect and all my abilities for, is to give it back to Him. Take my breath and let it worship You God. The day my body ceases to be alive, there is nothing that remains on this earth, that is worth anything where I am going. Nothing. If anyone didn’t give Jesus glory and honour before they died, whatever they did, all their honour belongs on the earth. It never went with them.

You need to come to a recognition that everything that God gave you belongs to Him. He caused you to be here so that while you are here you can give everything that you’ve got to Him, you can bless Him, you can glorify Him.

Say, “I am a son of God and there is nothing in my past that can prevent me from walking into the presence of God, and fulfilling everything that God has designed me to do, while I’m on this earth. I am a son of God. I have the ability to speak to Him boldly, to speak to Him without hindrance, without fear, without looking back, because today I am washed by the blood of Jesus. I am a son of God”.

Something weighty has happened in the spirit over the weekend and I want to encourage you, don’t ignore what has happened here.

In the next week, fast something and give that time to God. Prepare your sensitivity, so that when Brother Jerry comes, that you’re ready to step into a higher level of what God wants for you. 

I declare this over you right now: All of the distractions and all of the little hurdles that are going to try and come in your way to prevent you to come to the special services, you will not respond to them, you’ll have the wisdom and understanding, and you’ll get around them, you’ll get past them and you will accomplish and fulfil all of the things that are in your heart to do when Brother Jerry is here.