Preparation, Celebration, Separation for Integration Part 4 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Brother Jerry ministered to his church in Fort Worth about familiarity, because he really wants to be able to share with his people the fullness of the gifts that flow through him.  

1 Kings 17:1-5, 8-24 (NLT)

Elijah did as the Lord told him.  He lived in the provision of God, all by himself . God separated him from the misery in Israel, because he may have spoken out of turn.  Then the brook dried up. God sometimes has a new strategy for you and He has got a new idea, a new path for you to walk in. It doesn’t help to stay in a place where you’ve been previously provided. 

God then sent Elijah to a widow, because a widow would be in desperate need.  

Elijah was executing the Word of God.

How do we practically live the 2020 Word?  

The Lord said, “Project Strike is where your victory lies. You’ve got to push through this victory now through 2020. You’ll make ground here like you’ve never made ground before. Project Celebration. I am going to cause a rejoicing and a joy and a celebration to rise up in the people that’s going to be part of the victory to elevate the people’s praise and joy and peace. You’re going to have community and fellowship and it’s going to raise people’s ability to motivate and inspire each other to great new heights”. Project Conditioning is to keep fit. Spiritual exercises like, “I am a son of God”. If you keep saying that, revelation will hit you and the devil’s lost you forever. 

We’re all going to grow into it, and it’s going to become something that is powerful. God will show us individually things that we can do because we’re busy executing. Project Strike is pretty much the same as Point of Contact seed. We are going to tap into both. God sent Brother Jerry to us, the beginning of the year, so that we can have the whole year. His shadow is going to fall and we can have that contact for our faith.  

This widow believed God every day for every day’s provision. An important little fact – every day the prophet was in her life (because she fed him).  Just because the Word of God is preached from the platform, doesn’t mean to say you can’t have hardship. The real quality and the real progress of the widow’s life was that she was alive every day. People get weird about the messenger of God and it throws up barriers of, “I don’t have to receive anything from him, because none of it works anyway”.  It is actually familiarity, because you don’t take it as God speaking, you take it as man speaking.

 2 Kings 5:9-27 (NLT)

Naaman’s ego was so big that he refused to even hear a prophet of God tell him what his solution was.  He got angry and offended at the execution of the Word of God. His servants managed to get through to him at his level of ego. Sometimes God will have someone come and speak to you and say, “Are you being silly or what?  The enemy wants you to be full of ego, he wants you to get mad at the Word of God, part of it is what’s happened in the past, so that you can’t go into the future.   Watch what obedience did in Naaman’s life. God not only healed him, He restored him. If we will take this Word not only will God bring us great results now, but He is also going to restore. Naaman’s heart had been fixed, his life was saved by his obedience to the Word of God. Elijah could not get bought. It can never be about the money, it’s always about the grace. Gehazi undermined the work that God had done in Naaman’s heart. When you take the glory for yourself, you undermine other people’s faith in God. The spirit of familiarity feels like you can do things and get away with things, just because you know things.  Sometimes when a seed comes to you, God will say to you, “This is not for you. You have to receive it, so the value can come to the person, but go give it back or give it to someone else”. There is no one direct answer for anything in your life. You have to be led by the Holy Spirit.

I give honour to the men of God that helped me get to a higher level. I operate out of honour and a deep sense of what God has established as His protocol spiritually in the earth.  I am not looking for glory to bring to myself when I’ve actually grown up under another man’s authority and another man’s learning and teaching. I have no shame to tell you that I’ve been taught by my actual father and by my spiritual fathers, my heart is pure about it. I give honour to my spiritual fathers that have taught me what to do. I am tapping into everything that God has for us. 

Now is your moment to walk through a New Door. Don’t let the devil lie to you that even your own familiarity with your own weaknesses, provide you the excuse to not go forward. It’s the same spirit of familiarity (I know myself;  who I am, what I am not capable of doing) therefore that’s an excuse to not to go forward all these years; and I’ve never been able to make progress, because I am so familiar with my own self. You may not be permitted to use that familiarity to not go forward. 

The Lord dealt with this thing of familiarity today, once and for all.  

Jeremiah 23:18, 28-32( KJV) 

Today I mark that we have heard His Word. If someone wants to speak a false word, with the wrong intent to profit self, that has got nothing to do with the purity of what I speak. I declare today that this message that I have spoken is like a fire from God, a hammer and it is breaking that heart of familiarity that is in you, for your own self. It is burning all of the rubbish of words that have been spoken, that people have profited over in your life when you have some answer to say, “It’s my ego and my deal.” This word breaks it today.  

I am against prophets that steal my words. Many churches around the world hear words from other true pastors and shepherds and leaders and they use those words to build themselves organizations and to feed their ministry, feed their ego, feed their pride.   

  I stand before you as someone who hears from God and I say, “The execution of what God has prophesied is – Project Strike, Project Conditioning and Project Celebration.” I tell you this now, by the Spirit of God, that if you will flow with God in this year, you will not recognize yourself when you get to next year, because God will make up things for you that you couldn’t imagine. 

BUT – we have got to get rid of this spirit of familiarity. 

Let Grobbies’ repentance stand as a witness to you and to everybody in this church, that you may repent from yourself, that you may choose the way of God, you may repent from familiarity – and God will restore your life.  This is the moment that God has ordained for you to repent. Don’t let anybody judge anybody else. Let this be a moment between you and God and no one else.