Praying With Faith Produces Results Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture Reference: James 5; Luke 7:1-5 (NKJV); Luke 7:1-10 (MSG)(TPT)

Declaration: My heart is ready to receive the Word of God, my mind is subject to hear the Word of God, my ears are ready to listen and to hear everything that God has for me in Jesus Name, Amen.

Prophetic declaration: “God is establishing divine connections for me, Pastor Sharon, for us in this ministry – divine connections that we could not arrange in our natural strength but that He has orchestrated, that need to be created in order for Him to do His work in South Africa through this ministry and influence political and economical decisions in our favour through this ministry. Will you agree with that?”.

From my toothbrush to my assignment: When I get up in the morning and I brush my teeth, God is with me because He’s in me – from toothbrush to assignment. That’s how much God’s involved in the smallest detail of my life, the very smallest things that are about my humanity. He’s not separating Himself from me or my humanity. He wants to be involved in it. Part of what the Pastors preach in the faith message when they talk about finances, healing, is that God’s involved in my human experiences but He doesn’t want my human experience to just be about that. He wants my human experience to be a spiritual, supernatural experience of assignment. When I’m brushing my teeth and I have a  need for a toothbrush – He meets it. The needs for everything for assignment, He meets it.

Quote – what we believe as a ministry: “Civilization hangs suspended from generation to generation, by the gossamer strand of memory. If only one cohort of mothers and fathers fails to convey to its children what it has learned from its parents, then the great chain of learning and wisdom snaps. If the guardians of human knowledge stumble only one time, in their fall collapses the whole edifice of knowledge and understanding.” This quote is not about information but about knowledge and understanding. Information is not really what makes the difference. What makes a difference in life is information that I may appropriate as knowledge that I can use with understanding. One might call that wisdom. There is generations of learning and there is this thread of learning that has passed, and if one generation fails to pass on to the next generation then all of what we are learning, collapses.

Parents: “What we should be more concerned about is, what are our children learning from us? Because we as Christians have to be teaching our children that we are first Christians, and then everything else that we do in life is as a result of us being first Christians. But if we teach our children that it’s okay to be liked by everybody in the world and you do what other people like you to do, or what you like to do then you’re not teaching them what God wants you to teach them”.

 Operating in government: “You’re not going to judge me if I start operating in government political circles that look like – you’re going to know its God, right? You don’t know that if there’s things happening around that God’s got a plan here”.

What my Words are capable of: (Story of the fig tree), My words are so powerful that if I have the same belief in my heart as Jesus has, in my Father in Heaven, and I speak those words out, I can cause mountains to be moved out of the way in the same way this fig tree died right before their very eyes in 24 hours. Jesus was connecting a living example of how the power of His words could change things. I let this be something that I can see and remember, this is how powerful I am. Jesus was using an example of the power of His authority over the natural element. If I believe in my heart and I speak with my mouth, I have the same authority as Jesus. Jesus delegated authority to his disciples by example.

Faith: Faith is just living the Way God lived. I can use faith as a tool, I can have such confidence in my faith that I can exercise it as a weapon. If I put the Word of God into my heart, then as I speak things out then it begins to change my world. My faith is not based on my merit, it is not based on my performance, Jesus doesn’t intervene on my behalf because of how good I am. Jesus intervenes on my behalf because I am a faith person. I can’t be a faith person unless I understand the order of God and His government – His delegated authority. Authority can’t be delegated to me unless I realize it’s delegated authority.

Break hardness: The God of Israel broke through the hard shell of The Centurion soldier’s hardness as a warrior – This gives me hope; it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve become from circumstances in my life – God and God’s people can get through to me. For whatever reason – hurt, abuse created a shield of defence, whatever thing has happened in my life. God can break through that, and generally, He’ll use the love of people; the way that they function. The unity of the church will show the world the love of God and that’s why the devil is so keen to break the unity of the church down. It’s in our unity that we display the love that breaks all their hardness down.

Seed sower: If I’m a seed sower and I’m a living member of the community of God’s people – I’m in the process of building favour with God that He will answer me in a miracle even before I need a miracle, He will have me prepared. I’m preparing my own space on earth. 

God answers my prayers: I speak by the person of the Holy Spirit who carries my requests to heaven and God answers them. Healing comes; financial deliverance comes; favours; blessing come into my life. 

Speak what Jesus says: When I  speak, what Jesus says,  circumstances do not know any different. The Captain of my salvation is speaking, same voice; same words; same authority. 

Up our game: Imagine if Jesus said that about me? “Never have I found even one among the Christian people in faith that will believe so strongly in Me.” It is time for me to up my game here in faith. It’s time for me to up my game about what I believe in Jesus. (Luke 7:1-10 TPT).

Sickness and disease is banished:I’m telling you, sickness and disease is banished from amongst us. My faith is out there that sickness and disease does not belong amongst us. God has stirred up my spirit to speak against sickness and dis-ease, and weakness that is amongst us and it has no place amongst us. You need to get into agreement with this that you walk in complete healing and health, in Jesus Name”. I get into agreement with Ps John that I walk in complete healing and health. 

Prayer for the week: My hands are blessed. Where my feet go that’s where the Lord wants me to go and I will prosper in all that I do. I pray that creative ideas, thoughts and wonderful things come to me by the Holy Spirit. He anoints me for great and marvellous and mighty things this week. No weapon formed against me will prosper, I’m protected by His Word, and the Blood of Jesus. In Jesus Name, Amen.