Praying With Faith Produces Results Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

“Civilisation hangs suspended from generation to generation by the gossamer strand of memory. If only one cohort of mothers and fathers fails to convey to its children what it has learned from its parents, then the great chain of learning and wisdom snaps. If the guardians of human knowledge stumble only one time, in their fall collapses the whole edifice of knowledge and understanding.

Proverbs 29:18 (AMPC)  Information is something that is given, learning comes with the whole experience (and is given from generation to generation).  Even though you may receive knowledge and information, if you’re not receiving redemptive knowledge, you will still perish.  Information is just information and does not equal a spirit of victory/faith/a spirit of God’s excellence and quality inside of you that says, “I want to pursue eternity while I’m on the earth”. If you receive the redemptive revelation of God, then you will automatically begin to see yourself through that revelation.  

Mark 11:15-24 (NKJV, TPT) One of the lessons to be learnt from the fig tree is that the minute that the fig tree had no more purpose on the earth, it ceased to exist. There was a purpose for Jesus going to the fig tree. It wasn’t just because he was hungry (Jesus very seldom responded to the messages of His body), Jesus was motivated by the will of the Father and was giving them a redemptive revelation of Who God was to them. “Do you see how easy it was for Me to determine the future of the fig tree? That’s how easy it is for you to determine anything in your future to the point where mountains can move. You can change your circumstances with the power of your words and what you believe in your heart.”

Pastor John (and other spiritual guides/leaders) are vessels, messengers of God, that are sent to help you understand the redemptive revelation of God with real-life examples of how it works.   The Bible clearly speaks about elders in the Church, men who can rule their own households, therefore God will give him rulership/status in the Church. The government says you’ve got to be a certain age (mature enough to make proper decisions) before you can drive a motor car. So it is with the things of God. If you understand the order of God and you’re living in the order of God for your life, then your righteous way of living gives you fervent, effective praying capability and makes much power available. The risk is reduced as you mature.  You can’t just do what you like, you’ve got to know what’s already bound and what’s already loosed, which means you have a redemptive revelation of Who God is. These are things that are passed from generation to generation. How you can pray and how you can live for God successfully is not something you just learn from a set of teachings. This kind of revelation knowledge of how you can live in the order of God is a level of discipleship that is learnt through human interaction/relationships, through people living together by the Word of God.  

Pastor John shared a testimony of God’s Word that healed his broken vertebrae on a hunting trip. “The first thing that came out of my mouth was the Word of God;  I had a redemptive revelation, an understanding, and the knowledge of the ways of God, that when crisis came, I reverted to Him and not to the circumstances.” 

Are you exercising your faith? Are you going backwards and forwards? Are you praying according to knowledge? Are you exercised in the order of God in the Church?  

You’ve got to be trained in it for when the moment comes when you need your faith.

John 17:13-16 (AMPC)  Jesus is praying, “I want you to have experiences in life that are so in Me, and Me with you, that it fills you with delight and joy. I don’t want your life to be a difficulty, I don’t want your life to be hard, I want your life to be a delight and a joy.”  

It is better to live in the order of God (prosperity and divine health) than living from crisis to crisis with your faith (financial miracle and healing).  

I am preaching to you the redemptive revelation of Jesus Christ  The gift that God has given me understands that the enemy often will target the very smallest details of your life to confuse you about your assignment. He is so sneaky, he’ll attack you at every level of thought process that you can allow him to attack you at (and he is going to try them all). There’s no different way of living life between, the way you have to use your faith and I have to use my faith.  You have what it takes to resist the enemy and to live the Word at every level. If you haven’t received that healing yet, do not quit on the Word of God, you’ve got to keep your faith switched on with the Word; you’ve got to keep speaking that Word; you’ve got to speak that healing into your life even though the symptoms may still be there. 

I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit and by the Lord to speak about healing and health because the Lord is wanting to drive sickness and disease far from us. The Holy Spirit has been equally compelling me to teach on business and finance and economic freedom. Economic revival does not have to start with the President or the country’s economic policy. Economic revival can start in Witbank, in this church.  It’s not going to come because we know how to save money; it’s going to come because we know the order of God. We are perfectly positioned to build a bridge between this world system and God’s people. I’ve got Good News for you; the Church is right in the middle of it.  

Luke 7:1-10 (NKJV; MSG, TPT)  The Roman officer was so understanding of this covenant people and the way they operated, he knew Jesus just had to speak and the God that sent Him will back Him (and the healing will happen to his servant).  Jesus went based on the order of God, not on whether the Roman officer deserved it or not. 

You don’t have to be deserving, you just have to be in God’s order.  People perish when they don’t understand the knowledge of God’s redemption.  Once you have an understanding of Who God is to you, and how God’s order works; you don’t have to be deserving, you just have to live by faith; that’s the order. Jesus didn’t see deserving or not deserving He just said, “This man understands who I am without even seeing Me. He just hears the voice of God; He has an understanding of faith, the order and the authority of God.”.

Money got his servant healed, because he understood and acted on the order of God with his money and his love of the people (he built them a church). When he needed something from God, what he did before (his heart, his faith, his order, his understanding of the way God works that was already in his heart), got the job done for him.  When the moment came God said, “Here is faith that’s been working for a long time and now the faith demonstrates itself in authority and order.” God could act on it when the Roman officer needed it, because the work had been done before he needed it.   

I want to encourage you, don’t lose hope, and don’t let the devil come after your hope and  steal your joy. Don’t let circumstances in life come and tell you a different story to what faith will tell you. Don’t let a moment of incorrect messaging, incorrect news, inaccurate, untruthful emotions come and tell you what your future looks like. Make the Word of God your future!