Praying With Faith Produces Results – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

The Lord wants me to speak this out: Same-sex relationships, whatever negative and bad habits are not reasons to keep you away from God or to be ashamed before God. It’s a reason to stand as a child of God in His presence and to say, “I thank You that Your death has taken care of all of that for me. I can live free of all of those things that come and harass me and harass my mind”.  

Missions: Brother Jerry Savelle has had a vision for Africa for many years and he handed the baton over to me. I took the baton and I’m running with it.

This anointing is on me right now: There is wealth in the world that God is going to show us how to get it out of their hands into our hands. The whole of South Africa’s economy can be tanking, but there can be a people that can be supernaturally kept alive with business by God so that they increase when everybody’s decreasing. That is what happened to Isaac.

The devil is coming after you with everything that he’s got to stop you. 

Just say, “The Word says…”.  

James 5:14-20 (AMPC)

To call in the church elders (the spiritual guides) is spiritual recognition of spiritual leadership in your life that is so powerful that as hands are laid on you, it actually cleanses the very sins that you’ve committed. This call comes from you. You’ve got to have a recognition of spiritual authority/order in your life, not only for the spiritual guides and leaders, but also for the spiritual condition of each other – who you are to Him. In this order, there is much authority in a human vessel that can pray (like Elijah’s prayers).  

 Mark 11:15-24 (NKJV, TPT)

One Man (Jesus) took on the whole system saying, “This is a place to be called a house of prayer, a sacred place of worship, not a place of commerce”.

I want to make this declaration to you today: Our church will never be a place of commerce. We want to raise up Jesus as the authentic God. This house will be called a house of prayer (we might also be known as a house of faith).

 Testimony of Pastor John and Sharon obeying God and moving from Johannesburg to Witbank.

My life is not about what I got or not got. My life is about living in Him. I am fully into the assignment of God: wherever, whatever, however. People who don’t know how to live by faith, will look at decisions that you make and they would say, “Why?” because they will never understand.  

Living by your recreated spirit that is Jesus Christ in you, it is easy for you to speak His Words coming out of your spirit. The more those Words abide in you, they come out with more faith (enduring faith) when certain circumstances come against you, you can stay strong in your faith.

By the Spirit of God that is upon me this morning, I want to make this declaration to you again: If you are a born-again Christian and you are a part of this church and you put your faith in God, there is every reason for you to expect a supernatural harvest on business. You just have to believe in Him, not believe in the system.  

1 Corinthians 6:15 (AMPC); Romans 12:1 (AMPC)  

Your very body belongs to Him (it is part of His body on the earth). So present it, don’t try and keep it to yourself, give it to His service, because this is intelligent and it is spiritual.

Prayer is, “Here I am Lord, I’m living my life for You. I recognize the structure and the order that You have both in the church and in my body/life. I put You first place. The very essence of who I am wants to live for You”. Now the Bible says, you’re going to be speaking His Words because you understand that His Words are the life-giving Words of your future.

Basically, Jesus had a go at businessmen in the church.  If you put yourself ahead of being a Christian, then you are doing what the money changers did. You’re saying, “My body will sometimes worship Him, but for the most time, I’m going to live what suits me.”

God’s primary interest is to get you to not worship the idol that is you or the idol that is your money, or the idol that is your career. He wants you to worship Him. If you are taken up with self-worship, it might just happen that you might find yourself in a drought in your life (financial, emotional) and you might find yourself wanting to blame God (or the government).

The circumstances of your future don’t matter, what comes out of your heart and what comes out of your mouth will create your future. Don’t speak circumstances anymore, let the Word of God dwell in you richly, and let it come out of you.  Let your future be created by the Word of God that comes out of you. Sickness and disease is leaving your body – it is not part of you as a covenant child; it does not abide in your physical body; it has no place in Jesus Name. You’ve got to get into agreement with these words.

Holy Spirit has put eyes in my heart on the Amalekite spirit. He’s trying to steal your business, he is trying to steal your health, he is trying to steal your future. Don’t quit on your confession about anything that is misaligned or wrong in your body. I am after that devil that is trying to make you sick, trying to take your business, trying to confuse your mind.  

Our country is not doing well, economically (going through an economic downturn). You need faith to stand strong, right now.  If you speak what they speak, you are going to have what they have. We have got to have Isaac results. This is the time for the church to shine, this is not the time for the church to get into agreement with the world. 

The money is coming back to Witbank. You keep speaking it is coming. People are going to start to marvel about Witbank. What happened? We spoke it.  We prayed it. We declared it. We moved a mountain right out of the way. Faith is supposed to work.

Prayer, “Lord, I thank you, that I stay steady. I stay strong with my words and my faith and I will not speak about what the world is saying; I only speak what God says about my future”.

The Lord is so on me, to go after the bad news, and bring good news, and to go after what the devil is trying to destroy and bring life.