Prayer Power: Words Power – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture References: 1 Peter 1:15,16 (NKJV); Isaiah 60:1-19, 21,22 NKJV; Isaiah 61:1-11 NKJV

Believe and confessed – saved: (John 1:1 KJV). I understand that everything eternal is expressed in the Word. It is important that what I feel in my heart comes out of my mouth, (Romans 10:9). Through the confession of my mouth and what I believe in my heart, I come to salvation. There is no other external visible sign needed to show what’s going on in my heart, words are what is happening.

Show I love God: I can show that I love Him when I can bring Him the fruit of my energy – my money because money is the exchange element of energy.

Exercise Faith: I exercise my faith to hear from God in very many different ways.

Prayer life: When I have a prayer life, it’s not a reflection about what God’s hearing or what I’m saying. It’s about what my will is contesting of what I’m praying or saying. It is about what my will is wanting to hear from God or not. Prayer is my communication with the Divine Being; it’s a divine expression. God is going to communicate with me what I am needing as I open up my heart and let Him communicate with me. Prayer is not a posture on the ground, closed eyes or raised hands. Prayer is talking to God, which I can do driving my car or walking around work… The most dynamic powerful relationship I can have, is when I’m talking to Him and He’s talking to me and there’s a dynamic interactive relationship. That’s what God wants and that’s what I should want, otherwise, God is dead to me.

Sickness and disease: God wants to communicate healing to me through His power, but it will come to me in the form of words, which will increase my faith and I can believe for healing.

Reversal and Restore: “Complete reversal of sickness, things that sickness and disease have done in your body. Complete reversal and restoration”. “The healing power of God can touch you right now and heal your body, but what has happened to your body may have brought your body to a place where it’s still debilitating you”. The Lord said, “Today, I want you to begin to pray for people, that the effects of sickness are going to be reversed. It’s going to be reversed. It’s going to be reversed.” I know for one, you know, if you’ve mistreated your body, you might need reversal”.

Reversal and Restore: God brought two words to Pastor John, complete reversal and restoration. Complete reversal of sickness, those things that sickness and disease have done in my body and the effects of it, is no longer evident in me.

Healing scriptures to build my faith: 1 Peter 1:15,16, (NKJV), Be holy – In everything that I am in my life, I must be like God. God has given me instruction and it’s my portion to walk in abundant life, in healing, financial independence of circumstances. Having my needs met is not a function of what I have, it’s a matter of what He has that He can bring to me because my faith is there.

1 Peter 1:20,21 (NKJV), My faith and hope are in God. I stop having more faith in the ways of this world than in the ways of God. I stop working the system, I live in God. 1 Peter 1:23-25 (NKJV)(TPT), It doesn’t matter how much I have in my physical world right now, it’s really obviously got limitations. (Isaiah 57:19 NKJV)

Die when my assignment is done: The Word of God is true. It’s true about my body and spirit. It’s true that I can hope and believe in the living God because Jesus died for me. God wants His life to come into my physical body because He doesn’t want me to die from sickness and disease. God wants me to die when I have had a satisfied life – when my assignment on the earth is complete for Him. I was born on the earth with all my gifts, talents and callings for this time to complete an assignment for Him, not for me to do whatever I want to do.

Making money – kingdom assignment: “If you’re making money to keep yourself alive, that means you only understand what it’s like to be human. But if you are making money and you say, “I take my money as a form of my energy and I’m going to start giving it to God, so that I can have Him tell me what my assignment is.” Then your energy becomes a message to God that says, “I understand assignment.”

My assignment: I don’t desire another assignment other than the one that God has given me, I find out the fullness of it is by obeying what God has called me to.

God multiples: God never subtracts and divides from my life, He always adds and multiplies me. Not only does He multiply, but He works in compound multiplication. Compound interest is a God factor, a God idea, it’s a multiplication upon a multiplication. The Word of the Lord will live forever and today the Word of the Lord has come to me.

Victory determined by me: (Pastor John and Pastor Sharon in obedience to the revelation God had given Pastor John, strike seven arrows by giving seed). I pray by speaking the Word, making declarations and faith comes. When my faith is fully grown, my faith is revealed to me in victory and I’ll know that it is done, the minute I know that it is done, I praise in victory. My victory is never determined by someone else. My victory is determined by my determination, my walk with God, about how much victory I want.

Reverse and restore – all areas of my life: Luke 4:18 (NKJV)(MSG), the gospel to the poor The gospel (good news) to the poor is that you don’t have to be poor anymore. heal the brokenheartedany of the emotional baggage, effects of emotional ties, pain and grief that I’m carrying, in my life, God reverses it and restores it. liberty to the captivesif I’m bound up with a habit or with some kind of thing in my life, today I’m free. Recovery of sight to the blindboth physical and spiritual assignment based. If I could not see my vision for my future, today I see it again. “Proclaim the acceptable year of the Lordthis is the year.

Instruction – Write down limitations and declare: “And so I urge you – go today and write all your limitations of what you have. Write your financial limitations; write your physical limitations; write whatever limitations you think you got and write it down” because I now say, “this is just the beginning of the boundaries that I’m going to walk past; that I’m going to live past – I’m not going to live according to these limitations”.

Measure my faith: My commitment of faith is my choice. Words need to be spoken so that I can follow through on my choice that confirms my original faith choice. If I want to determine, know how strong or enduring my faith is then I can measure my enduring faith by my enduring language. If I have a language coming out of my mouth that stops after a week, then I know my faith is stopped growing or working. If I keep speaking my faith until it gets done, then I know that my faith is enduring until it gets done. If I stop talking, then faith stops working.