Prayer And Fasting Weekend 03 – Ps John And Sharon Bendixen (WTB)

Pastor John

1 Peter 4:17-19; 5:1-9 (NKJV)

We can’t shy away from this scripture and only pick and choose some parts of the Bible that are good for us. We must choose and believe everything that the Bible says. The outcome of judgement, that begins in the house of God, is – faithful souls that commit themselves to doing good – as to a faithful Creator. Our own walk with God and our participation in the church is judged. We all must submit to words spoken with truth and authenticity. The only way that we get to fully walk in the things that God has prepared for us is to submit ourselves. Fasting does that, it humbles you, it changes you so that you quiet yourself, so that you can hear and follow what God says. God wants us to make progress, not just individually praying, but corporately praying. There are many in the ministry that want to serve the Lord Jesus, who desire to follow Him and be His disciples. Together we will achieve and do the things that God as called us to do.

Pastor Sharon

Pastor John is a servant of God, called into this geographic region, a messenger that God has sent with a message. Though Pastor John operates more consistently in a pastoral capacity and as a teacher, he is a sent one. He has an apostolic mantle on him to establish what God wants to establish.

Ephesians 4:8 (NKJV)

We can’t just have a lucky dip in the Bible and pull out a verse to quote – we must see it in context. Every single writing (epistle) in the New Testament is about the church on assignment with a spiritual leader. The Lord Jesus is not presiding over anything else in the universe except over building His church. His pattern is very clear in His Word from the time when Jesus says, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not be able to prevail against it”. You cannot be dawn to Jesus without being drawn to His church. Jesus and His church are absolutely one. It is a rising revelation that all of your eternal rewards are going to come from how you were involved with Jesus in His church where He has placed you with the leaders working on assignment with Him. The zeal of Jesus for His church is what He is imparting to us at this time. It is the way of Ecclesia, setting people into the body.

The word apostolis was a naval term that describes an admiral, and the fleet of ships that travelled with him, and the special crew who accompanied and assisted the admiral. Once a region was identified they would colonize and begin the process of transforming the land into a new culture, a new life, a new kingdom. The word apostolis as applied to the New Testament individuals refer to God appointed messengers and ministers who were called to lead believers to spiritual heights and depths of revelation that are unattainable without the apostolic ministry. An apostle is God’s personal representative; a person specially selected, specially commissioned, specially sent to represent the Lord with a mandate.

It is a responsibility given by God, someone chosen by God, a gift placed into a vessel for the purposes of God, for His Kingdom to come at that time in a generation. There will be a people looking, wondering, doubting and questioning everything, then there will be a people that will recognize and see and who will take their seats in the legitimate, legislative assembly to do their part around the mandate.

God burdens Pastor John with things on his heart (which he calls surges), that must be accomplished in his lifetime, in our generation together for God. We are coming to a place, a spiritual momentum to rise up around the spiritual leader. We were born to be placed by God into the body as He sees fit (not as we see fit or for our convenience, preference or comfort). There are things that Pastor John has been carrying in his heart for a long time. This is God’s set time for us to move and to make even greater progress – and it doesn’t come without prayer.

One of the signs of an apostle is the word hupomeno: patience. It depicts a person’s supernatural ability to hang in there and to stay put no matter what forces try to stop him. Another sign is hostility. People with an apostolic call on their lives must do frontline work in environments that are difficult and hostile to the message and revelations of the messenger. The hostility comes from within the church as Pastor John ministered on Alexander the coppersmith (that did great wrongs) and Dimas (who left for the love of the world). An apostle also has to resist the demonic powers of a city arrayed against him.

The apostle is uniquely graced to encompass all five ministerial offices as needed in order to establish an Ecclesia (a church) and to develop the ministry gifts within believers.  Ministry gifts can only be developed in believers that are planted (and not just attending church). You are planted when you are the plant and you are planting the seed of the word that God is bringing every Sunday in your heart and growing it.

Acts 2:18-19 (KJV)

It should be an encouragement to you to witness real disciples that have really got, what we call Foot in the Message, which is actually the words and the messages of God in our hearts. You will be amazed at the level of discipleship that is happening in this house, the number of people who are totally sold out to God. Too many people have accepted Jesus as Saviour and never made him Lord. There is a price to pay. There is a press for the things of the Spirit for the glory of God in your life.

Hupemeno; the ability of an apostle to stay put while laying a foundation and then building upon it includes establishing divine order, strengthening the saints through the messages, often in the face of potential discouragement or intense opposition.

This teaching is so important because it is the springboard for our prayers. Our faith is backed when we recognize and understand what Jesus meant when He gave gifts for us. In the light of Pastor John’s prophecy of Big and Bold Version 2 in 2022 we are praying for assignments and giftings and callings with him and around him. Because whatever God has planned for Pastor John to accomplish for Him, He has planned for us. You are attached to the spiritual leader. Your purpose in life is to be in the church around an apostle who has got to accomplish, and your gift comes in there, because your reward is the same as his.

Ephesians 4:7-8, 11-13 (TPT)

When you pray things out, you pour out prayers from your spirit for the future and the things concerning your life (Jeremiah 31). Then together corporately we pour out our prayers collectively for the future life of this Ecclesia. We are praying for one another that we might find the purpose of our births in the earth for His church, for each other’s parts and for the awakening of that.

Pastor John used examples of congregation members to show by living example what happens around someone who is planted and called by God. Testimonies were shared how the ministry and anointing that God has called Pastor John to, supplies, protects and frees people from the past and brings them to the place where they need to be so their gifts and callings can function and flow. It was demonstrated how, through plantedness of the parents’, children are perfectly positioned to rise to the gifts that God has called them to (and not just to be released into the world system like everybody else). Pastor John shared his gratitude to be accountable to his spiritual leader over his soul (Brother Jerry) who can release him into his giftings and callings.

When you are in the right place with God these things get released through prayer. God has called you before you were born. He has assigned you and destined you to a people and to a place so that you can be released into the greatness that God has for you. If you are not there yet, no matter what age you are, don’t quit now. Keep going! That’s why God had Pastor John call these prayer and fasting meetings because God is restoring everybody that wants to be restored now, into the gifts He is releasing. This is a platform, a springboard to be released into the things that God has for you. Come and grab it by faith. Be ready and release your faith because God is doing something here. Be encouraged to watch these meetings again and to participate spiritually in what God has done in these meetings. Pray again, start to begin to practice so when you come back, we can jump to the next level, and we can move quicker and release more things.

If you give yourself to God, He will take care of your relationships, your stuff, of everything. If you think that you are the one that’s got to solve everything in your life, you take it out of God’s hand. Parents, you must release your children in the hands of God. It does not mean you give up your responsibility, but you got to give them to God. Children, you must say, “I want God. I will be David and I will go and slay a Goliath”. It starts by feeding some sheep.

We are teaching these young people (MiXangers) to handle lions and bears because they are called for Goliaths. God has called some to be with us on a longer-term basis. It might take some time for the gifts to flow, but God is not willing to release them into the fiery furnace until they are ready. When they are ready to make the decision, whatever it is, they won’t compromise what God has called them to do. All of us will care for them, pray for them and nurture them and then we will release them; we will unleash them on the world, into the body of Christ that their fire can burn. God has called us to do mighty things, the fathers and the sons together, in Jesus’ name.

On a regular basis, since 2008, we still have successful corporate prayer meetings, and it is increasing. Our natural mindset says there is no value in it, but our spirit man is calling to it because our gifts and callings are supposed to function.

Say, “Wake me up, Lord. I’m expecting an outpouring of Your Spirit in me to show me and make me alive in these things. I want the fullness, Father of what you have for me and for our lives personally and corporately. Father, as I participate and bring my gifts and my energy, I will be elevated to a new level in You, and I will rise as a son of God. No weapon formed against me will prosper. I am protected in all my doings and goings in Jesus’ name”.