Powerful Speaking Spirit – Ps John Bendixen

The Good News is that you can be restored from within your spirit into your natural
world. You can be restored to the place that the first speaking spirit that was born lived
in. When you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour into your heart, you still have challenges
with everything that your natural environment challenges you with, right? But your spirit
man is restored to equal part that the original speaking spirit on the earth was born to.
All you must do is you must believe that you are this powerful.
God has a plan for you and for me and his plans for all of us together is to be these
powerful speaking spirits. Powerful creatures on the earth who believe what God says
and who begin to behave and operate on the earth the way God said they must operate.
And when we speak with our voices, our voices can speak with the authority of God and
every circumstance, every situation must bow and obey the Word of God. Because we
cannot enter into the realm of the spirits, the spirits must enter into our realm, and those
spirits, those rulers of unseen spirits, that have authorities in the heavenlies, they are
looking for human bodies everywhere that they can attach themselves to and do their
poisonous work into their bodies and use their bodies to do the work they want them to
The enemy of God is always trying to make people naked, because then they are
ashamed. So God went and He said, the price of treason is the price of blood. Other
animals will die; their inferior skins will become your covering. And from that day till the
day Jesus died there were always the price of blood for the sins of these people, there
was always the price of blood. Until Jesus came, and then he came as a representation
of a creature, became the spoken Word that said, this is the representation of a lamb
who is an innocent, clean, pure creature that has harmed nobody and has no sin on him
and he will die as a lamb, sinless and spotless. And when his blood is shed then all other
creatures who receive the price that this creature paid, my Son, and receive the power
of the blood that was shed. The living power of restoration to what? To the same place
that living creatures were before. If you believe in the Blood and you believe in my Son,
you are restored to the same place that the same creature that was on the earth, what
is that? Where I walk, where I talk, what I do, I have the same authority in my words and
in my life as the creature did. It means anything that comes into my environment I have
authority over it. What do I have to do? I have to believe. I have to believe that the spirit
that is renewed in me, that’s got the life of Christ in me, my spirit man is restored, he is
renewed to pure righteousness. I don’t have to try and behave as righteous anymore.
The minute I receive Jesus, I became righteous, that means I have absolute right
standing before God.
The first thing that happens, is when you receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour, you make
a declaration to all the unseen ones in the spirit realm and all the authorities in the
heavenly that I’ve made a choice and it is not you.
When I receive Jesus through grace, I become what he says, for we are his workmanship
created in Christ Jesus. For what? Good works, which God prepared beforehand that we

should walk in them.
Will you make this declaration with me? Say, Jesus you are my Lord and Saviour, you live
in my heart, therefor I declare that the words that come out of my mouth are faith filled
words, I agree with your Word and I am a powerful speaking spirit and my environment
must submit to the Word of God that is in my mouth, in Jesus’ Name
We as a people have access to the throne room of God because Jesus is in us, we have
the boldness, the confidence to come before God just the same way as Jesus sitting
right next to God. We have that same access to Heavenly Father that Jesus has. We have
no business speaking like the world speaks, we’ve got to speak as powerful speaking