Power of Resurrection Part 9 Relationships – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Sometimes God will ask you to do things. Not just because He is answering you, but because He requires someone to ask and not because you can take credit for it but because He requires someone to ask. All He needs is one person to ask in faith, and God can answer because someone asks in faith.

If you are led by the Spirit of God to ask God for something and you ask, believing in your heart and not doubting, then He will answer that. He wouldn’t have you ask something and put it in your heart to ask for something, if He was not going to answer it.

We are in 2022 and we are in it not to survive. We are in it to thrive. We will go Big and Bold version two in 22.

The open hand of God is extended towards us. That means there’s provision, there’s favour, there’s blessing and that is going to be accelerated in 22. It’s not going to be decelerated. Be ready, to be someone who wants to change and wants to become part of something significant that God wants to do in 22.

¹For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit (I Peter 3:18 NKJV).

He suffered so there is no barrier between you and God. Nothing. His desire is for you to be with God, to be in God, that’s His desire. Every day that you breathe and live, it should be your singular focus, to draw near to God. 

It is important for us to recognise that the resurrection of Christ, the power that raised Christ from the dead lives in you, so that you can be one with Him. The same power that raised Him from the dead is the same power that enables you to be one with Him.

To live in a continual state of oneness is for you to live continually in the state of God’s awareness of your awareness of God in you; the Holy Spirit with you. Your mind struggles with the understanding of this concept of oneness; but your spirit yearns for the fullness of oneness.

The amount of time you’ve been a Christian, and the amount of time you’ve been around somebody does not mean to say that you have unity, or understand or know what you need to know. It needs a revelation from the Father for you to see. Time does not equal maturity. Knowledge or information does not equate revelation or the revealed will of God; it’s just knowledge and information. The revealed will of God is a different thing; it’s about unity. It’s about unity that comes from God and empowers you to be what God needs you to be.

Pray: It is my prayer that from now on I will know God intimately, in a much deeper, much greater way than I have ever known Him before. I will see Him in others.

When we meet together as a church it is a testimony to all of the forces in the heavenly realms, of all of the dark realms, and the heavenly realms that Christ lives and dwells amongst us. It is the expression of Christ.

When the church comes together in the unity of the blood of Jesus, under the Word of God, knowing Him, we come with power. We come with a testimony, we come with a witness.

We have to come together as a church, if we don’t come, we don’t ask and then God can do nothing on the earth.

We have a relationship with God through blood, we have a relationship with God, through the affinity of what the will of God is in the earth, for you and me. We have an alliance, a covenant with God, that He will do anything we ask, if we ask according to His will.

But the relationship that God wants us to have, is to have a deep belief and walk in Him. He wants to touch you in the innermost beings of your spirit. He calls to you every day, “Integrate with Me. Don’t just come to Me with what you want Me to do in your life. Come to Me to be with Me.”

When you come into the oneness of God, you have peace. ²So don’t be upset, and don’t be distraught (John 14:27 MSG). Relationship with God is meant to relieve you – not to bring you into more bondage. It’s meant to break all the shackles of the past, and all the shackles of oneness, to break it off you.

It’s what the power of the blood of Jesus does. It’s the very power that raised Him from the dead. It’s that same power that lives inside of you. And as you speak in oneness with His Word because you believe it in your heart, not because you try to change an event or change a circumstance. When you’re in oneness with Him, then you are capable of having peace and being courageous at a time when everything in the world is falling apart because you’re united to Him. You’re connected to Him.

Say: I’m going to connect with You. And I’m going to tell you, Father, that I love You. Sorry that I gave into the oneness of myself but now, I identify myself in the oneness of who You are in me. And I thank You that You empower me today. And today, I can do more with You than I did yesterday. Today, I can overcome more than I could overcome yesterday.”

Obey God, obey His written WORD. Everything God has for you to do on the earth is in the Word. Everything, everything, everything

Say: I’m a son of God. I thank You, Lord, for Your peace. I live in oneness with You. I love You and I obey Your Word and I do Your Word. I thank You, Lord, that every one of my needs is met in Jesus’ name.

I understand that in the oneness of Christ, there is a power that is released!