Power of Resurrection Part 4 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Scripture Reference: 

Colossians 3:1-4 (TPT);  Philippians 3:10-12 (AMPC); John 12:1-11; 23-26 (NLT)

Why did you come to church today?

The church is what God has created as an organism – as part of His body – to cause you to grow. The life of Christ brings you to church. 

Pastor John shared a short testimony of how God had to deal with a root of poverty-thinking and scarcity mentality in his own mind and heart concerning not wanting to spend money on maintenance and fixing the Witbank auditorium roof. 

God said to him, “If you don’t want to, I won’t. But if you want to, I will”. 

In everything that you do in life you have one of two choices. You can speak your emotions and what you think in your head or you can speak what God says. Pastor John immediately dealt with his confession and changed what he was saying. Joy came in his heart to fix the roof. Through obediences of businessmen, a God answer followed and the Resurrection Power is at work. 

In this season God is doing things a lot quicker. We put limits on God when we say that the Resurrection Power of God is not enough power to be available to do the job through our word-speaking and through what we believe in our hearts.

Colossians 3:1-4 (TPT)

Your true life is not the natural world, it is what is happening in the spirit-man. If you let this life dominate you, it will. If you have your mind filled with natural realities, then you are going to be consumed with natural things. It is time to focus on your personal walk with God.  

Philippians 3:10-11 (AMPC)

How do you get to know the Resurrection Power in your life?

By becoming more acquainted with Him. You got to live this life with Him every day, all the time. While on the earth you will go through hardship, you will face persecution and you will have suffering. You might as well believe God that while you’re going through a process that you will get to understand His Resurrection Power.

There is a Resurrection Life available for us to live in, if we are prepared to know Him. 

The question is: Are you your own man or do you belong to God?

What you do with your life tells you who you are. It doesn’t matter what you do with your life, you can choose to be your own person or not. You can choose to be God’s person – and you should.

John 12:1-11; 23-26 (NLT)

Focus on the eternal moment that Mary had with Jesus. It was a very deep, extremely personal, humbling and very intimate act. There is so much love and affection and so much care being given. The value of the perfume was irrelevant, it was an extension of her affection; most personal, most intimate, most precious, most affectionate.  It was an act of great love, great emotional and spiritual intimacy and a desire to show affection and love. It was an eternally powerful moment; an eternal gift. In this intimate moment of worship, a Mammon spirit immediately presented itself. An eternal moment of betrayal within an eternal moment of worship.

When disciples come with worship, religious spirits, mammon spirits, familiar spirits and all manner of activities come to undermine the power of the eternal moment of such worship. Jesus, the Word of God, the Resurrection Power of life that is in you, always has a reply, “Leave me alone. This is a moment of worship”.

The resurrection life of Christ that is in you is calling you to moments of eternal worship and to become more intimately acquainted with Him. It is something that you do deep from your soul, from a deep place inside of you. He wants you to have all of the Life that He has in every area of your life. The enemy is going to come with a spirit immediately to try and undermine that, and it always happens with people and sometimes your past (condemnation, guilt or shame).

Don’t let it! Stop the enemy and say, “Leave me alone in Jesus name”.

It is time to make a choice. It is time to serve Him and to follow Him (and not ourselves). It is time to respond to the call of God in your life to experience Him more powerfully and more intimately.

Some of you have a consistent walk with God, but you feel like there is a barrier that you haven’t broken through, that you haven’t entered into. You feel like you are there with God, but you haven’t crossed that threshold into this experiential walk with God that sustains you.

The Lord has put it on Pastor John’s heart to say this to you. If you will give Him daily, heart oriented, personal worship, you will experience those breakthroughs, you will cross over from being someone who walks out your walk with God to somebody who walks in your walk with God.

The Resurrection Power of the Lord Jesus Christ is calling you to spend moments with Him. Moments where you thank Him, praise Him and give Him glory. The biggest thing is to get out of your head and out of your functions, tasks and the things that you have to get done. Get out of your head and sit at His feet, love on Him and let Him talk to you, and talk to Him.  

This is also the secret to a better, newer, more engaged relationship with anybody and everybody that’s around you. If you give God the time that you can praise and worship Him, He opens up every relationship that is currently closed. When you base your relationships on the relationship that is the Rock, Jesus, they work.

Say, Ï receive the full Resurrection Power that raised Jesus from the dead into my heart and into my life. Thank You Lord that You restore every part of my life and bring me into a place of joy and peace.