Power of Resurrection Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

³ It is the Spirit Who gives life [He is the Life-Giver]; the flesh conveys no benefit whatever [there is no profit in it]. The words or (truths) that I have been speaking to you are spirit and life. (John 6:63 AMPC)

Say: Lord, it is my desire that I will receive the Words of Spirit and Life today. The words of men, the words of human beings have no power, they have no ability to change anything. Only the Words of God. Only the Words of life. Only the Spirit of God has the ability to change anything. 

Every day, every single morning, every single night, your human being, the human part of you, wants to live in a realm of senses and wants to naturally feel comfortable in the realm of intelligence and control and planning and emotions and experience, and have its needs to be taken care of. But the divine nature that is inside of you calls every single day, to eternity. It calls every single day to purpose. Call every single day, it calls you to assignment.

If you have asked Jesus to be the Lord and Saviour of your life, a supernatural divine event happens, and the very seed of God’s life gets put into your human spirit. The transaction that happens, that divine supernatural transfer of Himself into you, is not something that anyone can understand.

The Resurrection Power of Christ is revealed to me through you. As I see Christ in you, it is revealed to me. I have my own experience with the resurrected Christ, but as I go about my life, I see the resurrected Christ in you. I experience Him. No wonder the enemy wants to keep us isolated from the rest of the body so that we don’t experience the fullness of the Resurrection Power.

³Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), because I do not seek or consult My own will [I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me. (John 5:30 AMPC)

Jesus had an understanding that His existence as a Self-existent One that executed judgement on the earth could do nothing without the permission, and without the unity of the Self-existent One in the heavens.

In His divine being He was Self-existent. In His humanity He had to obey God in every decision, every word, every choice, everything; He had to obey God, in His humanity. In His divinity, He was Self-existent.

God is speaking to us as a body, as a church; and He is speaking to us about the power of the Self-existent One.

That He is absolutely ready to work through any vessel that has Jesus as the divine being living in the spirit of you-being. When you say, “Not my will, but Your will be done.” And you say, “My existence is completely dependent on You, and I speak not my own words, but Your words. I do not do my own will, but Your will”, the Father is ready to use you in the way that He used Jesus. As you acknowledge that your existence has no value without His.

There are many things that you will have confrontations in your life. There will always be this margin that you recognize that Jesus has got power, that Jesus does have the authority and the judgment over, but then there are some things that in yourself you think that’s too big.

…..He was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. [He chafed in spirit and sighed and was disturbed.] ³And He said, Where have you laid him? They said to Him, Lord, come and see. ³Jesus wept. ³The Jews said, See how [tenderly] He loved him! ³But some of them said, Could not He Who opened a blind man’s eyes have prevented this man from dying? ³1Now Jesus, again sighing repeatedly and deeply disquieted, approached the tomb. (John 11:32-38 AMPC)

Jesus did not weep and sigh because He was troubled, He was breathing out the very life of God into the situation, as an act of intercession, misunderstood by those who were yet to see what is about to happen.

He already knew the solution to the problem. The trouble was the way that people were behaving around Him, that they didn’t trust God, the Self-existent One who could heal him, but not raise him.

It’s our lack of knowledge of truth that causes you not to live in Resurrection Power.

⁴⁰Jesus said to her, Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on me, you would see the glory of God? (John 11:40)

I tell you today that if you will believe in the promises of God, and you will rely on God, that you will see the glory of God in your life. I am the messenger of God to tell you this truth as He told it to them, today. 

⁴⁴And out walked the man who had been dead, his hands and feet wrapped in burial cloths (linen strips), and with a [burial] napkin bound around his face (1John 11:44 AMPC).

How is this man, who is bound in death walking out of the tomb? The very Resurrection Power of God, Himself lifted him out of his resting place, lifted his body up and moved him out of.

The Resurrection Power of God came upon a body that was already decaying and repaired his muscle structure and his ligament structure and his core strength to the point where he could actually lift himself up and walk out.

your mind wants to diminish and just kind of intellectualize how the voice of Jesus could raise him from the dead.

I promise you according to the Word of God that I read earlier, this is the promise that Jesus gave to Martha and Mary if you will believe that you will see His glory in your life. You will see His glory. That is not my promise, that is the promise of Jesus. It is the promise of the Self-existent One. Hallelujah.

The resurrection life of God is working in you, right now. This is about the Holy Spirit. It’s about the resurrection life of Christ that is busy restoring and healing and saving you and bringing you out from a death thought pattern. A death life pattern.

Say: Father, I thank You, that inside of me is the life of God. The Resurrection Power of Jesus lives in me. Hallelujah. I trust You, I believe You to restore my life and for me and You to live together in unity. In Jesus name.

If you are completely in unity with Jesus, you will never be troubled. All crying and sighing you will do will only be to bring the will of the Father to the earth. It will not be crying and sighing because of answers you don’t have. That is the Word of the Lord for you. If you will walk in unity with Him.

Today, whatever part of your life is dead and decaying, and is troubled. I am authorized to speak to you and say, come out from your death. Come out from your grave. Come out from your circumstances that are binding you and holding you hostage. Come out from your separation from the Self-existent One. Come out from your unbelief and your disbelief of His power.” I speak to you and say, “Come out from your poverty, I speak to you and say, “Come out from your sickness and disease.” I say to you, “Come out from your relationships that have been destroyed and are falling apart,” I say come out in Jesus’ name. I say, “Come out, to you, those who are doubtful ones that say if You had spoken this Word to me many years ago, my life would have turned out differently and it would not be in the trouble that it is.” I say to you now, “Come out from that mentality in the name of Jesus’. Come out from there in the name of Jesus.” Hallelujah.

“And I speak to your future and I say, “Your future will no longer be behind walls and behind closed doors and be isolated from the world because of a death syndrome that has overtaken your mind and has overtaken your life and your world circumstances.” And I say, “Behold, your entrance to life is removed, or your death sentence is removed in Jesus’ name. And I say, “Come out and walk amongst the free ones, come out and walk amongst the life of the Self-existent ones, the ones where the life of Christ exists in them and in you, come and walk amongst us. Come and free yourself from the bondages that have kept you in your grave.” Hallelujah. 

Come out from that self-nature of yours, that stubbornness, that will of yours that keeps speaking against the Church, that keeps speaking words against God, that keeps saying “If he had been there, then something else would have been different.” I say, “Come out from that mentality of death and come and live amongst the living. Come and walk here. Come and experience the life of God, let His Resurrection Power lift you up from your death sentence and move you out of your circumstances and bring you into resurrection life.” Hallelujah.