Power Of Resurrection Part 16 Baptism – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

God didn’t call us to live like everybody else. God called us to live in redemption, so that your redemption can give you revelation and the revelation will create the revolution of your reality. It will create revolution in your reasoning, and it will create revolution in your relevance. The way you get from reasoning, reality and relevance is through faith, hope, and love. You’ve got to use faith, you’ve got to understand and trust the love of God and you’ve got to be in a place where you have hope because hope works with faith.

If you’re a Christian and you trust God, your trust in God is always going to be founded in the love of God because if you don’t trust the love of God, you can’t have faith. If you don’t trust the love of God, you can’t walk in the hope that God is going to help you.

The way God works and the way God is, His redemption creates revelation. Part of the revelation that you need to have, is a revelation that God’s power and what God’s got going for you – the plans and purposes that He has got for you from before you were even born – you have to trust and you have to get a revelation of that because that’s the power of your redemption.

We got saved so that our redemption could lead to greater revelation, so that our life can have a revolution. Your revolution will begin to affect other people around you.

“And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God. For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.”

(Romans 6:13-14 NKJV)

Sin had a hold on people and it caused death. Jesus came as a perfect person and He died for us and He was resurrected again. So we don’t have to be slaves to sin, we can be free from sin. We have to remember that we are in charge of the choices of what you let dominate your life. We do not have to be instruments of sin. 

“So tell me, what benefit ensued from doing those things that you’re now ashamed of? It left you with nothing but a legacy of shame and death.”

(Romans 6:21 TPT)

If we keep on living like the sinners do, what is it going to bring us? The bible states only shame and death.

If you live free from sin, you live with joy. Not shame and death, you live with joy. You live with freedom. 

There’s nothing in God that catches Him unawares.

Engage yourself with God because if you are God centered, then you are in alignment with God’s people and His Ecclesia. Then you don’t serve the world system, you have dominion over the world system and it serves you!

Prayer and meditation and learning and unity and alignment is something that we must live with, because if we live with that, our time can be redeemed. If you are in a place where you’re following your own desires, and your own things, we can make a different choice. You can either choose to do it your way, or you could choose to do it God’s way. Under the death sentence, you can’t redeem time. But if you realize that you’re living in eternity, and you have a revelation of your redemption, you begin to create a revolution in your life and you begin to redeem time. One of the most critical things that God can do for us in our lives is to redeem time. 

When you go into baptism and you go into the death of the identity of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ; you are dying to yourself. You are actually saying in the same way that Jesus died in His body where sin could no longer have control over Him, you get resurrected into life and your identity is now the same identity that is resurrected Jesus, that nothing in the world can touch Him in His body because His spirit is now in control, because no desires can control His resurrected body.

If you are subject to law and have a sin consciousness, everything about your life is performance.  But Jesus gives us mercy for life and He gives us the power through grace to overcome performance. The power of God’s grace frees us from performance which allows us to have a relationship rather than results.

When God gives us grace and power, He gives us, in our hearts, gratitude and thanksgiving, rather than to live in pride and shame and consciousness. He gives us the option to integrate with Him rather than separate from Him. He gives us the recognition of who He is rather than having to repent from what He is.

Say: I am a son of God. I trust in You Jesus. As much as I am a mystery to myself, I still choose You Lord. Thank You for the power to say no to sin and the power to learn how to do it.