Point of Contact Part 3 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

God has brought it to this time and to a point where we have got to become what God has designed us to become – the most powerful institution in the universe. One of the things that make the body of Christ so powerful is that we have a living God present with us always, Who is willing, ready and able to act on our behalf at any given moment, in any given situation. Nothing can overwhelm or is too big at any given moment, because God is more powerful.

There are a number of ways that the body of Christ can react to circumstances. We can just accept it and try and navigate our way through it, or we can be faith-filled, Holy Ghost led. Circumstances happen and how you approach the circumstance determines everything. If you are full of the Holy Spirit and you are full of faith; you begin to realize that there is a reason for everything that happens in your life. Sometimes you won’t really know what could have happened, because it didn’t happen.

When we have the opportunity in this world to live according to the ways that God wants us to live, there are a few things that begin to come together. When you are in the Word and you are praying the Word, you can receive the Prophetic Word of God and use it as a springboard of energy into whatever the Word of God is declaring for you. The Prophetic Word just jumps you way ahead a few steps and you make such progress. 

In the year 2020 we get to celebrate 20 years of ministry; a full cycle of completion, the perfect period of waiting. The Lord put it on my heart that we should celebrate the whole year long and God is going to use every one of those celebrations as another springboard.

Matthew 17:20 (TPT).  It is impossible to speak to a mountain and it must move. This is not talking about what’s possible in the natural, it is talking about something supernatural, something that you can’t agree with in your mind. Your faith will say one thing, but your mind will say something else. Which one are you going to believe? Are you going to believe what’s in your mind or are you going to believe what’s in your heart? You have to believe what’s in the heart. If you try and figure out how God will do it, you will never actually step into the faith realm, because it will always be something that you’re trying to work out in your head.

Oral Roberts said: The point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God. It also shows God that you truly trust Him. God will honour your point of contact. The point of contact sets the time to release your faith. It is something you can hold on to when doubt and unbelief try to overwhelm you (and it will). Learn to cling to your faith through the point of contact. 

You have sown a seed as our point of contact and God will honour it. Your point of contact focuses your attention on God, not on your circumstance.  The moment you got your prayer cloth, is your set time – the contact point for the supernatural. When you put your faith out for it, the supernatural is just going to manifest.

The wisdom the Lord gave me was for you to have a cloth with you all day, every day, wherever you go. It can do its job for as long as you have the faith and you walk with God about the way that it’s meant to be. The Word for this year has everything to do with supernatural increase. The mind has nothing to do with it, so doubt must get out. 

When things come against you in circumstances you are able to wage warfare with this Prophetic Word. (1 Timothy 1:17-19 AMPC).

Don’t make shipwreck of your faith.

Your conscience is your internal indicator, your moral monitor. The conscience often works in tandem with what you have told yourself is acceptable. It very often has nothing to do with what the truth of the Word is.  Shipwreck happens not one day; it happens over time. The more you allow things to shipwreck your conscience, the more difficult it is for you to live in the Prophetic Word by faith.  If you constantly allow your soul to permit itself to give access to many things, it impacts your soul, your thinking, your emotions and it increases your capacity to tolerate the things of the world. The soul man says, “Feed me before you feed the spirit man.” The more you feed the soul man, the more quiet the spirit man gets.

Don’t make shipwreck of your faith by searing your conscience, by allowing your conscience to always operate in the red (which then becomes the norm). You will then not have the desire to do anything about the Prophetic Word, because you’d rather be … watching movies, gossiping, complaining about the economy/country. Your conscience is the soul meter that is going to tell you; stay with faith, but if you keep feeding it other stuff, then it can’t tell you to stay with faith anymore. The less it tells you to stay with faith, the more you make shipwreck of your faith. You end up not even wanting to believe the Prophetic Word, because you have filled yourself with stuff that has sheared your conscience from your faith. Your conscience can then not even help your faith, because it’s so full of other nonsense. 

Your conscience is your ‘soul-o-meter’ and your faith is your ‘spirit-o-meter’. They have got to work together. Start stirring up your conscience. Let your conscience underpin your faith. Don’t allow your conscience to bring you into shipwreck.

The enemy of God has been defeated, the devil has got no hold on you. You don’t have to fight the devil, you have to be on guard for things that will come and get your conscience. When you allow things into our world that hurt our faith, it stops you from getting your faith working properly. (1Timothy 6:12, AMPC). You have to stand guard over your heart, because out of it springs the issues of life. The more worldly you become, the more desensitized you become to the Scriptures and the Prophetic Word.

Keep your faith strong.

Keep your words right.

Keep your mind thinking the right things.

Don’t allow yourself to be desensitized.

It’s a year of supernatural increase.

You’ve got a point of contact.

Let’s get it done, Church.