Point of Contact Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

I feel the weightiness of what God is wanting to do today. I’ve realized just how important this year is and how important this moment is. I consider this to be a holy moment. 

Luke 5:3-10 (NLT) is not just a natural fishing experience, it is supernatural increase. When Jesus said, “Cast your nets on the other side” a word of faith was spoken. Peter responded to Jesus, based on knowledge of circumstances, skill and ability in life (our arguments to Jesus about why we shouldn’t do what He is telling us to do).  Peter got some sense and said,  “Nevertheless, at Your words”(What have I got to lose?). He immediately acted on those words, although not with complete faith, because he only took one net. He had no idea how much increase this obedience was going to make. The fish kept coming – not because of how good Peter was at fishing, but because of the command of God that he obeyed. Peter immediately began to worship God, because the supernatural was so evident, which so touched his future with wealth that was beyond his wildest dreams, in a simple thing like fishing. Jesus was the point of contact for the supernatural to be manifest in Peter’s life.  When you immediately begin to worship, your knees are a place of submission; because, “There is nothing I can do to do this, it is all about my obedience to Your Word”.

God is real. You have to believe that HE IS. If you don’t believe, don’t worry; God can’t do anything for you. You have to believe that He is strong enough, powerful enough, mighty enough to come into your world and touch your world and fix those things that you need fixed.

I’m here to tell you under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the prophetic word that was given to Brother Jerry for 2020 that this is a year of a new door that’s going to open for you and you are going to have a supernatural increase come into your life.

Although Brother Jerry laid hands on me and blessed me for these set of circumstances, you can’t stop my faith from working that what he charged me with for this, is what he charged me with forever. (Philippians 1:7 AMPC; Numbers 27:18-20 AMPC; Deuteronomy 34:9 AMPC).

The prayer cloth is something you can hold on to, that’s going to be your point of contact for your faith for supernatural increase. Don’t try and figure out how God will do this. The whole point of supernatural increase, and a new door that God’s going to open, is that it is Him that is going to do it. It takes the using of your faith to get this. You got to have the faith to walk through it.  (Matthew 17:20 AMPC, TPT). Your mind has got nothing to do with this, and you got to be strong enough, and bold enough to say, “Doubt get out, Faith move in.”  It is faith that makes things happen. Words are the primary way in which faith is released, but without action, it just remains words. (Romans 12:3 KJV).

Oral Roberts was the first to coin the phrase, ‘Point of contact’ as a way of releasing, channeling your faith. The point of contact is your means of directing your faith towards God, it also shows God that you truly trust Him.  It’s got nothing to do with the cloth, it is a spiritual process directing your faith towards God. If you have any sense you would keep it in your pocket and just touch it all the time and say, “My faith is out, my faith is working. I receive supernatural increase. I receive the new open door; and I walk through it”.

Faith is not a formula for success, it is God’s pattern for victory. A formula is: repeat – result, repeat – result (rote speaking of the Word). Faith is about a living relationship with Jesus and the Word of God deeply embedded in you.

A point of contact works like flipping a light switch/starting a car/opening a tap.

Action is required to get the process going.

Faith needs action (James 2:17, 21-22 AMPC).  Good works and faith go hand in hand. Your seed sown is what gets the process going. Now your prayer cloth is your daily point of contact for the seed that you have sown.  With this point of contact cloth in your hand speak the Word of God every day (not as a formula, but part of a living relationship).

I received and embraced fully the point of contact seed that Brother Jerry brought.  I will never ask you to live in a spiritual principle, without living it myself. I believe that after this weekend’s giving, our faith is going to reach supreme expression.

Examples of points of contact in the Bible: Moses’s rod;  David’s sling; Peter’s net; Abraham’s knife and the altar; the hem of His garment for the woman with the issue of blood; a word from Jesus for Jairus). 

That’s the way Pastor John got debt free.

If He can do it for me, He can do it for you. God is no respecter of person. You can either get in on the action or not, it’s your business

Oral Roberts said, God will honour your point of contact. Your point of contact focuses your attention on God. The point of contact sets the time to release your faith.

You have all the elements in place where you can meet with God and say, “I have an expectation and my faith is out for supernatural increase.”

I feel in my spirit that there is a leprosy, a cancer that has been building in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of almost challenging God that He doesn’t answer prayer anymore. “Why should I go to church or do anything because God doesn’t answer me?” We always find the justification why we don’t believe God (like Naaman the leper).

A Word from the Lord through Brother Joe, “You are not receiving the prayer cloth, you are receiving Me into your heart of faith with your seed sown and therefore, I’ll go forth and do things that you have no idea of. As you pray in the Holy Spirit I will give you that interpretation. I’ll tell you what your part is and then that will come forth in a mighty way that people all around you will see it and say, “What have you tapped into?” “I’ve tapped into the supernatural increase of God, because I have faith in my heart and I had seed in my hand.” Don’t just look at supernatural increase as money, it is spirit, soul and body.

It is anything that will glorify God. Go forth and do what it is called to do.

Write this day down that you received your prayer cloth: 9th of February 2020 around 11:00. Write those things down you are striking the ground for and put your prayer cloth on top of it and say, “This is my petition. It is done in Jesus’ Name. This point of contact seed is setting me free. God is creating a future for me. It is a time now for me to walk into a new door, a new freedom, a new assignment, a new power, a new strength, a new anointing, a new joy, in the Name of Jesus. now. God is doing something extraordinary, something supernatural. Today I have begun to walk in the supernatural increase of God, in Jesus’ Name.  I am breaking through, I am victorious. Praise the Lord.”