Point of Contact Part 1 – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

When we were in Kenya, Nairobi Brother Jerry received a phone call from home that a family member had gone home to be with the Lord. Immediately after the call, Brother Jerry laid hands on one of my handkerchiefs as a Point of Contact for us to bring back.

We prayed together, and he began to speak and to pray, “Paul said, “You are partakers of my anointing.” I am believing that the same anointing that I would have carried into these meetings, they will carry into these meetings – same wisdom, same honour, same favour, same grace, same power. That is a spiritual law.”

The prophetic word for 2020 is that God will open a New Door and bring supernatural increase as never before. Brother Jerry also said we need to get a clear 20/20 vision for 2020. In the Bible, the number 20 symbolizes the full cycle of completion. It is also often connected to a perfect period of waiting (2020, being the two cycles of 20 and 20).

In other words, whatever you have been believing God for – the waiting period is over!   In the year of full completion, God is saying that there is a New Door that is opening for you this year, there is a full completion so that everything that you’ve been waiting for is coming to you now.

The Word of God is always our final authority. We never place a word that man speaks above the Word of God. Brother Jerry is founded on the Word of God, therefore we can believe the prophet of God and we can prosper. There are many voices in the world today, many teachers, but there are not many fathers. I am unashamed when I say that Brother Jerry Savelle has been my spiritual leader and he continues to be my spiritual father, the apostle of this house.

A father never ever loses his value, it’s how the son sees the father. Jesus taught us about the Father.  Jesus always realized that His relevance was because of His Father. It was never because of Himself, it was always because of His Father. Jesus always gives glory to His Father.

Brother Jerry took time to write out the things that he would be preaching to you while he was here – the framework, the content, the scriptures.  It is interesting to me that Brother Jerry’s first scripture that he gave me was Genesis 31:39-44 (AMPC). He has no idea what the value of this first scripture is to our church. I have ministered many times on the Laban Syndrome: a dead/labouring cycle, a system and or people that will hold you down and keep you down, always trying to choke you to death and squeeze everything out of you – all of the life, energy, skills, talent, assignment, purpose  – take everything they can from you and then leave you with nothing.

It is the Body of Christ’s portion to be free of the Laban Syndrome!

The end of a twenty-year cycle.

Jacob’s point of contact was the covenant that God had with his generational lineage.

The Laban Syndrome will speak to your mind and say you cannot be free.

If the Church does not break free of the Laban Syndrome, the Church will always be dominated by the world system. There are many Christians on the ash heap of life today because the Laban Syndrome has defeated them, but we are not going to let the Laban Syndrome defeat us.

The second example Brother Jerry gave, is Jabin, King of Canaan who mightily oppressed the children of Israel for 20 years. But God subdued Jabin before the Israelites and the hand of the Israelites bore more and more upon Jabin until they had destroyed him (Judges 4:3, 23-24 AMPC). Deborah was used by God to destroy this king.

The symbol of an unjust king is a person who uses a heavy-handed domination/oppression in your life. This is the full, complete waiting cycle – the full cycle of completion. This year is our moment. This is our time when we break free of Laban, when we destroy kings that have been ruling over us and holding us down, because of their mighty force and mighty power (the domination of: the world system, debt system, economic depression and oppression, all manner of psychological problems, relational issues).

I believe with all my heart that this is the year that you will be strengthened in your spirit man to have the ability and strength to stand and declare, “I am having a supernatural year of increase, and I’m going through a New Door where old things may no longer oppress, control or hold me back.”

Another example is given in 1 Samuel chapters 5-7. After the Philistines took the ark of God, the children of Israel waited 20 years for the ark of the covenant (the place where God’s presence resided) to finally be returned to them. The spirit of Laban/Jabin is a military force that wants to come and take all your things; even to the point where the blessing/anointing/authority of God is taken away from you. (1 Samuel 5:1-5 KJV).

This 2020 Word of God is designed to break us free from all of that. This anointing is going to obliterate the ungodly stronghold of other gods and idols that have been in your life, that have tried to hold you and keep you away from the blessing of God. Those ungodly forces are going to fall on their face before the prophetic word, the anointing and the blessing of God. There is going to be nothing left of those idols (those ungodly forces that are trying to hold you and keep you down).

Believe in the prophets and you will prosper.

Believe it and be set free.

Believe it and walk into supernatural increase in 2020. 

Brother Jerry shared that it has become clear to him that when you go through the New Door you are going to leave all the old spaces and all the old things behind and you are going to walk into new places, new spaces and new things.

That Ashdod god – Dagon – is already speaking to some people’s minds saying, “You’ll never be free”. Take the anointing that’s in the house and start speaking.

Use the name of Jesus. Use the Blood of Jesus. Use the Word of Jesus.

This is the time to go after those things and chase them down and obliterate them.

Say, “I am not going to say anymore that I don’t have the power or the strength or the ability to beat those things that have been holding me back. I have the strength. I have the ability. This is the anointing time, this is the blessing time for my freedom, for my release, for my increase. This is my time. I receive this Word. This is the increase year, the blessing year, my freedom year, my deliverance year. This is my New Door year! I’m leaving all those old spaces behind. I’m going into new places with new spaces and new things in Jesus’ Name.

No longer will ungodly strongholds of other gods and idols be in my life. No longer will it control me. No longer will it have a part of my future. No longer will it be anything, not even a voice in my head, in Jesus’ Name. I am a son of God and because I am a son of God, I am free. I can do the Word of God. I can speak the Word of God and the Word of God is making me free because I am a son of God.  My future is changed.

I am a son of God and my future looks everything like Jesus said it should look like.”