Overcoming The Effects of Satans Attacks – Br Joe McCroskey (WTB)

I overcame Covid and I overcame the effects of Covid that were still in my body.

How? I quoted the scriptures; I reminded the devil of what God’s promises to me were. And I saw little by little every effect of Covid Delta leave my body because I let the King of Glory come in.

The King of Glory is over the devil anytime and anywhere.

Are you over the effects of any of the attacks the devil has done for you, spirit, soul, and body?

Jesus said to the woman with the issue of blood – Daughter, your faith has made you whole.  ‘Whole’ does not have effects in it, it takes care of the effects. The effects of that blood disease, her spending her money, her being in agony and pain is over. I truly believe she recovered all the finances she spent with that evil disease that the devil had put on her. She no longer had the blood disease. She was made whole.

Everything God wants you to have, is wholeness. He wants you to have unlimited favor, unlimited blessings, unlimited wholeness. Therefore, if you’ve had a financial attack, that attack might be over, but are the effects of it over?

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in America today, South Africa, all over the world. Jesus said, “I will bless you and make you whole.” Whole in your pocketbook, whole in your walk, whole in your spirit. Spirit, soul, and body will be made whole.

You can’t have your trust in any economics, you can’t have your trust in anything to do with a world system.  You’ve got to have your trust in God, His Word and listening to the Holy Spirit daily. If you hear the Holy Spirit daily, He will keep you whole and He will keep you from going through things that will try to steal from you because He knows all things.

Don’t go by what you’re hearing, South African family. You go by what God’s Word says, “You are blessed and highly favored in everything you do.”

The lady with the issue of blood had to engage her faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word. When she touched Him, faith spoke, and faith touched Him and He said, “This is somebody that’s exercising My faith, and I will reward her.” And He did and He gave her not only healing of her blood disease, but He gave her no effects of any kind

Luke 17:12-19 talks about lepers. They lifted up their voice, and cried, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us. Anytime you ask Jesus, He’s going to give you what He has. And that is the mercy, the grace, and the healing. And so, He healed their bodies. And in a loud voice, one of them glorified the Lord. And the Lord said, Arise, go thy way, thy faith is made thee whole. I believe that leper, the only one that came back, when he praised God and gave God the glory, the Lord told him, 19 …Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole (Luke 17:19 KJV). I believe whatever leprosy effects he had on him, it disappeared.

What kind of effects do you have, of the things that the devil put on you?

We know it’s not God, because in John 10:10, it says, the thief comes, but to kill, steal, and destroy, but I have come that you might have life, and not only life, but the wholeness, abundant life.

The Lord asked me this morning, “Joe, ask your South African family – are they satisfied with the least, not having the best of God?” And I said, “I already know what they’ll say, they want the best of God.”  Because we don’t want what’s left over from the disease. We want where God made us in wholeness, that’s the part we want.

You might have a family member that was attacked with some kind of a symptom, and the symptom is not that bad, but the effects are still there. You keep laying hands, you keep praying, you keep praising God until every one of the effects are out of their life, and they can do what they want to do.

Don’t get your mind on all the things that the devil is doing, get your mind on the promises of God. What has God said to you? What He’s going to do and how He’s going to do it – He knows. All we must do is tune in to the Holy Spirit.

What am I saying? It’s all in our choices. Don’t settle unless you’ve got the best from God. Don’t settle until you get the favor of God on your life and it affects others.

Where is your faith? Is it in the now? Or is it in the past? It’s got to be in the now and in the future. Jesus is putting His faith in the now.

Our job is to build hope, build lives taken and bring the church up to what it’s supposed to be. How many know God said when He comes back, He wants to see faith and He wants to see a glorious church.  

There’s two things that you’re going to hear all through your life. You’re going to hear the Word, you’re going to hear the Holy Spirit; you’re going to hear the stranger. And you have to make up your mind which one you’re going to follow. No matter what your mind says. And no matter what it looks like, you’re going to have to say, I choose to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, I choose to hear the Word of God every time.

South African family I love you. I want to pray. Father, I praise You and I thank You for my South African family. But I know this isn’t going to go just to South Africa, it’ll go to all borders, there will be no borders. Father, I praise You and thank You that they are all out of the effects of any kind of things that’s been thrown on this church, this family, anyone in this family, and I thank You that they have no effects of it. I thank You, if there are strokes in this building, they have no effects to the stroke. If there’s high blood pressure, I thank you, there’s no effects of high blood pressure. I thank You that if there’s sugar diabetes, there’s no effects of sugar diabetes, I thank You that whatever they need in their financial realm, that there is no lack and no effects of a physical attack has been made on their finances. And I thank You for it. In The name of Jesus.