Our Timeline: If You Only Knew – Ps Sharon Bendixen (JHB)

Scripture reference: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-2 KJV; Matthew 13:5 KJV; Luke 19:41-44 AMPC; Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 AMPC; 1 Corinthians 2:15; Matthew 12:33,35-36, NKJV; Matthew 3:10

“More and More” word from Pastor Sharon

Life and death: When I’m asleep spiritually, I ‘speak’ what I’m emoting – that’s a tare, that’s a weed that I’m sowing into my life. I’m already reaping what I’ve sown. Life and death are in the power of my tongue and I, who indulge my tongue, shall eat the fruit of it for life or for death. 

This is a time: I come progressively to recognise, know, understand from observation and experience the time of my visitation – when God is visiting me, the time in which God shows Himself gracious towards me and offers me salvation. 

Time to Abide: You want me coming to You to abide with You. The Blood of Jesus, the death and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus rent the veil in two, so that I can go into the Holy of Holies. I have boldness to go to talk to my Father, to my Jesus, to my Holy Spirit. There’s things that happen when I get into Your presence. Your presence has got spiritual properties in it. It’s all faith. I have immediacy of access to Your presence. Instantaneously. I’m coming to meet with You. The Blood of Jesus paid very dearly for me to have that right as a child of God. It’s time for me to abide, like never before. It’s where I get to know You, it’s where You love on me, minister to me, show me, I experienced it myself, I can’t be taught, it’s caught. I’m with You and it’s light and life. I’m so grateful to You that there’s an abiding place for me. In the abiding place I see Your face and You see mine. Face to face. Mouth to mouth. Resuscitation. Revive. Fresh every morning. There’s nothing like it. And then when I take the message from the messenger there, into that place – the light! 

Seed to sow: You will give me seed to sow so that it can grow. It’s so much, I take as much as I can. I’m not looking for the weather to be right, conditions favourable  before I sow seed, before I speak God’s Word. I just speak Your Word. I just sow it, sow it, sow it. I’m not going to withhold my seed. I just create because I don’t know which one’s going to take, maybe they’ll all take. I don’t say – “I’ve tried to speak God’s Word”. No! This is just what I do in my life. Ecclesiastes 11:4-6. I just speak Your words. I withhold not my hand in the morning, I speak, create, believe that I’m creating paths of light. I’m just a hardworking farmer. Your Word says it’s the hardworking farmer who labours to produce, who must be first partaker of its fruits.

The fear of God: The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom for everything. If I want wisdom for my children, my business, then I will fear You. If there’s no fear of God, I will just make decisions, have conversations and results like the rest of the world. If I have no fear of God, then I just make my own plans, have my own ideas and own thoughts about things. “It takes a great humility to admit that, and most of My people will not, they will just continue in that way; doing what seems right in their own eyes and so then they teach their children that and then their children do that and then their children’s children perpetuate that and so then God’s people are destroyed”. I humble myself and admit it, I’m not living a life with You to see how much I can get away with, I’m living a life of the Fear of God. I’m just beginning to touch – taste the Fear of God. God is judging everything by a higher standard now here in this house because He’s giving great light. This is light is coming from Pastor Sharon to me now. It’s light, pure light. The Fear of the Lord, the reverence of Him, who He is to me is the beginning of all wisdom I need – If I fear You here first. “Father, my children…”, “Father, this relationship…”, “Father, this thing at work…” You show me who You are to me in this, things flow from You to me in answers. There is no good thing that You will withhold from me who fears You, who reveres You. I have to say to You, I have to be living in the function of Your pattern. May the fear of God be upon me, rest upon me for all things. “If I’m silent there are no forests and no light paths for me to follow, if only I knew that my silence is creating nothing.

Bind and burn tares: Matthew 13:24 – 30 (They were spiritually asleep). Like Pastor Sharon I am having very sobering moments with You and saying, “I’m looking at my harvest Lord. This is what I’ve got, this is what I’ve not got. I’m pressing for it with faith, but I need to know what I did not sow, where I was silent, idle and had non-productive words. I need to see every tare. Tear it up out of my heart because You promised that we could bind them and bundle them up and burn them in Your fire. I’m expecting You to show me every tare because Your Word promises. You say “Every plant that I did not plant in you I will pull it up by the roots.” This happens private, personal, because I press for it and I want it and I believe it. Every plant that my Father has not planted in me, be plucked out by the roots. Lay your axe to the root. Let the fire burn. I’m praying in the spirit for all the tares to come out, praying in tongues are here now for the purging, for all the Light to come. I’m expecting to make the progress in my purging that I’m supposed to make. I’m expecting these tares to come out of me. Every single one. I’m not having a season with another tare. This happens by faith.  I’m very serious about this because I recognise the time – that at the time of harvest, my Light comes from His message. At the time of harvest – is a time where I see my weeds, my tares and my wheat. I purge that my deeds may be clearly seen for what that are. Shine your Light. I don’t want anything hiding under any rock God. Now more than ever. When those words came out of Pastor John may the fear of God be upon me, I believe the Light, love the Light, come into the Light, so that I may be a Son of Light, because You have the Light for me, for everything. I can only come into the Light by abiding, not by hiding.

Put the Word in once cleaned out: We are in this now: Matthew 12:33, 35-36 NKJV, Matthew 3:10 You baptise me with the Holy Ghost and with fire. When You pull a tare out of my heart, I’m clean. If I don’t put the Word in there where You’ve cleaned, then the unclean spirit will come back, he looks to see and to listen. My only defence against the enemy is the incorruptible seed of the Word of God in my heart. Mark 4, satan comes immediately to steal the Word out of my heart. I bear 30, 60 and a 100 fold when I keep Your Word in my heart. I don’t allow cares and I don’t sow tares. If there’s no Word in me, he brings seven others, stronger. I change. I abide. I become a sower of the Word, like never before. I sow it. I don’t leave my heart unoccupied in any area of my life. “Unoccupied. Empty swept. While the evil spirit was away, the man was restored to his right mind, freed from the influence of the evil spirit. It means that his mind was sane and regular when that evil operation or spirit was gone. He had a lucid interval”. When I have a lucid interval, I do something with it. I don’t leave it clean. I occupy that space with the Word. In this lucid interval, given to me by God, I fill it with Your words, sow to the Spirit, fill my heart with light words and make a light path.