Our Assignment to the Message – Ps Melusi Ngcobo (JHB)

Scripture Reference: Genesis 18:16-19 (MSG); Genesis 18:16-19 (AMPC); Deuteronomy 6:1-2 (MSG); Acts 26:14-17 (AMPC); Acts 26:16 (NKJV); Deuteronomy 18:18 (NKJV); 2 Samuel 14:19 (NKJV); Isaiah 59:21 (NKJV); Jeremiah 15:19 (NKJV); Ezekiel 3:17 (NKJV); Ephesians 2:20, 22 (NKJV); 1 Peter 2:5 (NKJV); Isaiah 34:16 (NKJV); Isaiah 48:3 (NKJV); Job 23:12 (NKJV); Psalm 119:70 (AMP); Psalm 119:70 (BSB); Luke 19:42 (BSB); John 8:43 (BSB)

Fathers of the family – vision: (Genesis 18:16-19, MSG, AMPC). I observe that every founder and every father of the family has an assignment from God. God gives fathers a special insight of the direction that He’s going to take. God gives a vision and assignment to the father or founder of the family. He says, “This is the insight, this is like a sneak preview.” “This is what I’m about to do.”

God has a way: The ways of God are different from the ways of man. God wants a man who’s going to teach his children after the way of the Lord, (Deuteronomy 6:1-2 MSG).

Task: God gives Pastor John and Pastor Sharon a task to teach us so that we can live after the ways of the Lord. They’re set aside, chosen by God’s own design and purpose for this specific assignment. Jesus Himself ordained and chose them, no man did.

Vision: (Acts 26:14-17 AMPC). There is a vision. God gives specific directions through visions and through what He reveals Himself to be to His servants that He has chosen. A vision is not the whole picture, it is for that moment in time and for specific direction. The vision that God gives to Pastor John is for the specific tasks, a purpose and a season in time.

Vision through messages for my life: The vision can change from time to time but the purposes and plans of God do not change. God gives His chosen ones (pastors) insight into His purposes because I do not see the purposes of God about my life for myself. As I walk with God, as I follow my leaders, God gives them visions for a certain period and time. He gives them specific messages to give to me. Pastor John and Pastor Sharon tell us and teach us so we can follow the way God is leading us.

Words in Pastor John’s mouth: (Deuteronomy 18:18 NKJV). I see the pattern of God, He puts His words in Pastor John’s mouth. Pastor John speaks all that God has commanded him.  (2 Samuel 14:19 NKJV). God commands Pastor John to tell, bring and speak the messages to us. (Isaiah 59:21 NKJV). Pastor John will not compromise and alter the message that he is given by God to deliver to us. I’m going to receive the messages that come from Pastor John and they are not going to depart from my mouth. (Jeremiah 15:19 NKJV), Pastor John is a spout, he becomes the mouthpiece of God. When he speaks it is very easy and it comes on all of us.

Message Highlights for adults and kids: “That is why we have the message highlights for adults and for kids.” “I will encourage you; go on our website. It is Heritage of Faith, HOFMI, request the transcribed messages, then you can download the messages for yourself. So that you can be able to take those messages that the Lord has commanded Pastor John or Pastor Sharon to deliver so that they will not depart from your lips”. “And so that they will not depart from the lips of your children”.

Familiar: I do not become desensitised and familiar towards the Word of God and the man that God has given me in my life even when I see him in his humanity. I honour Jesus as my Lord, He gave gifts to us and I received the gift from Jesus. The value that I place on that gift is the value that I place on Jesus. The very same value that is on Jesus, is the same value that is on the gift that Jesus gives us.

Watchman: (Ezekiel 3:17 NKJV). God made Pastor John to watch over and to see. He gives Pastor John insight. Pastor John is a watchman over this house. He prays for us, gets a message from God and God commands the message and He says, “Go tell them this,” because He has seen the danger that is coming. He has seen the onslaught from the enemy that is coming towards us and God says, “Go prepare them with this message,” and that’s why I place  value on the message because I know that that message is not from a man but it comes from the Lord Himself. The assignment of Pastor John and Pastor Sharon is to rebuke, warn, correct, reproof, encourage, edify, teach and build us up.

Built for a dwelling place of God: (Ephesians 2:20,22 NKJV), We are being built as a house and a dwelling place for God. We want, we prepare, He comes. We become His dwelling place in the spirit. It’s important for us to engage with the message because God does not build any other way. He builds through the messages that He gives the people that He has chosen to deliver those messages. He doesn’t give it to people who send themselves, who were not sent by legitimate spiritual authority. (1 Peter 2:5 NKJV). I thank God that I’m a living stone, there is life in me and living stones are being built as a spiritual house. God does that by bringing a message.

My responsibility: With every message that comes from Pastor John and Pastor Sharon comes a responsibility on my part. I’ve got a part to play. “Now, we can’t take the whole message, you can’t memorise the whole message, actually, those transcribed messages, they are like 15 pages.” But there is a part for me there. There is a part that I’m meant to receive and a part that I must become in that message. Each person does not respond and hear the same way. It is a mystery, one might leave here critical and the other on cloud nine. God knows that there are certain things that are in this message that are meant for me. This is what I need to do, I need to grab the highlights. That’s why we have the message highlights. Now it is made very easy for me that they are readily available.

Things meant for me and I become: There are specific things in the message that are meant for me personally, and that’s how I become. God knows what I need to become and how I need to become it. He brings a special message to me because He is building His own dwelling place, His own spiritual house. What I take for myself from the messages, I become, it’s eternal. The more I pay the price to live the message, it becomes my possession, my terrain, my authority and my place of authority. There’s a price to pay for me to apply that Word in my life. The price that I pay produces that place for me in the house of God.

Specific assignment: God has a specific assignment for each and every one of us and my first primary assignment is to respond to His message and His messenger. I respond with honour. I know I honour by taking the Word praying. I honour the Word in the privacy of my house, alone, where nobody sees, can approve and tap me on the back. I take that responsibility to say, “I honour you, Lord and therefore, if I honour You, I honour the man that You have brought in my life and if I honour the man that you have brought in my life, I honour the messages that you have commanded in his mouth to bring to me.”

Debt: God showed Pastor Melusi that “every debt that he makes is the debt that he makes at the expense of his children”. Like Pastor Melusi, the more I don’t make debt; my children are going to benefit from that. If I go after the Word and this revelation that God has given then it means that my children will get a better inheritance from me. Kenneth Copeland put the Word of God first place. He said, “Owe no man nothing.” It’s my responsibility to take those words and apply it to my life for the next generation.

Generational: I realise that I’m part of something much bigger than us and it is eternal. What we do is going to be passed to the next generation, the very same assignment that is given to Pastor John is the very same assignment that is given to us. When I realise that I’m part of something bigger than us, we have the future of whole generations that are coming after us, then I start to begin to be serious about putting my foot in the message. God, You are dealing with my heart about how serious this is.

God’s word will surely come to pass: (Isaiah 34:16 NKJV) If I’m grounded and assured that what God says will surely come to pass, like  Abraham, “The One who has promised, He is faithful and well able to do it,” I’ll never allow a single word from that prophecy to fall on the ground. I no longer become desensitised and familiar and with the prophesies. Like  Dr Jerry, I begin to say it every day. I also fully comprehend and appreciate that God wants to bring about victory in my life, therefore I do not take the word that God has given me lightly. 

Hardened hearts:  (Psalm 119:70, AMP / BSB). The first step that I must do to accomplish, fulfil my duty and my assignment to the messages is to check the condition of my heart if its raised, pompous, haughty, fat and insensitive. I come to church to hear God. No longer do I draw near to You with my lips only and my heart far from You.

Worst condition to be found in: I need a new vigor towards the messages, a rejuvenated spirit, I need to be rejuvenated towards the messages. Everyone goes through Mark 4 heart conditions in certain areas of their lives. The worse state that I can find myself in is where I’m literally bankrupt of the fear of the Lord, where I have no fear of the Lord. 

Fear of God: (Deuteronomy 6:1-2 MSG). God brings messages to me so that the fear of the Lord can come upon my life. When Pastor John and Pastor Sharon want me to engage in the message, it’s for my own benefit, so that the fear of the Lord can grip my heart and take hold of me. There are so many things that I can save myself from by just having and allowing the fear of the Lord to take hold of me. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. The messages allow me to live in a deep reverence before God all my life. I must check the level of the fear of God that I have, and if I want to boost that, I must check how much I’m engaging in the messages. The fear of the Lord is not a feeling and a decision to fear Him, I have the fear of the Lord by allowing these messages to come into my heart, deal with my heart, live according to these messages, repent when I’m wrong and went astray. It’s by having a personal encounter with my God. It’s not just an emotion but it comes from the message. The messages help to infuse me with the fear of the Lord, it brings about life long healing and prosperity. The only way is to engage in the message.

Time to the messages: The more time I give to the messages, something wonderful and precious consumes me and that is the fear of the Lord. My duty is to take the messages praying, and then they become part of me. Take one highlight or one stance of a highlight, one sentence of a highlight; read it and pray in the Spirit.

Not hidden: (Luke 19:42 BSB) Things that bring us peace are not hidden from my eyes. The messages I hear, they are given to me.  (John 8:43 BSB). I accept the message.

Praise Tool: We are not trying to elevate any man. Pastor Melusi cannot stand here and preach something that Pastor John has not preached. I have my part to play. Pastor John said what he has learned from men of faith that he follows, is that faith is like a tool. I use my praise as a tool to soften my heart. I go to those places that are rocky with my praise, even if it’s not a pleasant thing. I say, “Lord, my heart is hard concerning this part of the message. My heart is dull, I’m unable to hear.” I use my praise as a tool.