New Doors Everywhere – Ps John Bendixen (WTB)

Our standard is the Word of God. The Word of God is our number one priority that we live by (not anybody’s interpretation of the Bible). 

John 8:1-12 (MSG)  

Jesus was more interested in the outcome, than being caught in a legal argument. You may find yourself in a position where you are not certain of how you got to where you got to. It could have been a combination of your own choices, of circumstances, other people’s choices that they imposed upon you). I’m here to tell you, by the Word of God today, that as we go into 2020 that it is not important what accusations happen in your soul, in your mind, in your heart, in your own thinking or whether there is anybody around you that knows your past that can bring accusations to you. If you come and you stand before Jesus a new door will open.

I want to say in this lady’s life, a new door opened for her. The new door was on the back of being found guilty. Sometimes the only way you can get to the next part of your future is to say, “I am guilty. I did wrong and I’m going to change.” The change is not with your mouth to other people or your behaviour to other people, the change is in your heart before God. 

In between being caught and being sentenced to be killed, this lady confronted a new door; His name was Jesus. She is brought to the new door; a door she had never experienced; the door she never ever thought was possible. This door does not allow the circumstances of anybody, anyone, anything in the past to stop what He is doing. When they came to Him to bring judgement, His words judged them. Jesus was her new door, He gave her the instruction and from that moment onward she was empowered to go and be free. With the instruction Jesus gives you, He will always give you the authority and the power to see it through. When you’re confronted with your new door, the change has got to happen deep inside of you.  The new door, which is the door that Jesus opens, creates that life you always wanted to live, for you. And so as we go into 2020 it’s supernatural for you to actually get free of everything that happened in your past and be brought, across a threshold, into everything that is new for your life. But you got to be bold enough and strong enough and courageous enough to say, “I got it wrong””. Perfection is never the issue here. The issue is always what you’re doing with your heart – because your heart will guide you.

Jesus once again addressed them: “I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.” (John 8:12 MSG)

That’s where we find ourselves now – plenty of light to live in. 

You can choose to stumble around in the darkness, even though the door is there for you.  You can live in church all your life and you can talk like a Christian and you can look like a Christian, but your life is not living as a Christ One where a relationship with Jesus is everything. 

From that day onwards this woman’s life was changed with Jesus, because she confronted truth and love. Two things you’ve always got to walk in is – truth and love. 

If you walk in truth and love in life you’re always going to be safe.  

Say, “I am a son of God. And because I’m a son of God, I am free from everything that holds me back. I am free to live my life with joy, with love, and with truth, in Jesus Name”.