New Door Opportunity Increase Part 2 – Ps John Bendixen (JHB)

God said; I will open a new door and bring supernatural increase as never before. If I am looking for supernatural increase, I’ve got to be able to see the new door. If I can’t see a new door then I won’t experience the supernatural increase that the new door can bring.

God is going to open new doors for me, that I will be able to have an understanding of insights and I will be able to have an understanding of ideas and concepts that directly come from Jesus, that are going to be given to His Church, so that when I have these ideas and concepts, these things, these insights, it will bring change onto the earth and as it brings change onto the earth, the word of the Lord says that I am going to experience supernatural increase. It’s not just a little bit of increase, this is a supernatural increase.

I’ve sown a seed that is my point of contact seed and I believe God that things are changing and things functioning for me and doing things for me because I have a point of contact.

I don’t break down my walk with God to – I must confess, I must pray, I must do this, so, therefore, I must succeed – I don’t do that. There is something that God places in my heart that’s reaching out to Him that I can only have that in my life when I reach to Him. It’s not a formula. It’s not a process that if I do, then I will get. That’s called religion. But my walk with God is something that’s very personal. As I go into this year, I sowed my seed as a contact seed based on a messenger that sent a message that I have a contact seed for the supernatural increase; there is no formula about how I am going to see my new door. There is no formula about how the supernatural increase is going to come. This is about a personal relationship. It’s the way I choose to walk with God. It’s the way I choose to live.

The new door that God is opening for me, I’m going to have to see spiritually before I see it naturally because everything God is going to do for me is going to originate in the spirit before it begins to become seen in the natural.

  • I do not compare what’s happening to me to anybody else, and I also don’t compare what’s happened in my past or what’s happened before to what’s happening now.
  • I prevent comfort zone crime. I don’t commit a crime against myself by allowing myself to live in a comfort zone, and so prevent myself from pressing for the increase. The new door is not in my comfort zone and if I am trying to live in my comfort zone this year, it’s a crime against myself which will prevent me from seeing the new door. The new door is going to pull me out of my comfort zone.
  • I don’t connect to my past or to anything in the past for confirmation as to whether I’m making progress or not. There is nothing in my past that can direct me to my future. My past hasn’t got the answer. I don’t look back for confirmation, I only look forward.
  • I unchain myself from my current status. I break the chains that are holding me to my current status. Like Paul and Silas, I unchain myself from my current status because if I allow my current status to keep me chained to where I am, I won’t be able to get out of jail, I won’t be able to move to a new door.
  • I walk, see and talk my covenant future. I speak the prophetic word. I speak what God sees about me.
  • I am courageous and obedient to His guidance.

Compare, comfort, connect, current, covenant and courageous – those are the words that God gave Ps John.

God has opened a door for me that no man can shut; there is no one that can shut the door that God’s got open for me. “My mighty power has opened that door and if I open it, no man can shut it and if I shut it no man can open it.”

God is knocking to every area of my life. He’s standing at the door of my life and He is knocking all the time because He’s always saying to me, “Open that door of your heart to Me and I will come in and I will have a dinner with you and you will eat with Me and I will eat with you”. This is a life exchange where I give him my life and then He gives me His. This becomes a life exchange. The more I eat with Him and the more I’m with Him, the more my life changes because I’m getting His life. Jesus says, “I’ll come into your world and whatever permission you give Me to be in your world, I’ll take it. But when I’m in your world, I’m going to invite you to come and eat in My house. When I serve you food it will be My food. I’m standing at the door and I’m knocking.”

I am going to have to see the door first in the spirit before I see it open in the natural because when I see it in the spirit, God will get me through the door by calling me to the door.

“Lord, I am ready for the supernatural increase; I am ready for this new door. I have sown my seed as a contact point; I have made myself ready for God to begin to show me. I am prepared to hear the call, I am going to see a door, I will see it, I will know it, and it will be just in my spirit. It will be a spiritual knowing.”

I see the door, the new door that God’s got for me, I understand things that must happen in the future and the next steps I must take because He’s showing it to me. I have the strength and the faith to walk through it.

I don’t compare. I don’t compare what’s happening to one person and compare my circumstances to what’s happening to one person because what God’s got for others, He’s got something else for me, I don’t compare. When I compare I start to lose my faith and I become perplexed and I start to doubt as Peter did. I don’t compare.